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  • Eastern Mediterranean University, Mersin 10, Turkey and at Development Planning Unit, University College London, 34, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9EZ, Great Britain











    A f f o r d a b i l i t y

    D i a s p o r a

    E p h e m e r a l D w e l l i n g

    G e n t r i f i c a t i o n

    H i g h D e n s i t y H o u s i n g

    I d e n t i t y

    S o c i a l D i s p l a c e m e n t

    V e r n a c u l a r A r c h i t e c t u r e

    W i n d - c a t c h e r s

    In this issue:Abdullahi, Aziz, Comert, Davidson, Dadour, Friedman, Gomez, Hoskara, Na, Park, Cho, Mahasti, Malyusz, Mokhtarshahi, Roka-Madarasz.

    open house internationalVol 38 No.2 2013 ISSN 0168-2601

    a C I B e n c o u r a g e d j o u r n a l

    T h o m s o n I S I A r t s & H u m a n i t i e s

    E B S C O p u b l i s h i n g

    w w w . o p e n h o u s e - i n t . c o m

    w w w . o p e n h o u s e - i n t . c o m E l s e v i e r S c o p u s

  • Director & Editor-in-Chief

    Nicholas Wilkinson, RIBA, Eastern

    Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus.

    DPU Associate, University College London,



    Collaborating Editor

    Dr. Ashraf M. Salama,

    Department of Architecture & Urban

    Planning, Qatar University, Qatar.

    The journal of an association of institutes concerned with the quality of built environment.The publishing framework is shaped around the forces which act on built environment,which maintain, change and transform it. The content consists of articles which deal withthese issues and in particular with responsive, self-sustaining and re-usable environ-ments which have the capacity to respond to change, provide user choice and value formoney.

    w w w . o p e n h o u s e - i n t . c o m openhouse


    Dr.Iftekhar Ahmed, RMIT University, Australia.

    Dr. Zainab F. Ali, University of Damman, SaudiArabia.

    Dr. Robert Brown, University of Westminster,London, Great Britain.

    Prof.Marta Calzolaretti, Housing Lab, SapienzaUniversita di Roma, Italy.

    Dr. German T. Cruz, Ball State UniversityMuncie, USA.

    Carla Corbin, Department of LandscapeArchitecture, Ball State University, USA.

    Ype Cuperus, Delft University of TechnologyDelft, The Netherlands.

    Dr. Ayona Datta, University of Leeds, UK.

    Dr.Md Nasir Daud, University of Malaya,Malaysia.

    Forbes Davidson, Institute of Housing & UrbanDevelopment Studies, Rotterdam, The


    Diane Diacon, Building and Social HousingFoundation, Coalville, Great Britain.

    Prof. Yurdanur Dulgeroglu-Yuksel,Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.

    Prof. Jin-Ho Park, Inha University, Korea

    Prof. Avi Friedman, McGill University, Montreal,Canada.

    Dr. Ahmed Abu Al Haija, PhiladelphiaUniversity, Eng. & Arch. Dep.t, Jordan.

    Prof. Keith Hilton, Mansle, France.

    Dr. Karim Hadjri, University of Central lan-cashire, UK.

    Prof. Nabeel Hamdi, Professor Emeritus,Oxford Brookes University, UK.

    Dr. Sebnem nal Hoskara, EasternMediterranean University, Northern Cyprus.

    Prof Anthony D C Hyland,Consultant in Architectural Conservation

    and Heritage Management, Durham, UK

    Dr. Mahmud Mohd Jusan, Faculty of Built Environment, Universiti Teknologi

    Malaysia (UTM).

    Ripin Kalra, University of Westminster, and .(WSPimc), London.

    Dr. Stephen Kendall, Ball StateUniversity Muncie, Indiana, USA.

    Prof. Bob Koester, Ball State University Muncie,USA.

    Prof. Roderick J. Lawrence, University ofGeneva, Geneva, Switzerland.

    Dr. Fuad Mallick, BRAC University, Bangladesh.

    Prof. Andrea Martin-Chavez, UniversidadAutonoma Metropolitana, Mexico.

    Dr. Magda Mostafa, Associate Professor, TheAmerican University in Cairo, Egypt

    Babar Mumtaz, DPU, University CollegeLondon, London, UK.

    Geoffery Payne, GPA Associates London, UK

    Dr. Sule Tasli Pektas, Bilkent University, Turkey.

    Prof. Gulsun Saglamer, Istanbul TechnicalUniversity, Istanbul, Turkey.

    Dr. Mark Napier, Urban LandMark, Pretoria,South Africa.

    Dr. Masa Noguchi, MEARU, Mackintosh School

    of Architecture, UK.

