How much does a baton rouge home appraisal cost?

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    Question: How Much Does A Baton Rouge Home Appraisal Cost?


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    March 14, 2013 05:02 AM

    Question: How Much Does A Baton Rouge Home Appraisal Cost?

    My Appraiser Friend in Birmingham AL, Tom Horn, SRA, explains Appraisal fees. Tom writes an eye opening blog forthe Birmingham AL Housing Market on topics such as So Just How Accurate Is A Zillow Zestimate Anyway , Can AREALTOR Give An Appraiser Comps and other interesting topics.

    Tom says, "I think it is important for consumers to know how an appraiser determines the cost of anappraisal. There are a lot of variables, but cost of the appraisal is well worth the investment because yourhome will be more competitively priced with the market."

    Tom says, "I get asked a lot about the cost of an appraisal. More and morehomeowners these days are seriously considering getting an appraisal on theirhome to help them price it correctly to sell. There appears to be a change in themind set of many homeowners from several years ago when the market wasappreciating at such a rapid rate. Many sellers would price their home at a veryhigh level due to high demand and most of the time the home would sell fairly quickly, but in todays market this is notthe case. Competition for buyers is stronger and it is very important to list your home for the correct amount to move itas quickly as possible and to help reduce the likelihood of it not appraising for what it needs to for the mortgage."

  • Tom offers valuable insight in how HomeAppraisals are priced. To read Tom's entirearticle, click through below.

    What about Baton Rouge House AppraisalFee?

    Baton Rouge Home Appraisal FeesExplained. Just as in a flooring installation on your home, ifyou're only adding carpet to 2 rooms, then thefee or cost is going to be less than if you addingflooring to your entire home. The same can betrue for a Home Appraisal. You can expect topay less for a Home Appraisal on a medianpriced home in your market, say $350, than amuch more complex $1,000,000 estate onacreage, $500+ depending on how complex.


    Several local Real Estate Agents are ordering List Price Appraisals in order toobtain an accurate home sketch size, verified lot dimensions withplat map and arealistic listing price, which hopefully convinces the seller to list at a realisticprice. These generally cost less and locally my fee is $225 to $275 in restrictedsubdivisions and not on acreage for homes under $400,000. Visit Greater BatonRouge Pre-Listing Home Appraisals to learn more.

  • ESTATE Settlement and DIVORCE Settlement Appraisals generally requireextra time of preparation and documentation as these can go to court withAppraiser Testimony required and may have higher fees. Appraiser Testimonywould be more common in a divorce situation than in estate settlement.

    MORTGAGEHOMEAPPRAISALSORDERED VIAAMCS COSTMORE The FederalGovernment raised home appraisal fees in 2009 and 2010 with HVCC and Dodd-Frank Legislation. These are generally ordered through a 3rd Party AMC orAppraisal Management Company who must be paid as well. This can cost about$550+/- because of the split between the Appraiser's fee of say $350 and AMC'sfee of say $200. The AMC orders appraisals, AMC Review Appraisers reviewreports for errors and compliance and for extraordinary client requirements andthen forwards compliant reports to the lender.

    IN CONCLUSION AND RUSH FEESSo, there's various reasons to obtain a Baton Rouge Home Appraisal and different fees for eachtype based on the amount of work and time involved, Appraiser Liability involved, complexity, lackof comparable sales and sometimes just how busy the Appraiser is at the time. If an Appraiser has 16 orders in theque and a lender wants a new appraisal order completed in 48 hours, then that lender can expect to pay an addedrush fee. And, it may be the fault of the lender for dragging their feet on your home loan and threatening to lose yourlow mortgage rate lock. Regardless of the reason for the rush, you may still have to pay the higher Appraisal fee.Think of this like that plumber that is called out on an immediate emergency and charges extra for their immediateresponse.


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    Question: How Much Does A Baton Rouge Home Appraisal Cost?