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Make money with surveys. A guide on how to make money with paid online surveys.


<p>How Moms Make Money With Surveys</p> <p>by</p> <p>Victoria</p> <p>Introduction</p> <p>Let me begin by introducing myself.</p> <p>I'm Victoria Stone and I've been making money from online surveys for the past 5 years. I'm happily married, a mom of two beautiful daughters, and working from the comfort of home is the perfect arrangement for me. Given a choice between getting up at 7 am and heading out to a day job, or sliding out of bed whenever I like and being around my family, I'll take the second option every time. Wouldn't you?</p> <p>This e-book tells you, in simple terms, how to make an income by completing surveys over the internet. You won't find any catches here, either: I won't be asking you to buy another e-book (If you want to make even more money, buy my SUPER SURVEY E-BOOK for $800!), nor will you find me asking for donations, wasting your time with unnecessary filler content to pad-out the pages and add perceived value, nor will I be requesting you to join a paid community to learn even more. What you see is what you get. (A new concept in e-books, it seems!) I grow entirely tired of authorities supposedly providing free moneymaking information only to find out later that some clause requires us to part with money (for this free information).</p> <p>Why have I put pen to paper, then? (Well, finger to keyboard.) Simple: Giving away free guides like this helps to spread the word about my site, Moneymaking Mothers. The more people who read Moneymaking Mothers (all of which is entirely composed of free and helpful content for moms wanting to make money nice plug, Victoria!), the more money I can charge advertisers for my few remaining ad spots. Unless you're an advertiser, I can't imagine you'll ever be sending cash my way. Which is fine! The simple fact that you read my site helps me to make money, anyway. Cool, hey?</p> <p>So let us get started!</p> <p>Kind regards,</p> <p>Victoria Stone.</p> <p>How I Can Help You</p> <p>Paid surveys get a lot of bad press. Mostly, this is due to ignorance on the part of the person ranting. You'll see people saying they're a scam or they don't pay or the work is too hard. Rubbish, I say.</p> <p>Companies who offer us payment for surveys would not be in business very long if any of the above was true. The fact is, these companies NEED us. This is what happens. A major company goes to a survey company and asks them to get opinions on their latest product; a new brand of cough syrup or diaper or whatever. They pay the survey company for all the market research provided by them. And, thus, they pay us for answering the surveys for that market research. If they didn't pay, if the pay was terrible, or if they were out-and-out scam artists, we would all wise up and the survey sites would be out of business. Simple as that.</p> <p>So they do pay. And you're going to learn just how well they can pay if you follow my method.</p> <p>Talking of methods.</p> <p>This e-book isn't some bland, state-the-obvious, rehashed collection of pages that you could find anywhere else on-line. What would be the point? I want to impress you so you become a regular reader of my website and become part of our growing community of moms. I can't very well do this without truly giving away something special.</p> <p>If you join a survey site and begin tapping away on your keyboard (like I did in the beginning), you'll make peanuts. (And I don't even like peanuts!) So how can I help you? I'm going to show you methods comprised of enough tricks and twists and tips to actually have you making decent money.</p> <p>Decent money, you say? Let us be totally honest: this will not make you rich. You won't be buying a house in the Bahamas any time soon or blowing $4,000 on a new handbag (not that I ever would anyway). By decent, I mean a few hundred dollars a month. If you need $10,000 a month or more, this e-book is not for you. But if you want extra money to pay the grocery bill, buy gifts for birthdays, or pay the mortgage or rent, you're in the right place. I can show you how to do these things, no problem. I do it, so why can't you?</p> <p>Okay, are we ready? Great! Let's get down to business!</p> <p>Step 1: Joining Survey Sites</p> <p>I'll begin by giving you a very important tip here and then explain the joining process.</p> <p>Tip: If you join less than 6 survey sites, you're wasting your time. I mean it. Seriously. If you can't spend 5 minutes joining each site, press the white X on the top right of this e-book and delete it. I don't mean to sound harsh (at all). The truth is, I can't help you if you only join a few. (You really WILL be earning peanuts then.) The only way I can help is if you do what I do. And in the next section, especially, you're going to appreciate the importance of this advice. Some of you will finish this e-book, join a couple of sites, and say, Victoria, what the heck? Don't be one of those folks.</p> <p>Let's talk joining.