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A quick overview of social marketing and examples of how to use Email Marketing and Facebook marketing to promote your business.


  • 1. # How Social Media Can Work for Your Business Susu Wong

2. # Tomo360 We are a full service marketing company based in Kendall Square We focus on servicing small business owners Marketing Consultation Email Marketing Social Media Website design Logo design Video marketing 3. # Topics What is Marketing? Why Social Media? What is SocialMarketing? Reasons why you cant ignore Social Media Social Media tools Email Marketing Facebook Marketing 4. # What is Marketing? 4 Ps of Marketing: Product Price Place Promotion Differentiate your product/services from the competition Communicate the valueof your product/services 5. # Features & Benefits Features: 10,000 BTU Cools within 500 sq. feet Remote with a timer 8-way air direction control and has a tilt-out filter Benefits: Immaculate condition Used only for 2 seasons Stored in winter time - no rust or dirt Cold, quiet and efficient Willing to drop off the AC within 10 miles of Boston Pricing: Newer model costs $330 and selling it less than half the price 6. # What is Social Media? Global and Virtual communities to share, socialize, exchange, review information on the web 7. # 8. # Social Media is another form of marketing Website Email marketing Products Google Ads Paper & Electronic Direct marketing Signs Newspaper Social media Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest 9. # Reasons you cant ignore Social Marketing 10. # Upcoming Social Trends for Small Business Emphasis on branding Increasing prevalence of video content Growing influence of mobile technology 11. # How can Social Marketing help your business COMMUNITY BRAND RECOGNITION TRUST SHARING CUSTOMER FEEDBACK REVENUE AND LEADS 12. # EMAIL MARKETING Social Media Tools #1 13. # Why use a provider for email marketing? Manage subscribers by preferences, opt-out Schedule email delivery Email templates with images and logo Measure email open rate Integration with 3rd party apps 14. # Different email providers JangoMail 15. # Examples of emails Promotions Customer Forums Expert Advice/Insights Surveys and Contests Customers Success Stories Testimonials Third-Party Promotions 16. # More examples Information product update, industry tips, newsletter Special promotions limited offers, holiday or seasonal promotion, events Events 17. # How tos You need a Hook Timing Continuous improvement Subscribers Trial & Error Catchy subject line Limited time offer Mid-week Consistent schedule Long term investment Grow your subscribers Website Conferences/Networking Polls Try different things Test, test, test 18. # 19. # 20. # Tips on email marketing To dos: Relevant and appropriate content Timely delivery Consistent frequency What not to do: Losing track of your target audience Forgetting to send emails at important moments Not segmenting your customer list Failing to track the email analytics 21. # FACEBOOK MARKETING Social Media Tools # 2 22. # Facebook Marketing Write fun or helpful content Include posts, pictures, video, links, polls, etc Be unique and consistent Be responsive and conversational Run a contest or promotions get a hook! Test, test and test 23. # Facebook Invite your friends Ask your friends to invite their friends.. Encourage local check-ins Ask for recommendations Make sure your Facebook page works on mobile device 24. # Facebook promotion 25. # 26. # 27. # 8 Tips to jump start your Social Marketing 1. Treat Social Networking sites like Cocktail Parties 2. Inform users with interesting, fun and relevant content through blog, tweet, video, etc 3. Communicate on your unique benefits 4. Keep tabs on what people are saying about your company (Use TweetDeck, Google Alerts) 5. Be proactive in responding to negative comments 6. Thanking for retweets and likes 7. Use Opt-in email addresses 8. Consider mobile compliant website and using video marketing 28. # Susu Wong Email: Phone: 978-253.4922