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<ul><li><p>Spending ~4 HOURS in a 40-hour workweek just looking for answers. </p><p>Not getting regular, constructive feedback ontheir performance. </p><p>BEING UNMOTIVATED by negative feedbackduring an obsolete year-end performance review.</p><p>OLD TECHNOLOGY green screens, client server,bad design, etc.</p><p>Only 34% OF EMPLOYEES ARE ENGAGED,largely due to a LACK OF MOBILITY and/or aflexible way of working.</p><p>Customers are most frustrated by having to go throughMULTIPLE EMPLOYEES to resolve A SINGLE ISSUE.</p><p>Having to go through multiple systems and/oremployees to complete a single transaction.</p><p>Being left to wonder WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? thanks to a lack of visibility into processes.</p><p>Cumbersome or OUTDATED USEREXPERIENCES in design and beyond.</p><p>72% of mobile users say its important to themthat websites are mobile-friendly, yet 96% havevisited a site that isnt.</p><p>HOW HAPPY WORKERSHAPPY CUSTOMERSMAKE </p><p>Not being known by a brand(40% of customers EXPECT CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS TOBE FAMILIAR WITH THEIR HISTORY before engaging with them).</p><p>Appirios Virtuous Cycle is about empowering workers to deliver a better Customer Experience, and improving the Worker Experience by treating employees like customers. Appirio connects data and processes; no more silos. We dont just talk strategy; we live it. By helping workers enjoy and do their jobs more efficiently, youre also ensuring the development of a larger, happier customer base.</p><p>1. T.J. Keitt, Forrester Research analyst2. Research from Kansas State University, Eastern Kentucky University, and Texas A&amp;M3. Forrester Research</p><p>4. 2013 Dimensional Research survey5. Google survey6. 2013 NICE survey</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>5</p><p>6</p><p>The SOLUTION</p><p>FRUSTRATESwhat</p><p>WORKERS</p><p>FRUSTRATESwhat</p><p>CUSTOMERS</p><p>ELIMINATE BARRIERSbetween workers &amp; the info they need</p><p>Use systems that</p><p>Provide aCONSUMER-GRADEexperience for your workforce</p><p>thePROBLEM</p><p>Employee Productivity(EMPLOYEE</p><p>PERFORMANCE)</p><p>Employee Loyalty(EMPLOYEE</p><p>RETENTION )</p><p>Energized Workers(EMPLOYEE</p><p>ENGAGEMENT)</p><p>Company Growth (PROFIT)</p><p>Customer Loyalty(REPEATBUSINESS)</p><p>Customer Satisfaction(NPS)</p><p>WorkerEXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE</p><p>Customer</p><p>We believe Worker and Customer Experience are intrinsically linked and must be addressed together. By leveraging cloud technology, new ways of working like crowdsourcing, and using solution accelerators to rapidly build and integrate solutions, customers can create both amazing Worker and Customer </p><p>ACTIONABLE STRATEGY | CLOUD IMPLEMENTATION &amp; INTEGRATION | CHANGE ENABLEMENT </p><p>APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT | ONGOING SUPPORT</p><p>About Appirio</p><p>Appirio is a global services company that helps customers create next-generation Worker and Customer Experiences using the latest cloud technologies. Our free thinking consultants deliver unmatched customer value by creating actionable strategies, delivering results quickly, and helping organizations adapt to a new experience-driven era. We do this by harnessing the power of one of the worlds largest crowdsourcing communities and thousands of pre-built solution accelerators. Appirio is a trusted partner to some of the worlds largest brands, including YP, Cardinal Health, Coca-Cola, eBay, Facebook, Home Depot, Sony PlayStation, Moen, and IBM.</p><p>the</p><p>RESOLUTIONAppirios Virtuous Cycle</p><p>apply new workforce modelsNEW WAYS PEOPLE WORK;Adapt to the</p><p>Sources:</p><p>Empower all categories of worker with tools to manage their work and career on devices they prefer</p><p>Empower workers to contribute content and insights in real time</p><p>Connect workers through communities to others working on common goals</p><p>Provide decision-makers with proactive insights about the business</p><p>Knowing your customer and what they need</p><p>Benchmarked Customer Engagement </p><p>Persona Journey Mapping</p><p>Anticipating their needs and desires</p><p>Mobile applications that are innovative</p><p>Social Communities promoting peer-to-peer collaboration </p><p>Delivering on their expectations through sales, services, and marketing</p><p>Actionable Data for employees to use </p><p>Collaborative capabilities to work smarter</p><p>Integrated CX Data Availability</p><p>Omni-Channel View of CX interactions</p><p>Visibility across customer experience</p><p>Eliminate redundant steps in workflows and tasks</p><p>Promote social use cases as ubiquitous </p><p>!</p><p>BREAKTHROUGH DIGITALMOMENTS</p><p>to sell &amp; service</p><p>Create</p><p>ENGAGED WORKFORCEEmpower an </p><p>to improve service</p><p>GainMEANINGFUL INSIGHT</p><p>into customer behavior</p><p>?</p><p>Reduce reliance on top-down communications from HR</p><p>Address the needs of users who may be employees, contractors, or retirees </p><p>Deliver insights on any device favored by managers and leaders</p><p>Tie business metrics to business outcomes in a way that helps tell a story</p><p>Rewarding and gamified loyalty programs </p><p>IoT Capabilities</p><p>Targeted and smart marketing touches</p><p>Relevant &amp; Focused lens on the comprehensive data</p><p>Fun and engaging ways to interact with customers</p><p>Self-service capabilities for customers AND employees</p></li></ul>