hope you all have a wonderful day. mooncakes mid-autumn festival~ september 14, 2008

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Slide 2 Slide 3 Hope you all have a wonderful day. Mooncakes Mid-Autumn Festival~ September 14, 2008 Slide 4 Since then, moon cakes never really did quite stay the same. merchants strive to outdo each other in concocting the most unusual and delicious moon cake recipes. here are some of the more unique and innovative modern moon cakes. Slide 5 Well-known for their attention to aesthetics, the Japanese have created some very beautiful moon cakes. these moon cakes from Japanese Confectionery, Minamoto Kitchoan are handmade with red or white bean paste. aren't these the sweetest? Slide 6 Photo credit: bossacafez not to be outdone, local baker, bossacafez, has come out with a line of very colorful moon cakes made using unique recipes. I especially like the candy- colored ones on the left that are made with aerated mineral water. The green ones are pandan custard lotus snow-skin moon cakes. bossacafez Slide 7 More sweetness! milky white snow-skin moon cakes filled with a mixture of cherries, desiccated and moist flaky coconut. pretty! What's more, she has even made colorful apple-shaped moon cakes, complete with green leaves! Slide 8 Moon cake cupcakes! east meets west! the fusion of these two types of pastries is concocted by yet another talented baker, chockylit. chockylit Slide 9 Her moon cake cupcakes have date-pineapple cream cheese frosting and a red bean paste filling. Slide 10 Okay,I know these aren't exactly real moon cakes but look! How cute! Slide 11 I am a total sucker for all things miniature, and these wee little moon cakes are just too darn cute! Slide 12 Even babies love'em! Slide 13 Slide 14 In a collaboration with Starbucks, Nokia released a set of 4 moon cakes, modeled after their l Amor series of glamorous-looking mobile phones. ever seen moon cakes that are shaped like mobile phones? No? Read on! Slide 15 To-day! I must say, these moon cakes don't look very tasty or even edible, do they? I wouldn't feel like biting into one, but they sure are among the most unusual moon cakes I have seen! Each moon cake is shaped like an actual Nokia l Amour phone, complete with the Nokia brand name (of course) and pretty Florals! Slide 16 Slide 17 Starbucks has their own moon cake too. I love the way the logo fits perfectly onto the face of the moon cake. come to think of it, wouldn't coffee go well with moon cake? I'm so craving for a cup of Joe right now! Slide 18 For those of you who aren't huge fans of the traditional moon cake, opt for a jelly one! It's purple too! pretty, pretty. It even has an egg yolk at its center. Slide 19 Slide 20 Slide 21 Slide 22 The raffles hotel moon cakes are easily the most sinful and best-tasting moon cakes I've ever had! They sell out really quickly too! Slide 23 These moon cakes come in boxes of 4. at more than $5 a piece, they certainly don't come cheap. (but they are worth every penny because they're so good!) Slide 24 The tin box containing these cute moon cakes is decorated with a Shanghai-style artwork surrounded by swirls and Florals. what is really unusual is the unconventional color used for the box a very beautiful baby blue! how pretty! Slide 25 The white snow-skin exterior looks innocently plain, but obviously, the best part of the moon cake lies at its Chocolatey center Slide 26 The champagne truffle! once you bite into the white chocolate shell, the inside is the soft and delicious Ganache that fills your mouth. Ahhh pure bliss! It's very, very satisfying too so eating just one at a time is already enough! Slide 27 If this isn't the most delectable moon cake dessert, I don't know what is. What makes it even more sought after is that you can only have it just once in a year! Slide 28 The eye appeal of food can stimulate your appetite. Would you forget the healthy diet because of the following moon cakes? Slide 29 Slide 30 Slide 31 Slide 32 Slide 33 Slide 34 Slide 35 Slide 36 Slide 37 And that's for this year. every year, raffles hotel sells a different flavor of moon cakes, packed in a different-colored tin box. this year, it's the baby blue one. I'm so looking forward to next year's! Slide 38