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<p>Unit 2</p> <p>Unit 2Cell Structure and FunctionWhat two thing do all of these things have in common?Explain your answer, and be prepare to defend.</p> <p>BrainstormList as many things as you can that your cells do within your body.Dont think too much.Just write.No wrong answers.</p> <p>5 MINUTESCell Structure NotesWrite the name of the organelle.Sketch the appearance they all look different, just get a general idea.Write what it does.Create an analogy.Structure and Function of Prokaryotic CellsPart 1Parts of the Prokaryotic CellsKey: NO NUCLEUS</p> <p>Prokaryotic Cell Structure</p> <p>Structures to know:Plasma MembraneCell WallCapsuleNucleoidPlasmidRibosomesCytoplasmFlagellum</p> <p>Structure and Function of Eukaryotic CellsPart 2Eukaryotic Cell Structure</p> <p>Basic structures:Plasma MembraneNucleusNucleolusCytoskeletonMicrotubulesMicrofilamentsLysosome (a)Centrioles (a)MitochondrionEndoplasmic reticulum (ER)SmoothRoughGolgi apparatusCytosol / Cytoplasm</p> <p>a = Animal OnlyEukaryotic Cell Structure</p> <p>Basic structures:Cell Wall (p)Chloroplast (p)Central vacuole</p> <p>p = Plant Only</p>