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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Horticultural Therapy for nursing home and Daycare services</p><p> 1/4</p><p>T h e r a p e u T i c</p><p>G a r d e n i n GRight for your employees. Right for you.</p><p>ToomanyolderadulTsand</p><p>peoplewiThphysicalormenTal</p><p>impairmenTsin irelandareliving</p><p>under-sTimulaTed, isolaTedlives.</p><p>As a result, care-givers struggle to find ways</p><p>to support the people they serve, who often</p><p>feeling helpless and alone. Despite their</p><p>best efforts, their lives often lack meaning,</p><p>spontaneity, choice and connection.</p><p>Thats where GardenWell helps - a</p><p>programme that brings Therapeutic</p><p>Horticulture into the lives of seniors and people</p><p>with physical and mental impairments to</p><p>empower them to be more active, connected,</p><p>and engaged in life - key ingredients for living</p><p>healthier, more fulfilling and longer lives!</p><p>Therapeutic Horticulture uses recreation,</p><p>leisure and meaningful activity to create</p><p>favourable change in the person being</p><p>served. Services can be provided to a</p><p>variety of populations. Common interventions</p><p>include gentle physical activity, social and</p><p>community involvement, cognitive stimulation,</p><p>reminiscence, sensory stimulation, and plant</p><p>therapy.</p><p>Common benefits include autonomy and</p><p>choice in how free time is spent, improved</p><p>physical skills, fall prevention, new skill</p><p>development, slowed down cognitive decline,</p><p>ability to participate in favourite activities in</p><p>adapted ways, improved quality of life, and</p><p>peace of mind for families. In fact, studies</p><p>have long shown that keeping active</p><p>(physically and mentally) and participating in</p><p>leisure activities can slow the aging process. It</p><p>can even prevent or delay many diseases and</p><p>disabilities.</p><p>We all know the benefits of gardening.</p><p>Recently there have been many studies</p><p>documenting the positive impact of gardening</p><p>on depression, anxiety, agitation, pain and</p><p>insomnia. GardenWell is a programme that</p><p>brings the therapeutic joys of gardening</p><p>into the lives of the elderly or infirm, vastly</p><p>improving quality of life.</p><p>The program was designed by Sinead Drew</p><p>to help reconnect people with their histories,</p><p>memory and family and to restore a sense of</p><p>self often lost through the aging process and</p><p>disability. Gardening, one-on-one or in groups,</p><p>can relieve boredom, empower choice, enable</p><p>memory and encourage connection and</p><p>communication with family and caregivers.</p><p>conTenTs:paGeone: Therapeutic GardeningpaGeTwo: GardenWell Horticultural Therapy for older adultspaGeThree: About Sinead Drew and GardenWell - Brief bio and mission.paGefour: How GardenWell can help - Gardening and horticulture activities and programmes.</p><p>horTiculTuralTherapy</p><p>sinead drew (01) 487 5660 sinead@Gardenwell.orG www .Gardenwell.orG</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Horticultural Therapy for nursing home and Daycare services</p><p> 2/4</p><p>Gardening is a wonderfully flexible</p><p>medium that can transform lives,</p><p>regardless of age or disability.</p><p> Better physical health through</p><p>exercise and learning how to use</p><p>or strengthen muscles to improve</p><p>mobility</p><p> Improved mental health through a</p><p>sense of purpose and achievement</p><p> The opportunity to connect with</p><p>others reducing feelings of</p><p>isolation or exclusion</p><p> Just feeling better for being in</p><p>touch with nature</p><p>Activities can be geared towards any of</p><p>the following objectives:</p><p> Living and self-care independence</p><p> Physical health maintenance</p><p> Physical health improvement</p><p> Cognitive functional-levelmaintenance</p><p> Age appropriate leisure skilldevelopment</p><p> Emotional status improvement</p><p> Social interaction with peers</p><p>Kind hearts are</p><p>the garden, kind</p><p>thoughts are the root,</p><p>kind words are the</p><p>blossoms, kind deeds</p><p>are the fruit </p><p>- John Ruskin</p><p>WHAT</p><p>Garden programme for older adults</p><p>with or without physical or mental</p><p>impairments. Offering gardening and</p><p>social, recreational and therapeutic</p><p>plant and garden activities.