How To Avoid Spam With Akismet For Your Blog

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DESCRIPTION Simple steps to help to cut down on the number of spams at your blog using free software.Full article at


<ul><li>1.How To Avoid Spam With Akismet for your Blog</li></ul> <p>2. Is your blog being flooded with SPAM? 3. About Akismet </p> <ul><li>A plugin which identifies and blocks comment and trackback spam on blogs with integration to various blogging systems. </li></ul> <p>4. Installing and Activate Akismet </p> <ul><li>Go to the Plugins at the side bar. </li></ul> <ul><li>Activate Akismet </li></ul> <p>5. Get API Key from </p> <ul><li>You can easily get a API key by registering a free account at </li></ul> <p>6. Enter Your API Key </p> <ul><li>Enter your API key and Akismet is there to help to stop spam at your blogs! </li></ul> <ul><li>PS: Dont ever share your API it is like a password for you </li></ul> <p>7. Warning!!!! </p> <ul><li>It may falsely identify genuine comments as spam </li></ul> <ul><li>Always periodically check spam comments </li></ul> <ul><li>Approve the comments to remove from Spam list </li></ul> <p>8. Find Out More </p> <ul><li>Full Article athttp:// </li></ul> <ul><li>Find out other useful information at </li></ul> <ul><li> </li></ul>