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  • 1. My Name is Thomas Desmarais Im 12 years old I live in Oakville, ON Im in grade 7 at W. H. Morden P.S. I participate in a fundraiser calledMOvember

2. Fundraiser run during November where menacross the world get pledges for growingmoustaches. Funds raised go to research to find a cure formens cancers, specifically Prostate Cancer In 2011, MoBros in Canada raised $42 Million TSN Sportcasters and Ron Wilson are some ofthe more famous MoBros 3. Twoof my grandfathers had prostate cancer I didnt want any others I know to get it. To support my uncles Movember campaign Toshow kids that they can make a big difference 4. Since Im only 12 and cant grow amoustache, I wear a different fakemoustache every day (from 7:00 am to 9:00pm) I take pictures of my moustache each dayand post them on my blog People can donate to my campaign online atmy blog or in person via cash 5. $1,600 in 11 days Front cover of a newspaper Top 2,500 MoBros in Canada Free Moustache Growers Guide 6. Raise Money for Cancer Research $2,500 in 30 days $300 from kids Inspirekids to make a difference 10 more people joining my schools Me toWe club Speaking to 250 kids about making change. 7. Blogging at Facebook Thomas Moustache Logo Donation can Business cards Darren Dutchischen @ TSN Speaking engagements Moustache cookies for $1 each. Whatever else the moustache wants to do! 8. Craig and Mark Keilburger Terry Fox Jacks Lemonade Stand 9. You can achieve anything you set your mindto! Find others who will support your idea Start small and be open to ways to grow Letthe moustache lead the way Use your unique gifts Be optimistic Anything is possible! GIFT + PASSION = BETTER WORLD (source Living Me to We by Craig and Mark Kielburger) 10. Sometimes the people who impress you themost are not the people of power, kings orheads of state. Sometimes they are 11 yearsold Michalle Jean, former Governor General of Canada