</p><p>WHY</p><p>Gardening empowers us to be more</p><p>active, connected, and engaged in life</p><p>- key ingredients for living healthier,</p><p>more fulfilling and longer lives!</p><p>WHERE</p><p>Nursing Homes and Daycare centres.</p><p>PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION</p><p>The GardenWell horticultural therapyprogramme offers residents the</p><p>opportunity to participate in four-</p><p>season garden clubs. These groups</p><p>involve residents in a wide array of</p><p>activities related to plants, gardening,</p><p>nature and the outdoor environment.</p><p>Residents meet weekly or twice a</p><p>month with a horticultural therapist.</p><p>Horticulture therapy is one of the</p><p>best ways to improve the emotional</p><p>state of residents in nursing homes.</p><p>Tending to plants decreases anxiety</p><p>and develops and maintains gross</p><p>motor skills. Also, sitting in a gardensetting produces mental and sensory</p><p>stimulation.</p><p>Sample activities may include:</p><p>Aromatic Herbals</p><p> Creating seasonal fresh-cut floral</p><p>arrangements</p><p> Indoor plantscaping and plant care</p><p> Creating magnificent hanging</p><p>baskets and window boxes</p><p> Harvesting food and flowers</p><p> Eco-Terrariums</p><p> Succulent Masterpieces</p><p> Designer Containers</p><p> Skeleton Leaf Art</p><p>Gardenwell horTiculTural Therapy</p><p>forolderadulTs</p><p>usinG naTure To nurTureGardenWell Vision: To enrich peoples lives through the therapeutic joys of gardening. To be inclusive,</p><p>respective and caring to all people at any stage of live. By providing supportive, professional and positive</p><p>gardening programmes, GardenWell aims to lighten the load of everyday life, to spark an unknown</p><p>interest or passion and allow each person to blossom in their own way and time.</p><p>BenefiTsofGardeninG</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Horticultural Therapy for nursing home and Daycare services</p><p> 3/4</p><p>profile</p><p>My activities are varied but focus on</p><p>championing the benefits of gardening</p><p>to individuals and organisations, as well</p><p>as teaching techniques and practical</p><p>applications so that everyone can take</p><p>part and enjoy gardening.</p><p>I have experience with many garden</p><p>projects serving a wide variety of</p><p>agencies and individuals.</p><p>One of my key activities is to help</p><p>marginalised people to enjoy and to</p><p>continue gardening. I offer help and</p><p>advice and practical experience.</p><p>I offer vocational horticulture training</p><p>and tailored gardening programmes andcurricula for many client populations.</p><p>I also conduct research to increase</p><p>understanding of the power that</p><p>gardening has to change peoples lives.</p><p>i wasbroughTupinalargefamilywiThasprawlinggarden</p><p> roses, camellias,agorgeous clemaTis monTanaandTons</p><p>ofdaylilies i wasluckyTohaveamoTherwhowasakeen</p><p>gardenerandwhobesToweduponmeherknowledgeandloveof</p><p>planTsandflowers...</p><p>aBouTme</p><p>... Most days I would be handed out</p><p>tasks that, with hindsight, would lay</p><p>many of the foundations for what I do</p><p>today. The lawn had to be mown, the</p><p>onions weeded, carrots thinned or</p><p>perhaps the strawberries harvested.</p><p>I spent a long time in the garden and,</p><p>despite my tender age, learnt how to do</p><p>many basic horticultural tasks. I learnt</p><p>the cycle of nature.</p><p>This contentment</p><p>is something I</p><p>always refer back</p><p>to, especially when</p><p>Im feeling down.