How I Make $100 Per Day Online - ?· method on how to make money online. Even though I was spending…

Download How I Make $100 Per Day Online - ?· method on how to make money online. Even though I was spending…

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  • Why I failed at Internet Marketing and How to avoid my mistakes

    I never woke up one morning and decided

    that I wanted to start making money online.

    It literally just happened. My first activity of

    making money online was a result of me

    doing something that I loved. My cousin and

    I purchased our first investment property

    together in 2005. By the start of 2007 we

    owned 24 rental units. Since my cousin

    traveled extensively with his day job, I had

    to step up and be very hands on with

    property management, rehab, tenant

    selection and evictions.

    As the number of our investment properties

    increased people started to ask us questions

    to help them get started or to provide advice.

    We started being invited to speak at real

    estate investor meetings. After the meetings

    people would come up and say they wanted

    to buy our book. The only problem was that

    we didnt have a book.

    Making my First Dollar Online

    So I wrote a book about investing in real

    estate using creative financing methods. The

    book was a compilation of different methods

    that we had used to purchase some of our 24

    rental units. The book is only about 130

    pages long. I published it for the Kindle on

    Amazon. People started buying it and that

    was the first way I made money online. The

    book is called 8 Ways to Purchase Real

    How I Make $100 Per Day Online

    -Jennifer Bland

  • Estate With No Money and No Credit and

    you can buy it on Amazon here.

    Once I cashed my first couple of royalty

    checks, I was hooked. I started looking for

    other ways that I could make money online.

    That is when my cousin told me about the I was all over that

    website looking at the many different ways

    people were making money online.

    Failing at Internet Marketing

    The reason I failed at internet marketing was

    that I started to purchase every single

    method on how to make money online. Even

    though I was spending money out to wazoo

    on products I was not actually taking the

    time to implement any of them. I bought my

    first WSO in November 2010. Between

    November 2010 and November 2012, I spent

    $1,478.69. I purchased 112 WSOs in just 24

    months. I was averaging buying one WSO a

    week for two years.

