How can you help your child learn via Phonics

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DESCRIPTION Some words will have to be taught using the look-and-say method, especially the childs name if it doesnt fit the rules of early-stage phonics, as knowing what your name looks like is important and shouldnt wait.


1. How can you help your child learn via phonics? 2. One of the main objections to phonics is that English doesntalways play by the rules of phonics. 3. Weve all be caught out by words that arent pronounced the waythey look, and we all know about the way that one letter can havemultiple sounds (look at the y in yet, my and rugby), 4. and that one sound can havemultiple spellings (think of the long e sound in been, mean, scene, yield, ceiling rugby). 5. However, 75% of English words do play by the rules. 6. One of the problems for childrenlearning to read is that a lot of the words they want to learn how tomake and to read are exceptions. 7. Think of was and the, forexample. Problems also crop up if a childs name doesnt play by the rules of phonics. 8. Its important to learn how to readyour name early on. This is all very well if your name is Jill, Max, Sam, Anna, Jack or Emma. 9. So a little bit of look-and-say wordlearning of the whole language type is needed just to make it easier for a beginner reader to be able to use reading and writing. 10. How can you help your child learn via phonics?The following tips might help: 11. When you read with your childand you come across a word thatthey should be able to soundout, stop reading and ask him/herto work it out. 12. Make a moveable alphabet foruse at home. This doesnt have tobe as fancy as the sandpaperletters seen in a Montessoriclassroom. 13. When youre out and about, spotletters printed on signs and see ifyou can find words that your childcan read in your environment. 14. Play I Spy, which reinforces thelink between sounds and letters. Ifyou spy something beginning withD, all the names of the thingssuggested will start with that Dsound dog, Dad, doughnut,daffodil 15. Did you enjoyed our presentation? More