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Real estate virtual assistants, or REVAs, offer specialized support to busy real estate agents. They can help with a variety of tasks including contact management, website design, social media management, marketing and so much more.


  • 1.How a Virtual Assistant Can assist real estate agents
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2. The following is just a sample of the many ways that a real estate virtual assistant, or REVA, can free up your time.
3. Increase Time and Productivity
The tasks you delegate to a REVA buys you time to spend with your clients, making your real estate business more productive.
4. Increased Profits
As you spend less time with non-essential tasks, you can concentrate on what makes you money, listing property and closings.
5. Action Plans
Creating and implementing action plans take time and good planning. Unless this is an aspect of your business that you absolutely love, this task can be delegated to a competent VA.
6. Contact Management
Contact management is an important part of your business that cant be ignored. Our services include this crucial aspect of a real estate business. We have worked with Top Producer 8i, taking care to reach the agents clients regularly.
7. Social Media Management
To maintain a competitive edge, SMM is essential for Realtors . At the same time, its the first task to go when you have to choose between your clients and social media.
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8. Copywriting Services
Were here to help
Blog Posts
Letter Writing
Website Pages
Direct Mail
9. Document Creation
10. Hiring a REVA is one simple solution. The time saved can free your time to list and sell homes.
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