    Don't believe me? Here is exactly what I

    spent and when on WSOs for this 2 year


    Item Name Price Paid

    Inner Circle Solo Ads $8.17

    Outsourcing With Lyfe $9.83

    Keyword Bonanza: Amazon Edition $10.43

    UpsellAzon $4.39

    3 Minute Sales Videos $26.80

    SEO Cash Cow $8.20

    Azon Deal Alert $13.12

    The Power of Squidazon $17.40

    Amazon Blog Riches $9.03

    Press Release Traffic Code 2.0 $9.95

    Azon Attitude Adjustment $8.20

    Ninja Curation Profits $8.10

    Azon Stock Checker - Multi Site

    License $17.00

    Quick ScreenCast Profits $9.45

    Your Own Edu Blog Package 2012 $6.35

    PageOne Curator $17.96

    5 Bucks a Day Revisited $5.00

  • 0 t0 1000 Subscribers in 30 Days With

    Adswaps $1.00

    CJ Tactics - Commission Junction

    Unleashed $11.65

    10 PLR Articles $5.65


    AmaSuite Software Tools OTO $21.12

    AmaSuite Software Tools $21.27

    WP Business Bundle V3 $9.97

    WSO Pro - Single Listing $19.00

    Amazon Affiliate Garden Power Tool

    Chest! $7.60

    WSO Auto Members Developer $24.19

    Azon Affiliate Crusher $17.00

    $100k In January 2012 $27.00

    Middle Man Profit Plan $17.13

    Mining Video Gold $12.90

    Marketing Graphics Toolkit V3 $9.95

    SE Analyzer Developer Upgrade $9.97

    SE Analyzer Wordpress Plugin $9.97

    SEO Knock Out: 22 Real Deal Case

    Studies $9.97

    Kindle Cover Design Kit $9.90

    Amazon Goldmine IV $17.00

    EXACT BluePrint to $15,434 - 500

    Sold In 4 Hours!! $12.78

    WSO Launch Code OTO 2 - Option C $1.00

    WSO Launch Code $24.55

    Amazon Goldmine III $17.00

    Amazon Presell Mastery $7.20

    Road To The Million Dollar Product $9.49

    Amazon New Years Resolution

    Bonanza OTO $7.00

    Amazon New Years Resolution

    Bonanza! $7.00

    Amazon New Years Resolution

    Bonanza!Vol2 $9.90

    Amazon Commercial Style Videos $14.20

    Warrior+Plus Treasure Map $9.95

    WSO Pro - Single Listing $19.00

    Niche Profit Course $18.80

    The Amazon Goldrush $5.83

  • Amazon Goldmine II $17.00

    Amazon PLR Video Domination $9.00

    Commission Explosion Report

    Dimesale $9.10

    WarriorPlus Silver Membership $3.99

    Commission Gold $11.90

    WSO Super Affiliate $9.90

    RSS Pigeon $9.95

    Lifetime Membership Amz Training

    Academy $27.00

    Lazy Autopilot Profits OTO $16.55

    Lazy Autopilot Profits $9.90

    Affiliate Product Comparison Tables $6.85

    Backlinks SQueezeR $9.95

    Amazon Book Bomb! $19.00

    FlipMe $57.00

    Niche Predators + SEO Smackdown $9.90

    EDU Exterminator OTO $27.00

    EDU Exterminator $8.98

    Backlink Takeover $10.83

    Adcenter PPC Domination $27.00

    Ultimate Facebook Challenge $7.00

    Pingback Optimizer OTO $7.00

    Pingback Optimizer $22.03

    Amazon Video Profits $1.50

    Get Your First Sale - Amazon

    Coaching WSO $12.09

    .EDU and .GOV Backlinks Goldmine $8.70

    Autopilot SEO Wealth - PLATINUM $17.00

    Autopilot SEO Wealth $9.95

    Stealth Conversions $17.00

    Amazon Siphon WSO $5.00

    WSC from Shawn $9.90

    \Super Simple Amazon Product

    Selection $9.90

    New - Your Own Edu Backlinking Site $7.00

    New - Your Own Edu Backlinking Site $7.00

    CLICK TWISTER Package $9.95

    How To Supercharge Your Blogs

    Speed $9.00

    PLR Audio Clips Version 3 $6.50

  • PLRAudioClips Package #2 $8.27

    PLR Audio Clips Package #1 $7.47

    Ultimate Review Themes - Limited

    PLR Offers! $37.00

    FB Viral Video Amazon Shop Machine $11.95

    Ultimate Review Themes $19.95

    Leapfrog Review Theme $14.00

    $10K/ MONTH Amazon Sites $19.00


    PACKAGE $8.00

    Colleen Slaters Amazon Treasure

    Chest OTO $17.00

    Colleen Slaters Amazon Treasure

    Chest $9.97

    Muz Azars Golden EDU Links $37.00

    Ultimate Review Themes $19.95

    Video Sales Firestorm $19.00

    Anatomy of An Amazon Sale $7.00

    Connor & Ricky Product Creation $1.00

    Deadbeat Super Affiliate $27.00

    StumbleUpon Revolution $13.00

    Content Creation Frenzy $9.00

    Iron Fist Backlinnks $9.00

    Amazon Affiliate Hot List $10.00

    Fan Page Tsunami $17.00

    $953 in TWO DAYS! Step-by-Step

    Guide $5.00

    100 Subscribers Per Day $6.05

    Video Traffic Blaster $27.00

    $24,800/Month Running SEO

    Business $26.97

    Avoid Shining Object Syndrome

    If you look close enough you will notice that

    I even bought the same product twice! What

    an idiot I was. And I never read either copy

    of that product. If you want the best advice

    on how to succeed with Internet Marketing it

    would be "DON'T DO WHAT I DID."

    Pick one method of earning money online

    and implement that one strategy. Avoid the

    shinning object syndrome by buying the

  • latest tactic that someone is selling. Pick one

    method and take action.

    Want to know how effective this advice truly

    is? Let me give you a concrete example. In

    January 2012 I signed up as an affiliate for a

    company that produces a product in the

    sports and fitness market. It was real easy to

    go to their website and signup as an affiliate.

    I created a free blogger website and wrote

    several article reviews about their products. I

    made my very first sale on February 29,

    2012. For the month of February I made a

    grand total of $5.99.

    Clearly that amount is nothing to write home

    about. It won't come close to allowing me to

    quit my day job. Heck it wouldn't even cover

    the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks. But

    here is what I did that has paid off in

    dividends for me - I kept working at it.