</p><p>The garden and</p><p>gardening itself hasnever failed to be a</p><p>source of inspiration</p><p>and comfort for me.</p><p>For many years this</p><p>did not translate into anything other than</p><p>a private richness. I did my B.A degree</p><p>in Communications and I studied</p><p>Physical Therapy for a time, I worked</p><p>many different jobs. My husband and I</p><p>gardened together from almost the first</p><p>day we bought our first home but in ourown time. The thought of gardening as a</p><p>vocation never entered my mind.</p><p>It was when I worked as a facilitator</p><p>in an activity based rehabilitation</p><p>sinead drew: Gardenwellprogramme that I first saw how essential</p><p>positive training is to recovery and</p><p>development. At that time, I had never</p><p>even heard of horticultural therapy or</p><p>therapeutic horticulture.</p><p>My quest for more knowledge</p><p>continued, a formal qualification in</p><p>horticulture followed and then, as</p><p>luck would have it, I got my break</p><p>co-coordinating and running a pilot</p><p>horticultural activity programme in</p><p>a new state-of-the-art residential</p><p>care facility catering for people with</p><p>a variety of conditions ranging from</p><p>depression, challenging behaviours,</p><p>autism, acquired brain injuries, the blind</p><p>and personality</p><p>disorders.</p><p>I went on to do</p><p>a postgraduate</p><p>qualification</p><p>in Social and</p><p>Therapeutic</p><p>Horticulture</p><p>in CoventryUniversity, which</p><p>paved the way for</p><p>many invaluable</p><p>experiences</p><p>in many garden projects that have</p><p>served a wide variety of agencies and</p><p>individuals.</p><p>Today, my work at GardenWell aims</p><p>to be a bridge between the world of</p><p>horticulture and the world of health.</p><p>Simple things cutting a hedge,planting a tray of sunflowers can</p><p>lighten the load of everyday life, can</p><p>spark an unknown interest or passion</p><p>and allow each person to blossom in</p><p>their own way and time.</p><p>Sinead has a fantastic</p><p>ability to motivate others to</p><p>do meaningful activities, she</p><p>encourages self belief and</p><p>independence. Its just amazing</p><p>how much positive feedbackthe participants give .</p><p>Dr. Tom OBrien</p><p>a b o u T</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Horticultural Therapy for nursing home and Daycare services</p><p> 4/4</p><p>w h aT ga r d e n w e l l o f f e r s</p><p>Being part of</p><p>the garden</p><p>programmehas helped me</p><p>become more</p><p>independent and</p><p>motivated</p><p>Sinead is very</p><p>easy to talk to, she</p><p>can get the best</p><p>out of me which</p><p>is very good. She</p><p>motivates me to</p><p>garden</p><p>The most valuable</p><p>thing Sinead</p><p>has done for me</p><p>is to keep me</p><p>focused on what</p><p>I am doing, my</p><p>concentration</p><p>levels have reallyincreased</p><p>Using my passion for the power of gardening to positively impact</p><p>the lives of people, I will:</p><p>nTeach practical and creative ways to use gardeningnSupport positive social bondsnLearn more about how gardening helps usnTalk about what I do and how I help others to help their</p><p>community be a better place by using gardening</p><p>nWork with organisations and the individuals they serveI offer a person centred series of engaging plant and natural craft</p><p>activities as part of every GardenWell programme.</p><p>To find out more about SInead Drew and GardenWell:</p><p>nvisit www.gardenwell.orgnPhone 01 487 5660nor send an email to sinead@gardenwell.org</p><p>Contact Sinead</p><p>01 487 5660</p><p>087 6977 486</p><p>moBileindoor / ouTdoor Garden sysTems</p><p>If your group has limited access to outdoor space, or local restrictions that prevent</p><p>the establishment of an outdoor garden, indoor gardening is an excellent alternative.</p><p>During wet and cold conditions Mobile Gardens are perfect for indoor activities.</p></li></ul>