how the modern family saves and shares memories

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  • 1. How the Modern Family Saves and Shares Memories

2. Offir Gutelzon 2003 2011 2007 3. Oct 23rd, 2001 Steve Jobs 4. They store photos and videos in various locations. over of parents Said Survey provided by Nielsen 5. Nearly Parents are worried they will not be able to access their familys memories in the future because theyre saved in so many different places. said Survey provided by Nielsen 6. Save Save photos & videos of your familys memories: firsts, vacations, artwork, toothless grins, birthday parties, graduations, holidays, and other special moments & mementos. 7. Personalize Create a memory timeline for each family member that can grow right along side of them. 8. Record Record yourself, your child (or both) sharing the story behind each photo to enhance the memory. 9. Private Invite family members and loved ones to be your familys fan so they can access your wonderful memories on their phone or the web. 10. Connect Parents, grandparents and loved ones can leave voice, video and text comments on each memory to enrich it with love. 11. Access Look back at your wonderful memories that are enhanced with your family's voices, videos and comments... for now, for later, for ever. 12. @offirg @keepyme