how is money created and how can you make money

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  • 1. Learn how money was created and how you can makemoney. Money is created by the National Bank of yourcountry. Money making starts with an idea which will become a product which you offer to the public.
  • 2. Creating Money is and was at any time an important subject.
  • 3. The Start of Creating Money You want to create money
  • 4. How did creating money start?
  • 5. Money is nothing else as to trade goods. You may verywell give some potatoes to get some milk. Or you produce arrows and get a beautiful necklace. But this is complex,because you had to find someone who desires arrows and if you obtained a necklace, but desired milk, you had toproceed to find someone who wanted the necklace, until you finally would get milk. So a standard means wasfound, which would be compensation against all kinds ofproducts. It could be certain stones or beads or whatever.
  • 6. Several thousand years ago money as we know it wascreated the first time. In one particular location the leader of that location created something specific whichrepresented money. To make it recognisable for his region, he had coins made with his face plus a value on it. From the beginning coins had two sides. These coins have been made of metals.
  • 7. Everyone who manufactured goods, required a fixed number of coins with a certain value in exchange for oneitem of what he offered. But already in the early history of money, the value of it modified with the years.
  • 8. How does the value of money change?
  • 9. It happened that when the leader of a certain locationdemanded more money, he had more coins created. Theymelted more metals and manufactured more money. But now more money was applied and so the person who offered a certain product, required for more of these coins. The purchasing power decreased, which we today call inflation.
  • 10. If a merchant travelled to a port in the South of Europe to purchase goods that came with a ship from the Middle and the Fat East, they needed to have lots of coins to buy those goods. To carry so many coins was weighty and there have been many street thieves. So before amerchant left the North of Europe, he traded coins to get a promissory note, which he could exchange to get coins inthe South and if needed on his way to the South, where he could obtain lots of goods.
  • 11. To have a piece of paper with you while travelling was fine, but you needed to come across some body, who would probably change the promissory note into coins.That was when the bank notes were created. Bank notes were created for each individual country and you couldchange a bank note from the Netherlands in the State of Venice or in one of the princedoms of Germany if required.
  • 12. Today it is the National Banks of each country who is printing money. A particular person cannot create moneyin the sense of creating excess money. When an individualsays that he wishes to create money he actually means to make more money for himself.
  • 13. If you want to make more Money
  • 14. You cant make some coins or print some bank notes and if you do you would very most likely end in prison. So how can you create money? You have to have an idea. If the idea is producing something such as a product which has to be transported or an online product, which can be downloaded by the person who purchased it.
  • 15. When I discovered the money mentalism video series, I expected something differently. I desired to make more money fast. I watched 3 of the videos day after day and very soon I got ideas with which I could create money.Those videos do not offer that you make money instantlyand that you do not have to work. To generate great ideas is much more valuable.
  • 16. If you create something you can become rich. It takeswork, yes, but the money will not stop to get in. Creativity always was and always will be valued.
  • 17. After you ordered the Money Mentalism Video Series,watch 1 to 3 videos each day for about one month, before you look at the next videos in the series.
  • 18. Make a note of what comes into your mind while you look at the money mentalism videos. They will help you tocreate money. When you have seen the video, look at yournotes and ponder about how you can realize the ideas. Letus guess it is a certain topic. You can write an ebook about the topic or you can make a little video series. Start small and then you can build a much bigger product out of this idea.
  • 19. When someone bought your ebook or video series, youcan offer him the bigger version. "If you enjoyed my ebook about "add the subject here", you might also enjoy the "new ebook which comes together with 6 videos".
  • 20. The idea you get after watching the Money Creating Videos can be huge. It can be an idea which you can patent. It can be an idea which you offer to a majorindustry and get quite a large amount of money for doing practically nothing.
  • 21.