</p> <p>The big question everyone asks me is this: Does it cost anything to join them?</p> <p>It costs as much money to join these as it does to join Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or Youtube. And it takes about as long! If you were to walk into town and get a job in a card store, they wouldn't ask you for any money to work for them. Same thing applies to survey sites.</p> <p>The second question I get asked is this: Do they pay?</p> <p>They do, indeed, pay. In all, they offer payment by wire, check, and Paypal. Some of them pay exclusively in gifts (not my preferred kind) and others just give you gifts as a bonus or give you a chance to win them. Some survey sites pay twice a month, others once a month, and others as soon as you meet the threshold, which is anywhere from $20 to $100 dollars. Surveys themselves pay anywhere from a dollar to $75 (my favourite).What is involved in the joining process?</p> <p>I'll show you the joining process, step-by-step, aided with some pictures. The entire joining procedure will take you a few minutes tops and in a minute or so, I'll explain why it's really important you fill out the form well.</p> <p>I already have an account here, but one of my readers has kindly supplied pictures of her joining process today. The site is Toluna. That's a link to their U.S site. If you're from the U.K, here's their U.K site: Toluna UK.</p> <p>This is the most well-known and respected survey site. You can see around 100,000 Facebook users alone have liked the site.</p> <p>On this page, all you have to do is: enter your name, select your gender, input your date of birth, choose a username and password, and select your country. </p> <p>Estimate time: 30 seconds. </p> <p>Here's another pic:</p> <p>Next thing: upload a profile picture. I always use my Facebook picture, but any image will do. Estimated time: 10 seconds.</p> <p>This next step is VERY IMPORTANT. The site has sent you a verification email. You can't receive surveys without a working email, so they need to know you entered it correctly into the form.</p> <p>Simply go to your e-mail in-box and find it. Note: sometimes e-mails wind up in spam folders if you use a free email account like me. If you don't see the email, check there.</p> <p>This is what you'll find in your in-box:</p> <p>Just click on the link: Please activate your account. This will then take you to a page with a CAPTCHA. These pages exist to stop spammers making hundreds of accounts with software.</p> <p>Done! In total, it should take around 1 minute to join. Painless, right? You then get presented with this page:</p> <p>You can make friends and learn about the best moneymaking surveys in the community (highly recommended) or you can click the Start Now button for Answer Surveys And Get Great Rewards.</p> <p>Remember I said it was important to fill out your join info really well? Well, this is why. When you click the left-hand Start Now button, you are asked questions about yourself. (I have chosen not to include pictures here, in the interest of keeping my reader's details private). They ask you questions like where you live and where you work; standard stuff that takes a few minutes tops to answer, if that.</p> <p>Why is it important to answer well? Survey sites like this send you surveys based on your answers to these questions. Maybe there's a new restaurant opening where you live. They send a survey. Maybe you're a new mom and they want to get your opinion on what makes a good diaper. You get a survey. So, answer them well and you'll get more surveys.</p> <p>And that as they say is that. Like I say, it's no harder than joining Facebook.</p> <p>What I suggest you do is set aside 30 minutes and join these survey sites:</p> <p>Best U.S Survey Sites</p> <p>1. Toluna2. Panda Research3. Inbox Pays4. iSurvey World5. Minds Pay6. Cash Crate7. Bash Bound8. Vindale Research9. Amp Surveys10. Live Sample</p> <p>Even if it takes you 3 minutes to join each one, that's still only 30 minutes in total. There are other survey sites, but you only need the above 10 for decent money. So put aside half an hour, grab a coffee, and join these before moving on to the next step: Step 2: Completing Tons Of Surveys.</p> <p>I don't want to leave out my U.K readers, so below you'll see my recommended survey sites for you, too. You can find many others, and I suggest you do, but the 3 below are used by my other readers and are the absolute best ones going.</p> <p>Best U.K Survey Sites</p> <p>Toluna U.KAmp Surveys U.KHoliday Rewards U.K</p> <p>Step 2: Completing Tons of Surveys</p> <p>The people complaining that survey sites don't pay much are those people who join one site and expect to make oodles of money. Get real, right? What I'm going to do is show you how to complete dozens of surveys a week. (And make good money!) Keep in mind that even though your typical survey will only pay a dollar or so, there are many others that pay in double figures. It's easy to imagine how much money you can make if you can complete a heap of these each week.</p> <p>Join Many!