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  • How To Automate Your SocialMedia For Restaurants

    FREE Social Media Management Dashboard For Restaurants

  • Staying on top of your social mediaupdates is a constant challenge. It isa daily task if you want to keep up with

    your competition and keepGoogle happy...

    Free Dessert With Every Roast!

    Chicken Satay

  • To help you manage yoursocial media more easilywe have just launched a

    Free version of our SocialMedia Management

    Dashboard!The Dashboard can beaccessed 24/7 from anydevice, allowing you to

    find and schedule contentwhilst on the move!

  • The Dashboard will save you time, help generate newbusiness and enable you to easily find 'trending andengaging' content via the Content Research tools.

    More about Content Research tools later!

  • Manage your social networks in one place

    Schedule all your content in advance

    Monitor your Statistics and Social Streams

    Design and Schedule awesome image posts

    Powerful Content Research tools

    Access to Free Social Media Training documents

    Some of the Dashboard features include:

  • The home page of the Dashboard.

  • Click on the ? on any page for guided help.

  • Click on the blue Open Visual Composerbutton to add an image to your post.

  • Upload custom images to the image library andschedule to post to your social networks.

    Facebook post example

  • Click on the + button to addyour own images.

  • Powerful Content Research Tools.

  • Easily find Trending Content. Use the dropdowns to refine your search.

  • Find content with the most Likes,Comments or Shares on Facebook.

  • Add RSS Feeds from your favourite websites toshare their content to your networks.

  • To add content to your Scheduler and edit your message,first choose your content and then click on the calendar icon.

  • The Dashboard indicates the content has beenadded to the Scheduler by highlighting it in green.

  • Monitor your best performing contentacross Facebook vs Twitter (pro account).

  • Check your most popular #Hashtags.

  • Check your Best Times toschedule content.

  • Manage your social media accounts via theSocial Streams interface.

    Like or Comment on Facebook - Reply, ReTweet or Favourite on Twitter.

  • Improve your social media marketing withour Social Media Training documents.

    Learn about Twitter Ads and how to build a Targeted Facebook Audience and more!


  • Get Free Dashboard

    Simply click on the green buttonbelow to get your Free Social MediaManagement Dashboard and start

    scheduling content today!

  • For more tips on Restaurant Marketing, Social MediaFor Restaurants, Restaurant Websites and More,

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