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<p> 1. { Every business, regardless of its size or position in the market, requires theassistance of dynamic, skilled legal counsel. By working closely with a lawyer, acompany can take proactive measures to address its immediate and long-termlegal issues. For any business, having a robust financial plan is essential. Forcompanies in the start-up phase, it's important to have a well-planned financialoutline. During the life of a business, needs often change and restructuring abusiness may become necessary. We take effective, decisive action for clients in abroad range of matters, from business formation and litigation to commerciallease disputes and corporate agreements. 2. { We recognize that businesses need solutions that are sensible not just from alegal perspective, but from a business perspective as well. By keeping ouroverhead and expenses low, we are able to pass these savings on to ourclients, without sacrificing the quality of our work. We offer a free attorneyconsultation to discuss your company's needs in detail. In our transactionalpractice, we help businesses proactively choose effective entities and draftcontracts to avoid disputes. For businesses that are already facing disputes,we can help resolve matters in a timely, cost-effective manner or createstrategies to avoid litigation entirely. 3. { We have practiced law for over 25 years and will give you an honestevaluation of your case. This experience enables our firm to proactivelycreate strong legal documents and to avoid possible legal or taxconsequences in the future. Unlike some law firms that may charge alot of money for an initial consultation, we offer a free attorneyconsultation to see if our firm is right for you. In all matters, we striveto contain costs, giving you the counsel you need without the expenseassociated with larger law firms. 4. {We work closely with businesses to determine which entity will bestsuit their needs. Certain entities have advantages in terms of taxes andpersonal liability. In addition to counseling clients on entity selectionand formation, our experienced business lawyers can help clientsminimize risk by creating strategic business plans and financialdecisions. 5. For any bu{siness, having a robust financial plan is essential. Forcompanies in the start-up phase, it's important to have a well-plannedfinancial outline. During the life of a business, needs often change andrestructuring a business may become necessary. Our law firm has ahistory of providing small businesses with the cost-effective legalcounsel they need in all business formation matters.For more information please visit our site:www.commerciallawtexas.com </p>


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