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1 - Title 2 - The Agenda 3 - Meet the Whitefish Marketing team Whitefish Marketing is a Kent based digital marketing agency. Our core services revolve around the consumer journey on client websites and we categorize these as our "Acquisition", "Conversion" and "Retention" strategies. 4 - "What's the real purpose of Content Marketing?" Generally all types of content will fall into a position of either a) communicating a message, b) educating or informing your audience, or c) influencing your audience in some way. It's important to remember the initial purpose and end goal for what you wish to achieve whenever you write a piece of content. 5 - Content Matrix Courtesy of, we can see a content matrix which expands the above notion, and populates 4 areas: Entertain/Educate/Persuade/Convert. It's vital that your content marketing is not just focusing on the "written word" but also adopting more rich media content. 6 - Copywriters Vs SEOs There is a difference between these 2 positions. In past years, the SEO marketers would be responsible for writing blogs, optimised and targeted for specific keywords or phrases. Long gone are those days of simply stuffing the text with keywords (Google Panda had something to say about that). Putting that "blackhat technique" to one side, the responsibility of the SEO is not just to focus on the content, but many other factors; technical SEO structure, backlink profile and much more. A professional copywriter will focus solely on the content for the audience, rather than for Google's crawlers - as should be the case. Taking a brief, outlining certain keywords (which will always be required), and understanding the goal of the message, is key to creating valuable content. Understand there is a difference between the 2 professional services. 7 - Statistics Just some key statistics on the use of content marketing and how it helps your business. (Courtesy of 8 - Types of Content See the percentage split of the different, and most popular styles of content, as adopted by businesses (Courtesy of 9 - Customer Buying Process One size of content DOES NOT FIT ALL. This is a common mistake, usual in a bid to save time and cut corners. The buying process sees the consumer progress through 4 stages: Awareness / Research / Evaluation / Purchase (in fact there is also Post-purchase and retention, but not noted here). Matching the right message at the right stage will improve conversion. 10 - Measurement of Succss There is no one hard and fast way to measure content ROI, but here's some ideas to monitor for your KPIs. 11 - Beware the Pitfalls DO NOT; a) Duplicate content b) Have pages with "thin content". c) Don't overoptimise or keyword spam your content 12 - Questions for Whitefish Marketing Whitefish Marketing The Workshop 32 - 40 Tontine Street Folkestone Kent CT20 1JU 01303 720288


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2. 2014 Whitefish Marketing LtdTHE AGENDAQuick areas we shall cover off today Brief hello from the team What is the primary purpose of Content Marketing? Content Copywriters Vs SEO Marketers whats the difference? Statistics on Content Value 20+ Types of Content Influence your customers Measurement of success Pitfalls BEWARE Questions 3. 3ChrisMarketing 2014 Whitefish Marketing LtdCharliCopywriterMichaelContent EditorJonPPC ManagerJamesWeb Developer 4. 2014 Whitefish Marketing Ltd4CONTENT MARKETINGWhat is the real purpose?TO COMMUNICATE A MESSAGE, EDUCATE, ORINFLUENCE CUSTOMERS THINK ABOUT THESE 3 CORE AREAS WHEN WRITING? 5. 2014 Whitefish Marketing Ltd5CONTENT MATRIXPositions1.) content to entertain2.) content to educate3.) content to persuade4.) content to convertCourtesy of 6. 2014 Whitefish Marketing Ltd6COPYWRITERS Vs SEOsBOTH make a huge impact for your businessWhats the difference?Why is content king in GoogleHow it ties in with SEO teamWhy hiring professional copywritersis key 7. 2014 Whitefish Marketing Ltd7STATISTICS01020304Share ContentMore positiveabout doingbusiness havingread customwebsitecontentMore inbound linksdue to blogMore indexed pagesIn Google, from blogsOF BUSINESSDONT BLOG AT ALL !!WHAT ABOUT YOU?60%97%4x-5x17%54%Courtesy of 8. 2014 Whitefish Marketing Ltd8TYPES OF CONTENTName SomePOPULARThe most popular used inbusinesses todayCourtesy of 9. 2014 Whitefish Marketing Ltd9CUSTOMER BUYING PROCESSHow Content WILL influence the consumer01 02 03 04AWARENESS RESEARCH EVALUATION PURCHASEBlog /Outreach /ArticlesWhitepapers Reviews ComparisonsInformativeSalesDescription 10. 2014 Whitefish Marketing Ltd10MEASURING SUCCESSHow can we measure the ROI?THE DREADED KPIsTime On Site (stickiness)Social SharesWhitepaper Downloads (squeeze pages)Specific Page ViewsReduced Bounce RatesIncrease in Indexed PagesIncrease in inbound linksIncrease in Page and Domain AuthorityAVE (Advertising Value Equivalent)Video Play NumbersScroll Rate / Heat Map AnalysisVISIT LEVEL INCREASES 11. 2014 Whitefish Marketing Ltd11BEWARE PITFALLSCommon traps many businesses fall intoSHOULDI DOTHIS?01 Copying Content02 Thin Content03 Over-optimisationDO NOT DO THE ABOVEYOU WILL GET PENALISED BY GOOGLE 12. 2014 Whitefish Marketing Ltd12Questions? Whitefish Marketing is a Kentbased Digital Marketing agency.As part of our core servicesrelating to Acquisition, Conversion,and Retention strategies, we offera Professional Copywriting andContent Marketing.If you have any questions aboutthis presentation, or would like tolearn more on how ContentMarketing can positively influenceyour website performance, 862 2698