How Not to Screw up your Interview: Dress Code

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How not to Screw up your Interview now tackles Dress Code. How to scrub up, what they mean by 'business formal' and how generally to make a impression that'll help get that job. It's not in the presentation but you might want to also consider having a shower and running a brush through your hair... just a thought...


1. How not to screw up your Interview Dress Code 2. A lot of people worry about what to wear at interview. But its not that complicated. 3. Not Sure how formal? Just call ahead. The Reception will know. Generally though? Suit Up. 4. Guys: ok not ok Pressed Suit Clean Shirt Coloured Tie Clean Well groomed Smell Terrific (optional) Awesome home made Iron Man costume 5. ok not ok Girls: Clean and stylish outfit Neat and professional hair style Natural makeup Limit the jewellery Childhood ruining poncho of Frog-Death 6. Remember 7. Better to be overdressed than underdressed. 8. It doesnt have to be expensive. Keep it cheap and play to your strengths. 9. For more information like this, visit Loads of useful information, and its all free.