How Real-World Community Managers Build Successful and Thriving Online Communities

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  1. 1. StateofCommunityManagement2014 How Real-World Community Managers Build Successful & Thriving Online Communities
  2. 2. Rachel Happe Principal & Co-Founder The Community Roundtable @rhappe Mary Cauwels Sr. Director, Product Marketing DNN Software @mcauwels Join us on Twitter #SOCM2014 @DNNCorp
  3. 3. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Agenda About the State of Community Management Research Overview Key Findings Comparison Views Be Data Driven Recommendations Discussion
  4. 4. 4 About the State of Community Management [RESEARCH] State of Community Management 2014 Download your copy of the report on the DNN website.
  5. 5. @TheCR #SOCM2014 The 2014 report is the fifth, building on previous research 2010 2011 2012 2013 5
  6. 6. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Enabling the Community Maturity Model 6
  7. 7. 7 Research Overview
  8. 8. @TheCR #SOCM2014 SOCM 2014 Themes 1. How are communities performing? 2. What are the standards and strengths of online communities today? 3. What opportunities should community managers focus on to grow their programs? 8
  9. 9. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Survey Demographics The State of Community Management 2014 surveyed 164 communities across industry, use case, size and age. The average community age was 4.8 years and 43% of survey respondents represent communities from TheCR Network member organizations. 9
  10. 10. 10 Key Findings
  11. 11. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Communities are critical to change and innovation 1 2 3 The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg 11
  12. 12. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Key Findings 12 Community management maturity delivers business value. Executive participation impacts success. Advocacy programs increase engagement. 1 2 3
  13. 13. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Community maturity delivers business value and reduces investment risk and are much more likely to be able to measure value Best-in-class communities are more than twice as likely to have fully resourced roadmaps... 13
  14. 14. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Advocacy programs increase engagement Multi-tiered community leadership programs have some of the best community engagements rates but higher engagement rates require more community managers and are typically found in older communities. 14
  15. 15. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Executive participation impacts success Not surprisingly, communities with executive participation are more likely to have a fully funded roadmap and best-in-class communities have considerably higher executive engagement rates. 15
  16. 16. 16 Comparison Views
  17. 17. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Best-in-class communities demonstrate potential Best-in-class communities are almost twice as likely to know their value. Best-in-class communities are significantly more engaged. High levels of formal and multi-tiered leadership programs deliver engagement and value. Best-in-class Best-in-class Average Average Collaborators Creators Contributors Lurkers = 5% Average Best-in-class Multi-tiered program Formal program Informal program No program 17
  18. 18. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Community managers matter Dedicated community management improves engagement rates. Dedicated community managers correlate to higher community maturity. Communities with dedicated community managers almost twice as likely to be able to measure value. Best-in-class communities have more than twice the number of community managers as average. Collaborators Creators Contributors Lurkers = 5% Can measure value No full-time community manager 1+ full-time community manager 1+ full-time community manager No full-time community manager 18
  19. 19. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Internal and external communities are similar but different While overall maturity is very similar, external communities have a bigger gap between ambition (strategy) and execution (roadmap). Average Community Managers: Average Part-time Community Managers: Internal External 2.4 1.8 9.0 2.5 Engagement rates in internal communities are higher than in external communities but not by as much as expected Internal and external communities are almost equally able to measure value. External External Collaborators Creators Contributors Lurkers = 5% Strategy but no roadmap External Internal Internal Internal External 19 Can measure value
  20. 20. Data Driven Insights 20
  21. 21. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Community Maturity in 2014 21
  22. 22. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Strategy: Executives have bought in to community vision (strategy) but still feel like investing is a gamble The gap between approved community strategies and funded roadmaps is pronounced best-in-class communities likely benefit in this capacity by more often seeking external guidance 22
  23. 23. DNN Customer Case Study The market leader in education enterprise asset management delivering cloud-based applications that help both small and large institutions better manage their facilities, IT and business operations Uses DNNs Evoq Social Ideas Discussions Blogs Events Gamification 23 DNN / Proprietary and Confidential. All Rights Reserved. Read the full case study on the DNN website
  24. 24. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Measurement: Understanding Community Value Best-in-class communities were much more likely to track outcomes Almost 60% report on community metrics monthly and commonly track basic activities 24
  25. 25. Community Health Cards Drive Fact-based Decisions 25 DNN / Proprietary and Confidential. All Rights Reserved. Comparative graphics quickly keep focus on engagement Colors indicate healthy results or potential problems Best practices drive strong results Visit the DNN website for more information on our online community solution, Evoq Social.
  26. 26. In-context Analytics Informs Immediate Actions 26 DNN / Proprietary and Confidential. All Rights Reserved. Gain deeper understanding of performance with in- context analytics Track required actions with more persistence and immediacy Visualize trends over time Visit our website for further details on Evoq Social Analytics
  27. 27. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Community programming is standardizing and increasingly integrated 27 Best-in-class communities are more than twice as likely to have integrated editorial calendars Communities programming standards are emerging
  28. 28. Community Newsletter & Events DNN has an active community representing 30 countries. Over 8,000 new members sign up each month. Our Community newsletter includes: A Message from the Founder Product news and release updates Highlights of top community contributors and leaders Top questions Top ideas 28 DNN / Proprietary and Confidential. All Rights Reserved. DNN Community Newsletter Message from the Founder At the beginning of 2014 we formalized our Product Plan for the DNN Platform. This Product Plan defined the high level themes we intend to focus upon in our product development efforts for the year - themes which are directly tied to customer value and user satisfaction.
  29. 29. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Community managers are stretched thin 29 Community managers are stretched thin and are distributing responsibilities to their communities in order to scale
  30. 30. Recommendations 30
  31. 31. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Invest in community maturity. Some of the following are key markers of mature community programs are: A measurable community strategy. A fully resourced roadmap. A community playbook. One or more full-time community managers. Executive participation. Key Research Recommendations Develop an advocate program. Community advocacy and leadership programs are highly correlated with community engagement, mature policies and value. Start by: Identifying influencers and advocates. Asking advocates to help create a program that is a win-win-win. Developing advocate terms or a playbook. Encourage executive participation. Participation from executives influences both the engagement of the community and the success of the community program. Start by: Understanding executive needs. Piquing their interest in participating. Supporting and coaching them until they are comfortable. 31
  32. 32. @TheCR #SOCM2014 Compare your own performance 32
  33. 33. Mission: Advance the Business of Community 1. Champion: Advocate for the needs of community business owners & teams 2. Educate: Provide training solutions to community & social business leaders 3. Curate: Aggregate, document & share community management best practices Member Organizations & Clients Services TheCR Network | TheCR Advisory | TheCR Research | TheCR Training Rachel Happe Principal & Co-Founder @rhappe Jim Storer Principal & Co-Founder @jimstorer Leadership About The Community Roundtable 33


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