homework questions?. section 9.2 tests about a population proportion

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Section 9.2

Homework Questions?Section 9.2Tests about a Population ProportionTest StatisticMr. Suk & BasketballIn a SRS of 50 free throws, Mr. Suk made 32.What is the test statistic?

Find and interpret the p-value.Significance TestState: What hypotheses do you want to test, and at what significance level? Define any parameters you use.Plan: Choose the appropriate inference method. Check conditions.Do: If the conditions are met, perform calculations.Compute the test statistic (z)Find the P-valueConclude: Interpret the results of your test in the context of the problem.One-Sample z Test for a Proportion


Conclude:POTATOES again

Two-Sided TestsExampleA website says that 50% of high school students have never smoked a cigarette. Trey wonders if this is true in his large, urban high school. Trey selects a SRS of 150 students from his school and 90 of them say they have never smoked a cigarette. What should Trey conclude? Give appropriate evidence to support your answer.State:



How does this tie into confidence intervals?In Chapter 8 we would have done a confidence interval to be 95% confidentdo that for Treys school instead!HomeworkPg 562 (33, 35-38, 46-52, 54-60)Do 37, 38, and 52 as a class!