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Presented by Jane Zhang, TechSoup Canada, at the 2009 Ontario Trillium Foundation professional development conference


  • 1.Presented byJane Zhang TechSoup Canada

2. 3.

  • "Messages are more effective if you let people develop the stories themselves, in their own words, using their own experiences.
  • Joshua Levy at the Personal Democracy Forum
  • Social Networks are online gathering places for people to generate awareness, take action and build relationships.


  • Online connection of friends from school, work or social circle
  • Sharing of status, photo, videos, websites online
  • #1 photo sharing website
  • Closed system where you need to befriend someone to join their network.


  • Online network of 200 Million Users
  • 10.8 Million are in Canada
  • Active users doubling every 6 months
  • 46% users 14-34
  • 74% white
  • 45% female
  • 58% have household income of 60K +


  • Online presence for organizations
  • Allow fans to be coming community champions for the organization
  • Facebook pages allow user to share contributed multimedia content (videos, photos, notes)
  • Insights Application allow fan page administrators to track visitor stats

7. 8.

  • Online social network for people with common interests
  • Primarily aimed at Youth, allowing them to identify with brands and bands or self-express.
  • Open vs closed system.


  • 1 in 4 American is on MySpace
  • 300,000 people sign up per day
  • More than 8 Million bands and artists



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