homemade christmas cookies

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Homemade Christmas Cookies By: Jenna Moore

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Homemade Christmas Cookies. By: Jenna Moore. Why. Family tradition Different from typical presentation topics I use Once a year treat Always an experience. Objectives. Create a website using new skills Make website clean and organized Have a topic relatively interesting. Problems. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Homemade Christmas CookiesBy: Jenna MooreWhyFamily traditionDifferent from typical presentation topics I useOnce a year treatAlways an experienceObjectivesCreate a website using new skillsMake website clean and organizedHave a topic relatively interestingProblemsMac userJavaScriptInstalling the video and having it work in other browsersPicking a topicTime management with other workloadsWhat I LearnedHow to incorporate different elements into a websiteWorking with codeHow to be efficient with timeHow to let go a little of perfectionism What is on my SiteProposalPowerpointExcelVideoAppletImages

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