</p> <p>Well, you already know the main way to get lots of surveys: joining lots of survey sites. The second way has also been touched on, but I want to explain it a little more.</p> <p>Be Detailed!</p> <p>You absolutely must be as detailed as possible in the info about yourself that you give to the survey site. The more info they have about you (it isn't shared and it isn't particularly personal, either), the more easily they can match you with surveys to complete.</p> <p>Diversity!</p> <p>Now, related to the above is being DIVERSE when you talk about yourself. You'll often get the option to tick boxes of interests. Make sure you tick every interest that you have; the more, the merrier. Again, these interests are part of the screening process and are used to target surveys for you to fill out.</p> <p>Community!</p> <p>The bigger survey sites have large community forums. HUGE. Become an active member because sometimes surveys are not sent out to your e-mail in-box. Sometimes you have to apply for them and it's these ones that often pay the most: $50 and $75. Out of these big ones, I would say 90% I find on the forums.</p> <p>Another great thing about being forum-active is you make friends and they will always message you when something great becomes available. I'm forever receiving </p> <p>e-mail notifications from private forum messages.</p> <p>So, using forums is a hugely effective way to boost the number of surveys you can complete.</p> <p>Nick of Time!</p> <p>Some surveys are time-sensitive; meaning when you get e-mailed about them, you may only have a short time to reply and complete them. So yet another way to boost your income is by setting up the Thunderbird e-mail client on your desktop. It's free and provided by Mozilla over here: Thunderbird. Leave it switched on and when you receive an e-mail, you'll know about it that very second. You'll be the first to get in on these offers. And they mount up!</p> <p>Log In Each Day!</p> <p>Survey sites will advertise their latest surveys on the site and you can apply for them. Log in each day so you don't miss out.</p> <p>Google E-mail Alerts!</p> <p>This final tip is a doozy. (Just wait.) Another reason my methods here require you to join the recommended survey sites is due to Google e-mail alerts. What we'll be doing is using the power of these alerts to FLOOD our in-box with surveys to complete.Log into your Gmail account and head here: Google Alerts.</p> <p>You'll be presented with this page:</p> <p>What we're going to be doing is asking Google Alerts to let us know when someone anywhere on the internet mentions something about a survey for us to complete.</p> <p>Note: Only do this step AFTER you have joined the survey sites. The idea behind this trick is so you get the jump on the competition. If you have to waste time joining survey sites and filling out screening questions, it defeats the purpose of using alerts. So join the sites and then return here.</p> <p>So . . . if someone says on a forum or a blog, Toluna is paying $50 on this offer over the weekend. Get typing, ladies. Easy money! Google alerts will e-mail you about it instantly and you won't miss out. This is amazing. You don't have to join a gazillion different forums or scour the net every hour of the day. You'll be receiving these alerts every minute of the day and, unlike every other mom doing surveys, you'll know EVERY decent survey going at ANY given moment. Yikes. Sorry about the caps, but it's exciting. (LOL) I do love this method so much. I actually get the alerts sent to my laptop, my iPad, my desktop, AND my iPhone.</p> <p>Think You Can Make Money Now?</p> <p>If this section hasn't convinced you that good money can be made, nothing will.</p> <p>It's a simple process. Join the 10 best survey sites in the world (or 3, if you're in the United Kingdom). Follow my methods in Step 2: Completing Tons of Surveys. Set aside an hour or so each day. Earn several hundred dollars every month. Pay rent, mortgage, groceries, buy a pink rabbit, whatever. (LOL).</p> <p>Final Tip: Another Doozy!Your time is valuable, right? Of course. Mine, too. So why sell your time for a low price?</p> <p>The methods in this e-book should put you ahead of 95% of most people completing surveys. The Google Alerts trick alone makes me hundreds.</p> <p>Time is valuable. So why always target low-paying offers? Wouldn't it be better to use what you now know and be completing surveys for $25 a time?</p> <p>So this is my final tip. Value your time and MOSTLY go after the high-paying offers. If you follow my advice in this e-book you are in an almost unique position to do just that. You know how to FIND the good offers. Why waste all your time on the little ones? I say mostly because those little ones do mount up and they're quick to complete, but always be on the lookout for the big surveys. These ones mount up even better!</p> <p>Now, before I leave you, I'd just like to remind you of the useful links I've mentioned. (Especially the one for Google Alerts.)</p> <p>Links You Need</p> <p>Best U.S Survey Sites</p> <p>1. Toluna2. Panda Rese...</p>