    Prof. Ibrahim Numan, Fatih Sultan Mehmet

    University, Turkey.

    Dr. Yara Saifi, Al Quds University, Jerusalem,


    Prof. Paola Somma, University of Venice, Italy.

    Prof. Jia Beisi, University of Hong Kong.

    Dr. Peter Kellett, University of Newcastle upon

    Tyne, Great Britain.

    Dr. Omar Khattab, University of Kuwait.

    Dr. Levente Mlyusz, Budapest University of

    Technology and Economics (BME), Hungary.

    Prof. Amos Rapoport, University of Wisconsin

    at Milwaukee, USA.

    Prof. Seiji Sawada, Meiji University, Tokyo,


    Dr. Florian Steinberg, Asian Development

    Bank, The Philippines.

    Dr. Inga-Britt Werner, The Royal Institute of

    Technology Stockholm, Sweden.

    Prof. H. J Visscher, OTB, Delft Univertsity of

    Technology, Delft, The Netherlands.

    Patrick Wakely, Professor Emeritus, University

    College London, UK.

    Dr. Christine Wamsler, University of

    Manchester, UK and University of Lund,


    : Yonca Hurol, Eastern Mediterranean University, Mersin 10, Turkey.: Esra Can, Emre Akbil, Eastern Mediterranean University Mersin 10 - Turkey. C. Punton, P.O Box 74, Gateshead,Tyne & Wear, NE9 5UZ, Great Britain. The Urban International Press, P.O Box 74, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE9 5UZ, Great Britain.: Printed by Eastern Mediterranean University Print House, Gazimagusa, Mersin 10, Turkey: By courtesy of Lvia Rka-Madarsz & Levente Mlyusz in Evaluating Indicators for Renewal of Properties

    via Gentrification in Budapest,Figure1 Page 67.: Emmanuel Tibung Chenyi, Eastern Mediteranian University, Mersin 10, Turkey.

    Technical EditingCover DesignSubscriptionsPublished byPrintingCover Image

    Web Manager &DTP Work


    Open House International

    The Open House International Association (OHIA) aims

    to communicate, disseminate and exchange housing and

    planning information. The focus of this exchange is on

    tools, methods and processes which enable the various

    professional disciplines to understand the dynamics of

    housing and so contribute more effectively to it.

    To achieve its aims, the OHIA organizes and co-ordi-

    nates a number of activities which include the publication

    of a quarterly journal, and, in the near future, an interna-

    tional seminar and an annual competition. The

    Association has the more general aim of seeking to

    improve the quality of built environment through encour-

    aging a greater sharing of decision-making by ordinary

    people and to help develop the necessary institutional

    frameworks which will support the local initiatives of peo-

    ple in the building process.

    The journal of an association of institutes and individuals

    concerned with housing, design and development in the

    built environment. Theories, tools and practice with spe-

    cial emphasis on the local scale.

    Delft University of TechnologyDepartment of Housing Quality and Process Innovation OTB

    Research Institute of Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies

    Jaffalaan 9, 2628 BX Delft, The Netherlands

    (Henk Visscher)

    The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)Division of Urban and Regional Studies, School of Architecture

    & the Built Environment, SE-10044 Stockholm, Sweden.

    (Inga-Britt Werner)

    McGill UniversitySchool of Architecture, Macdonald Harrington Building

    Centre for Minimum Cost Housing Studies, 815, Sherbrook

    Street West. Montreal, PQ. Canada H3A 2K6.

    (Avi Friedman)

    Ball State UniversityCollege of Architecture & Planning, Muncie, Indiana, 47306,

    USA. (Stephen Kendall)

    The Development Planning UnitUniversity College London. 34, Tavistock Square London

    WC1H 9EZ. (Caren Levy)

    HousingLabDipartimento di Architettura, Ateneo Federato delle Scienze

    Umane delle Arti e dell'Ambiente, SAPIENZA Universit di

    Roma, Roma, Italy. (Marta Calzolaretti)

    The Glasgow School of ArtMackintosh School of Archirecture MEARU, 176 Renfrew

    Street Glasgow G3 6RQ. Great Britain

    (Masa Noguchi)

    Budapest University of Technology & Econ. (BME)Faculty of Architecture Budapest, Muegyetem rkp. 3.

    1111 Hungary. (Levente Malyusz)

    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)Resource Development Division, Perpustakaan Sultanah

    Zanariah, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) 81310 Skudai

    Johor, Malaysia. (Anuar Talib)

    Philadelphia University,Engineering & Architecture Department, Faculty of

    Engineering, P.O Box 1, Jordan. (Ahmed Abu Al-Haija)

    University of Malaya,Faculty of Built Environment, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    (Md Nasir Daud)

    Ajman University of Science & Technol


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