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If you were a manager back then, would you approve or reject this proposal? For more posts, go to


<ul><li> 1. Project: Greatest Pyramid of All Time Presented by Hemiunu Architect, and Nephew of King Khufu </li></ul> <p> 2. Objectives Build the tallest stone structure in the world The most magnificent pyramid to be built yet Will serve as a royal tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu A masterpiece of mathematics and engineering Biggest project ever! 3. Project Timeline &amp; Location Construction should be complete within 20 years. Location: On top of a limestone plateau. The building site has been chosen for its proximity to the limestone quarries. 4. Design 5. Workers We considered recruitment of Israelites, or extraterrestrials. We also received work offers from the residents of Atlantis. All above options were ruled out. There will be no need to employ slaves or aliens from another planet. Enough free Egyptian workers are available for conscription. Their service for the King will help them pay their taxes. 6. Skills Needed A wide range of skills, from management to craftspeople: Overseers High priests Engineers and designers Potters, weavers and carpenters Quarrymen and stonemasons Doctors Water carriers, bakers and fishermen And many more 7. Responsibilities Each team will receive clear instructions on their responsibilities. For example: #1. Pyramid designers and engineers will ensure the pyramid rises evenly and uniformly, and the design has perfect precision and perfect angles. 8. Responsibilities (Cont.) #2. High priests will provide guidance using esoteric knowledge about, for example, the burial chambers, or alignment of the shafts with certain stars. #3. The Masons, at the end of the 19th year into the project, will commence to smooth out the pyramids surface. That will transform the rough stone into a gleaming white monument worthy of a pharaoh. Its expected to take a full year the final year. 9. Materials Limestone (quarried onsite) Granite (to be shipped from the city of Swenett) Total estimate: 2,300,000 blocks An average of 315 blocks will be placed every day. 10. Tools Latest technology: Copper chisels, drills and saws. Hard-stone pounders, granite hammers and sledges. And of course, a lot of brute force. 11. Work Environment Total workforce of 25000 employees is required. Theyll be divided into teams of 1000 workers. E.g. The Drunkards of Khufu team, or The Friends of the Pharaoh' team. Meals provided will include loaves of bread, beer, meat, fish (fresh from the Nile). Accommodation for all workers will be arranged in settlements around the construction site. Medical care (treatment and amputations) is available in case of work injuries. 12. Challenges Special measures will be taken to protect against tomb robbers (solution: plug passageways with granite blocks). The enormous weight above the burial chamber might cause it to collapse (solution: build stress-relieving chambers above it with granite beams to distribute the weight) Many other challenges still remain, like transporting granite blocks by boats on the Nile to the building site. 13. In brief Our ancestors have been building pyramids for hundreds of years but this one is different. This pyramid will be a testament to the glory of our civilization, and will evoke great admiration from future generations. 14. Questions? Source: </p>


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