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How not to Screw up your Interview now tackles Dress Code. How to scrub up, what they mean by 'business formal' and how generally to make a impression that'll help get that job. It's not in the presentation but you might want to also consider having a shower and running a brush through your hair... just a thought...


  • 1. How not to screw up your Interview Dress Code
  • 2. A lot of people worry about what to wear at interview. But its not that complicated.
  • 3. Not Sure how formal? Just call ahead. The Reception will know. Generally though? Suit Up.
  • 4. Guys: ok not ok Pressed Suit Clean Shirt Coloured Tie Clean Well groomed Smell Terrific (optional) Awesome home made Iron Man costume
  • 5. ok not ok Girls: Clean and stylish outfit Neat and professional hair style Natural makeup Limit the jewellery Childhood ruining poncho of Frog-Death
  • 6. Remember
  • 7. Better to be overdressed than underdressed.
  • 8. It doesnt have to be expensive. Keep it cheap and play to your strengths.
  • 9. For more information like this, visit Loads of useful information, and its all free.


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