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How to become a personal trainer


  • How To Become A Personal Trainer

    The secrets of how to become a personal trainer can be expressed in 6 easy steps. For every

    passionate fitness participant who wants to be a fitness trainer I always recommend these 6

    doable step listed below.

    Becoming a personal fitness trainer can occur quickly if you stay focused on a proven success

    path. As you probably already know, at the time of publishing this article, there is no federal or

    state personal training license requirement to begin training your first client. This makes for a

    quick path towards starting your personal trainer business.

    Please understand, before you begin your fitness training business, you have a responsibility to

    be professional. One of the most important parts of how to become a personal trainer is to

    understand how important it is for you to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Professional

    means you must acquire a basic personal trainer education, and continue to learn as your fitness

    business generates income. You never stop learning about exercise physiology, nutrition, and

    how to market yourself as a professional fitness trainer.

    However, before you take on your first client, follow these 6 important steps to success.

  • 1. Take inventory.

    Is becoming a personal trainer really a good thing for you? Do you have what it takes to generate

    a full-time, or part-time training income? Do you like fitness enough to make it a career? Do you

    enjoy inspiring people? Is the salary potential adequate for you in a personal training business?

    Are you committed to being professional, and investing in your personal trainer education?

    These are some of the important questions which need to be answered before moving onto step


    2. Get educated, and certified.

    Your responsibility, when becoming a personal fitness trainer, is to educate yourself with basic

    anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. How can you guide others if you have no personal trainer


    The good news is there lots of personal training certification programs that will help you acquire

    basic credentials quickly.

    If you don't have a degree in exercise physiology, then you must be certified by an accredited

    fitness trainer certification. Here you can find out more about the best personal trainer

    certification in the World.

    One of the most important aspects of how to become a personal trainer is to get educated, and

    certified. Credentials will power your personal trainer marketing, and increase your income. It is

    also important to get your CPR, and first aid certification. You can go to your local Red Cross

    and get certified in a day.

    3. Locate a job, mentor, and define your specialty.

    Find a successful personal trainer who knows exactly how to become a personal trainer and

    succeed financially, and learn as much as you can from them.

    Your goal should be to find employment in a health club, gym, or become an assistant for a

    successful personal trainer. The purpose is to learn as much as you can about the personal

    training industry. You are basically getting ready to operate your own fitness training business.

    Just model what already is working.

    During this process you are going to want to figure out exactly what segment of the market you

    want to serve. I recommend becoming an expert in one segment. An example would be training

    athletes, people 50+, women only, fat loss, or even post rehabilitation.

    4. Make continuing education a top priority throughout your fitness training career.

    Personal trainer education should be an ongoing process that never ends. It is important to focus

    on staying on top of the current exercise physiology, and nutrition research in the industry. This

    will improve your qualifications, and marketability.

  • One profit tip on how to become a personal trainer is to invest in personal trainer business

    courses which will help market your fitness services. Without effective marketing skills you will

    not strive financially as a fitness trainer.

    5. Brush up on the skill of personal training marketing.

    Personal trainer marketing is one of the skills you must acquire in order to thrive financially. As I

    mentioned earlier, focus on building your marketing knowledge.

    Successful personal trainers have a well thought out marketing system in place to generate new

    clients, as well as keeping existing clients. Make sure you have a marketing system in place for

    marketing your personal fitness trainer services.

    6. Open your own personal fitness trainer business.

    Once you have the educational knowledge, and experience it is time to start your own personal

    trainer business. Continuing a fitness trainer education, and marketing study are critical for

    success. With experience, you have many different options. You can start your fitness business

    in a gym, peoples homes, or even run your own fitness boot camps. The opportunities are

    endless. Personal training is only going to become more popular in years to come.

    The secret of how to become a personal trainer is listed in these 6 simple steps above. Work your

    way through them, and quickly begin to profit as a professional fitness trainer.

    Follow what already successful six figure fitness trainers do to profit by discovering how to

    become a personal trainer the smart way.