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<ul><li><p>How can a DMV Hearings Attorney Help You?</p><p>If you just unexpectedly had your drivers license suspended or taken away by the California DMV, then you may be scared and not know what to do. You may also face fines and even a little prison time to spend too, depending on how severe the circumstances of your situation are. But thats where a Los Angeles DMV hearings attorney can come in to help. Most lawyers and firms offer free first time consultation, so if you just have a few questions you need personal and professional answers from, you can.</p><p>A Los Angeles DMV hearing attorney will aggressively defend your rights in court, and understand both sides of the law, hopefully through years of experience not just in Los Angeles but throughout the state of California. As a result they will be able to help you know what both of those sides of the law are and specifically what rights you are entitled to.</p><p>A DMV hearings attorney will be able to help you with the following cases: DUI Arrests</p><p> DUIs happen tens of thousands of times daily, many of those times in the United States, but they are still a very serious crime that should not be taken lightly. If you are convicted of DUI, the DMV will move to suspend your drivers license. Fortunately, you will be able to challenge this in a DMV hearing, which must be requested within ten days of the arrest, and a DMV lawyer must represent you at the hearing.</p><p> Suspension of Drivers License Due to Physical or Mental Conditions If you have a serious physical or mental condition, then the California DMV </p><p>may move to suspend your drivers license, or have it confiscated all together. Examples of conditions where the DMV will strongly consider removing your drivers license include epilepsy, diabetes, Alzheimers, or anything that impairs your alertness to driving on the road, or reflexes in certain conditions.</p></li><li><p> Elderly People There is no maximum age limit to having a drivers license as imposed by the </p><p>California DMV; nonetheless, the DMV can still suspend or revoke a license if they come to the conclusion that a drivers age has caused them to no longer have the mental or physical capabilities to drive in public roads and to follow the traffic laws. This is why senior citizens are monitored very closely (ex. All California drivers over the age of 70 are required to renew their licenses at their local DMV).</p><p> Drivers License Fraud Drivers license fraud occurs when one person uses fake information or the </p><p>information of another individual in order to obtain a drivers license. One of the most common cases that a DMV hearings attorney will handle is helping people who have been charged with drivers license fraud.</p></li></ul>