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Sterling to intro: Hello everyone! And welcome to todays special webinar. My name is Sterling Jackson. Im the head of customer marketing here at Qualtrics where I have the privilege of working with some of the smartest minds in the research industry. 1

ANGELA LANCASTERManager of Market Research, Penske ADAMROSSOWChief Marketing Officer, iModerate

Sterling to intro continued: I am absolutely delighted to have with us today two very special guests. Id like to extend a special welcome to Angela Lancaster. Angela is an expert market researcher known for her innovative approaches and for her ability to make impact with actionable insights. Shes been doing this for over 10 years both on the supplier side and the corporate side. Today, Angela joins us from Penske where she manages research thats helping to transform the $6B privately held global transportation company. Im also extremely pleased to be joined by Adam Rossow the CMO of one of the most progressive insights agencies anywhere, called iModerate. This agency is doing some extraordinary work in the research industry to help some of the most well-known brands in the world uncover hidden truths about their customers and derive truly meaningful intelligence from those insights to help those brands become the leaders in their category. Adam joins us from Denver, Colorado.



A look at the role of Market Research at PenskeHow hybrid research fits into Penskes Market Research strategy

Case Study: Rental Partners

iModerate + Qualtrics partnership

Sterling: Now before I turn the time over to Adam and Angela, let me remind our audience that todays webinar is recorded and can be accessed anytime at We have an exciting agenda today where we will talk about


Sterling + Adam to briefly introduce/explain iModerate/Qualtrics Partnership (TBD)


(transition slide, Sterling to pass it off to Angela to introduce who Penske is, what they do, and discuss MR at Penske)


CUSTOMER RESEARCHCustomer Experience(VOC)Marketing Insights & Analytics

When I joined Penske three years ago, Qualtrics was already place and was my preferred survey application, having been using since almost its inception. I connected with iModerate through my vendor speed dating practices. Lets just say, while Penske and Qualtrics have been in a serious relationship for a long time - I felt strongly Penske and iModerate should go on an actual date!


WHY HYBRID?1Easy integration saves time3Adds qualitative expertise4Debut new methodology to PenskeSeamless respondent experience 2


How did I see iModerate bringing value to Penskes research initiatives?

1. First, they could integrate with Qualtrics, which meant as my respondents took a survey or were offered an intercept opportunity on the web, they could flow seamlessly from the quantitative research experience to a qualitative one.

2. This helps immensely because our research, web and IT team can use our Qualtrics application saving me technical coordination and integration time. (