How Can You Get Your Child Playing Golf?

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Avid golfer Baz Smith asks How Can You Get Your Child Playing Golf?


  • How Can You Get Your Child Playing Golf?

    Or any sport for that matter. Well this is where I sit on this one, I would love my son to grow up and become the best golfer in the world and sink the winning putt to win the Ryder Cup.

    But let's face it head on here, that's my ultimate dream in golf and not necessarily a dream my son will share with me.

    I fully intend, along with my wife to encourage our son to try whatever sport he likes when he is older, but at an early age the emphasis must be on enjoyment and fun.

    So many parents I see trying to force their children to put time and effort into a sport or past-time that they end up turning the child away. The child then spends hour after hour sitting in front of the computer, and switching off to the endless comments of "Do you know how much money we have invested in you taking up (whatever sport or past-time)?" "You need to do this. You need to do that!"

    Instead, I believe you should ensure that no demands or pressures are placed upon the child, at all.

    At an early age there's nothing wrong in introducing a plastic club to your child. Isn't that where Tiger started? But do nothing more than allow them to play with it any way they wish. When old enough, introduce your child to a cut down club from the back of the shed, (you've probably not seen in years.)

    Perhaps take him or her down to the local driving range, FOR FUN!!! Of course encourage and praise good hits, but nothing more should really be introduced until the child is ready. By this I mean, wanting more, looking like they are having fun.

    Proper grips, stances and structure should only be put into practice if the child tells you they enjoy doing it.

    What you don't want to achieve is turning a potentially talented child away from something they enjoy by over complicating, and let's face it golf is a complex game, or by adding pressure to succeed.

    And ultimately, if you find they are not interested in the sport you have chosen for yourself then ensure you encourage and praise them in whatever they choose to do.