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1. HOW TO BECOME A GREAT BOSS 2. Introduction History of Jeffery Fox Education Awards Books Ratings 3. The Rules Of Getting and Keeping The Best Employees Hiring and Staffing Training and Motivation Taking up the responsibility Behavioral Approach 4. Hiring and Staffing Hire Slow Fire Fast A+A=A. Only Hire As The Rules Of Ds The Generous Boss Delegate Down, Down, Down. The One-Over-One/Veto Ask What would you do if I am Dead 5. The Great Boss Simple Success Formula Companies Do What The Boss Does Groom Em, or Broom Em Turn Termination into Determination Teach For Ten Minutes 6. Taking Up Responsibility Quit Is for Scrabble Your People Are Your Helium Spend 90% of your time with your best people Dont be Tired Take A Bullet For the Team Be Lucky 7. Behavioral Approach Pay Attention & Always Listen to Everybody Dont Shoot from Lip Be Firm, Fair and Friendly, but NOT a Friend Dont Hire a Dog and Bark Yourself Let Them Eat Cake The Eagle Does Not Go into the Hole for the Rat Never Let Me Make a Mistake 8. Contd.. Never Be Little, Never Belittle Listen To Phonies, Fools and Frauds Dont Check Expense Account 9. Learning's From The Book The Quality that Boss makes into a leader Advice on how to improve your own management skills especially in the areas of hiring & staffing, evaluating and terminating employees Tips and techniques to employees in motivating and getting the best output of the work force 10. Conclusion Delegation is about trusting Expert Expertise. Your actions set tone for Entire Company. GREAT managers outlaw MEDIOCRITY. Put Right people in Right Job. Give Surprise Bonuses. Setting Great Expectations and getting Great Expectations are 2 different Realities. Customer is Real Boss. 11. THANK YOU