How Can I Help My Child Unlock the FCAT Writing and Reading.

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  • How Can I Help My Child Unlock the FCAT Writing and Reading

  • FCATFFloridasCComprehensionAAssessmentTTestThe Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) is part of Floridas overall plan to increase student achievement by implementing higher standards.

  • What Score is The Key to Mastery of the FCAT WritesLevel 4 or More!

  • FCAT Testing Schedule

    FCAT Writing Assessment March 1-3

  • Important InformationThe assessment will once again have only one session (prompt/essay) and will be called FCAT Writing.

    Please come to school on time on March 1st! The remaining days are for make-up and ESOL/ESE accommodations.

  • How Can I Improve My Childs Writing?Please encourage your child to re-read what they write, to add voice to their paper and remember those WOW words!Exuberant iridescent Zany Zest

  • How Can I Improve My Childs Writing?

    Please review daily, with your child, the difference between an expository and a narrative writing.

  • Narrative WritingNarrative writing tells a story!The Emperors New Clothes

    Is he an impoverished king?

  • Expository Writing

    Expository writings is to inform, explain, describe, or define the author's subject to the reader.

  • Ask Them Questions Like:What does an expository or narrative paper do?What are the parts of an expository or narrative paper?What should you always include in your expository and narrative essays to make it pop?What are wow words?Give me an example of a simileGive me an example of a metaphorGive me an example of a strong verb

  • FCAT Writing Rubric Grade 4

    Score Points in Rubric

    6 Points. The writing is focused on the topic, has a logical organizational pattern (including a beginning, middle, conclusion, and transitional devices), and has ample development of the supporting ideas. The paper demonstrates a sense of completeness or wholeness. The writing demonstrates a mature command of language including precision in word choice. Subject/verb agreement and verb and noun forms are generally correct. With few exceptions, the sentences are complete, except when fragments are used purposefully. Various sentence structures are used.

  • FCAT Writing Rubric Grade 4

    5 Points. The writing is focused on the topic with adequate development of the supporting ideas. There is an organizational pattern, although a few lapses may occur. The paper demonstrates a sense of completeness or wholeness. Word choice is adequate but may lack precision. Most sentences are complete, although a few fragments may occur. There may be occasional errors in subject/verb agreement and in standard forms of verbs and nouns, but not enough to impede communication. The conventions of punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are generally followed. Various sentence structures are used.

  • FCAT FCAT Writing Rubric Grade 4

    4 Points. The writing is generally focused on the topic, although it may contain some extraneous or loosely related information. An organizational pattern is evident, although lapses may occur. The paper demonstrates a sense of completeness or wholeness. In some areas of the response, the supporting ideas may contain specifics and details, while in other areas, the supporting ideas may not be developed. Word choice is generally adequate. Knowledge of the conventions of punctuation and capitalization is demonstrated, and commonly used words are usually spelled correctly. There has been an attempt to use a variety of sentence structures, although most are simple constructions.

  • FCAT Writing Rubric Grade 4

    Unscorable. The paper is unscorable because the response is not related to what the prompt requested the student to do, the response is simply a rewording of the prompt, the response is a copy of a published work, the student refused to write, the response is written in a foreign language, the response is illegible, the response is incomprehensible (words are arranged in such a way that no meaning is conveyed), the response contains an insufficient amount of writing to determine if the student was attempting to address the prompt, or the writing folder is blank.

  • What Score is The Key to Mastery of the FCAT Reading

    No Less than a Level 3!

  • FCAT Testing Schedule

    FCAT Reading and MathApril 11 22, 2011

  • FCATFFloridasCComprehensionAAssessmentTTestThe assessments consists of criterion-referenced tests (CRT) measuring selected benchmarks in reading and other subject areas based upon the Sunshine State Standards (SSS).

  • Reading Benchmarks Addressed on the FCAT WORDS & PHRASES IN CONTEXT

    meaning of words in context word analysis

  • Reading Benchmarks---ContinuedMAIN IDEA, PLOT & PURPOSE

    main idea supporting details chronological order authors purpose in a simple text plot development & conflict

  • Reading Benchmarks---ContinuedCOMPARISONS & CAUSE/EFFECT use of comparison & contrast cause & effect relationships similarities & differences among characters, settings, events

  • Reading Benchmarks---Continued

    REFERENCE & RESEARCH organization & interpretation of information

  • How is my child preparing for the FCAT Reading in school?

    Weekly Reading AssessmentsSmall Group, in which students practice reading texts at their own reading level and through social studies and science connections (I.e. finding the authors purpose and main idea of texts in those subject areas. Individual Intervention with instruction created to meet the individual need of the students.Homework and special assignments which help supplement taught benchmarks.

  • How Can I Help My Child Prepare At Home?

    Encourage your child to read non-fiction (true) texts (including menus, maps, charts, instruction manuals, newspapers, etc.). These reading materials comprise 40% of FCAT passages.

    Make sure your child completes his or her homework assignments. Homework helps reinforce whats taught in the classroom.

    Encourage your child to attend Saturday school!

    Read aloud with your child. Make reading aloud a bedtime routine. Alternate between reading to your child and having him read to you to ensure he hears fluent reading and practices his reading strategies (Visualizing, Summarizing, Asking Questions, Making Connections, Predicting, Fluent Reading).

  • How Can I Help My Child Prepare At Home?

    Encourage your child to create a personal dictionary.

    Read and discuss a newspaper article with your child. Ask him what was the main idea and to list or discuss the supporting details. Many FCAT questions ask the student to pick out or find the main idea in a passage or paragraph. You could extend this activity to your favorite television program.

    When your watching a DVD stop and ask your child to predict what they expect to happen next.

    The night before, make sure your child gets plenty of rest and arrives at school on time. Encourage your child not to skip breakfast! The body needs fuel to think!

  • In Summation:Most importantly, be encouraging during FCAT testing. Remember this may be a stressful time and your child may need a little extra love.

    And finally parents, Thank you for supporting our efforts. We look forward to a successful outcome! Onward and Upward!

    At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents. ---Jane D. Hull Noted Educator and Philanthropist

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