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<p> 1. Inventions<br />How are inventions successful,Famous inventers and their famous INVETIONS!!<br /> 2. How are inventions successful?<br />Inventions are always successful when inventers redo them many times. The first time you do an invention it is never successful;90% people say that which is true.<br /> 3. Famous inventers and their inventions<br />Maxim, Sir Hiramwas a inventor who was born in February 5 1840,and he died in 1916 November 24.He was an American inventor. He was the inventor of the Maxim Gun the first portable, fully automatic machine gun and the ubiquitous mousetrap. He patented the first silencing device for a firearm, and laid a claim to inventing the light bulb. He also experimented with powered flight, but his large aircraft designs were never successful. <br /></p>