    It has been one year that I have been an

    affiliate for this company. In one year I have

    written 92 product review articles on

    products for this affiliate. This articles are

    spread out over my original blogger website,

    a free website, a free Weebly

    website, a free Tumblr website, multiple free

    Squidoo lenses and my own self-hosted

    website and blog. (I setup 2 incidences of

    WordPress on my website so that is why I

    say website and blog). As a result, I have

    anywhere from 3-4 websites ranked on page

    1 of Google for about a dozen different


    Proof Taking Action Pays Off

    Now that you see the amount of effort that I

    have put in for this one affiliate in one year,

    let me show you the fruits of my labor. One

    year ago in February I made $5.99. In March

    2013 I earned $3,218. As a result of taking

    massive action, I can now afford as many

    cups of coffee that I want at Starbucks.

    I will tell you that my growth in revenue

    with this affiliate has been incredible since

    November 2012. Yes I can say that I doubled

    my income in less than a month when you

    compared February 2012 to March 2012.

    That is not hard to do when you only needed

    to make $13 in the month to double from the

    previous month. It was around August that I

    reached $1,000 in commissions in a single

  • month. As of today March 15th, I had earned

    $1,393.55. That is an average of $92.90 per

    day for every day so far in March!

    I was ecstatic with my online income

    earnings for January and February of 2013

    because I earned more than $100 per day for

    these 2 months. Now I am on the brink of

    earning $100 per day from just one affiliate


    I just signed up for the affiliate program at

    KillCliff and Rogue Fitness last month. I

    have written 6 articles for Rogue Fitness in

    the past month. Two days ago I earned

    $10.60 in commissions already from this

    affiliate. I am going to spend the next 8

    months putting forth the same amount of

    effort for this two affiliate programs with a

    goal to grow it to over $100 per day too.

    Imagine if I had 3 different affiliate

    programs where I am earning $100 per day

    or a grand total of $300 per day. Do you

    think I could walk away from my day job if I

    was earning that much online? For those of

    you without a calculator, earning $300 per

    day equates to $109,500 per year. I could so

    easily quit my day job if that happened. Now

    that I know what is the cost of making my

    dream happen then I am going out and

    making sure that it happens.

    How Are You Doing in Making Money Online?

    If you are not making money online, simply

    compare the amount of effort that you have

    put in for the past 12 months to the amount

    of effort that I have done for this one affiliate

    program. Are you putting in more or less

    effort that I did? Be honest with yourself.

    I have seen many people that create one

    website to promote an affiliate program like

    Amazon, write 5 product review articles and

    then do nothing else. Then they wonder why

    they are not making 6 figures a year as an

    Amazon affiliate. Rome wasn't built in a day

    so why do you put in a day's worth of effort

    to build your online income?

    The only way to succeed with earning

    money online is to put in the effort required

    to succeed. Once you start to succeed then

    your efforts will start to snowball. It will

  • become more addictive than any drug legal

    or otherwise. You will WANT to put in the

    effort necessary to succeed. But you have to

    stop spending money on buying a product

    and start putting forth the effort. Until you

    do that you will be stuck going to a 9-5 job

    that you probably hate.

  • More About Me

    I have a very active website where I write

    about the different ways that I make money

    online. Each month I share the exact amount

    that I make online and the different methods

    I used to make that income. My website is at

    My website contains a treasure chest of

    valuable information on making money

    online. Here is a list of some of the most

    popular topics on my website.


    In this post I provide 6 step-by-step videos

    that show you how to create product review

    videos using Microsoft PowerPoint. Video is

    a very effective way to drive traffic to your

    website and to improve your ranking. I also

    provide 2 PowerPoint templates and royalty

    free music that you can use in creating your

    own product review videos.

    My Unorthodox Internet Marketing Strategy That Works

    When you read my website you will be

    amazed at the amount of information that I

    provide compared to other internet

    marketers. My strategy is to give everything

    away and if you think the information is

    valuable then you can chose to Pay What

    You Want for the information. Read more

    about my strategy in this post.

    Internet Marketing on Steroids How to Get Rich Faster

    If you want to make money online, you can

    do it all yourself. That will work but it has its

    limitations. The biggest limitation is time.

    You only have 24 hours in a day in which to

    do it all yourself. In this post I share how

    easy it is to outsource so you stop trading

    your time for money and leverage other

    peoples time. I even share the names of the

  • writers that I use for outsourcing my own


    My 7 Step Process for Affiliate Marketing Promotions

    Once I reached earning $100/day with a

    single affiliate marketing program, I wrote

    down the exact steps I took. This post shows

    you those exact steps so you can implement

    this strategy yourself.

    Monthly Income Reports

    Every month I share how much I earned

    online. I show you the methods that I used

    and the exact dollar amount that each

    method produced. You can read each of my

    monthly income reports and track my


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