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Horse Breeds. Spring 2006 M. Marler. Horses breeds can be classified by. the way the horse is ridden. (Tennessee Walking Horse) the purpose the horse was bred for. (Quarter Horse) a single horse that a breed originated from. (Morgan) the country or area of the breeds origin. (Arabian). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Horse BreedsSpring 2006M. Marler

  • Horses breeds can be classified bythe way the horse is ridden. (Tennessee Walking Horse)

    the purpose the horse was bred for. (Quarter Horse)

    a single horse that a breed originated from. (Morgan)

    the country or area of the breeds origin. (Arabian)

  • Popular Breeds in the USAThoroughbred


    American Mustang

    American Quarter Horse


    American Paint Horse



    Paso Fino

  • Thoroughbred

    Breed was developed in England from the finest Arabian horses crossed with native English mares.

  • ThoroughbredPurpose: A horse that could maintain a high speed over distances of a couple miles.

    Temperament: Sensitive; sometimes high strung

  • ThoroughbredFerdinandAverage sale price for US racing bred 2yr. Old $61,000.Most paid for a Thoroughbred in history $16,000,000

  • ThoroughbredColors: Predominately gray, bay, chestnut, and brown

    Very elegant and fine boned horse

    Average size: 15.2-17 hands and 1,000lbs.

  • ThoroughbredUses: Mainly racing; also jumping, fox-hunting, dressage, 3-day eventing, pleasure riding

    Also used as a foundational or appendix breed for other breeds

  • Arabian

  • ArabianDeveloped by Bedouin tribes in Arab countries over thousands of years

    Purpose: Used for transportation over long distances and war

    Foundation breed to nearly every breed known today

  • Arabian

  • ArabianTemperament: Sensitive; Highly intelligent; Often high strung

    Average Size: 14.2 to 15.2 hands; small; 800-1,000 lbs.

    Very elegant and fine boned horse

    Dished face

  • American Mustangs

  • American MustangOriginated from the Spanish Andulsians brought over by Spanish explorers.

    There were no horses on the US continents prior to the Spanish exploration.

  • American MustangPure Spanish horses mixed with other settlers horses and ran wild Kiger Mustangs are one of the purest bloodlines from the original Spanish horses,

  • American MustangComes in all colors and many sizes

    Protected by the Bureau of Land Management

    May be adopted

    Very hardy horses with great stamina and sound legs and feet

  • American Quarter Horse

  • American Quarter HorseOriginated from Spanish Mustang, Thoroughbred racing stock, and some draft horses

    Purpose: Originally bred to race a mile. This was the length of most small American towns in the late 1800s

    Also used as a cow pony for herding cattle

  • American Quarter HorseClaims the title Americas Horse for its versatility

    Quarter Horses are used for both english and western disciplines such as cutting, reining, pleasure, dressage, and jumping.

    All solid colors and roans; No white markings above the knee

  • American Quarter HorseTemperament: Intelligent but generally quiet, gentle, and easily trained

    Average Size: 14.2-15.2 hands; 1,000-1,200 lbs.

    Known for being stocky and heavily muscled

  • AppaloosaDeveloped by the Nez Perce Indian tribe which lived near the Palouse river in Idaho

    Developed through careful and selective breeding

    Original purpose: Buffalo hunting; horses had to be swift and courageous

  • AppaloosaHorses were regarded by white men as being of very high quality

    Herds were dispersed after the Nez Perce War of 1877

  • Appaloosa

    Characteristics: Spotted coat pattern, mottled skin, white sclera around the eye, striped hooves, short tails

  • AppaloosaUses: Multi-purpose; Perform well in English & Western disciplines; good stock and rodeo horses, excellent jumpers

  • American Paint HorseDeveloped sporadically through mustang herds on the American plains

    2nd largest breed registry in U.S.A.

    Characteristics: One of three distinct splotched patterns (Overo, Tobiano, and Tovero)

  • TobianoDark color covers one or both flanks.All four legs are white

    Head markings are like a solid colored horse

  • OveroWhite does not cross the back between the withers and the tail

    At least one and often all four legs are dark.

    Head markings are distinctive.

  • ToveroDark pigmentation around the ears and mouth

    One or both of the eyes may be blue.

    Dark splotches on chest and flank.

  • American Paint HorseConformation, size, temperament, and purpose closely resemble the American Quarter Horse

  • Clydesdale

  • ClydesdaleDraft breed developed in England.

    Bred to haul heavy loads

    Common colors: Bay, black, brown; occasionally chestnut or roan

  • ClydesdaleWhite markings are common on face and legs

    Legs have feathers or long, silky hairs

    Generally 16 to 18 hands; ______________________________

  • Clydesdale

  • Morgan

    All originated from one foal Figure born in 1789 and owned by Justin Morgan.

    Figure became famous for being able to out-walk, out-trot, out-run, and out-pull other horses

    Recognized as Americas first horse breed

  • MorganKnown as the preferred breed of American calvary.

    Served as a foundation breed for Quarter Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, and Standardbreds

  • MorganIntelligent with gentle dispositions

    Generally smaller horses; 14.2 -15.2 hands high

    Frequently bay, brown, and black; may be most solid colors

  • Morgan

    Purpose: Used predominately in English disciplines but also in Western

    Popular for Carriage Driving Events

  • Paso FinoKnown as the smoothest riding horse in the world.

    Bred from Spanish Andalusians and Spanish Barbs (Arabians)

    Bred by Spanish conquistadors and early Spanish plantation owners in the Caribbean and Latin America

  • Paso FinoPaso Fino means the fine walk or fine movement.

    Has three gaits which are as follows:Classic FinoPaso CortoPaso Largo

  • Paso FinoVery small horses or ponies

    Typically, 13 to 15.2 hands high

    Weigh only 700 to 1,100 lbs.

    Compete in Western events, endurance races, and Spanish classes

  • AndalusianThought of for many centuries as perfection in horseflesh.The preferred horse for nobility and war in the Middle Ages.The breed Cortes brought to America.

  • AndalusianDescended from the Spanish Barb.

    A foundation breed for many breeds.

    From Andalusia, Spain

  • AndalusianColor: Usually gray and occasionally bay, black, palomino, and buckskin

    Height: 15.2-16.2 hands tall

  • Andalusian