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  • 1. Survey on Homelessness Results

2. How old are you? The results for this question show that most of the answers on my survey are from people aged 16-18, 6 that are 19-24 and one who is 40+. I think its good that all of my results apart from 1 are from the age groups 16-18 and 19-24 because this is the age range that the charity SASH cover. From my results, not that many people are aware of SASH so Im glad they filled out my survey more, so now they know what SASH is and Ive spread the word about it. 3. Have you heard about the charity SASH? (Safe and Sound Homes) The results in this question show that the majority of people havent heard of the charity SASH. As the people that filled out my survey are young, it shows that the few that have heard of them have heard at college by the responds I got. 4. Do you know anyone who ishas been homeless? If so, how long were they homeless for? This question shows that most of the people who filled out my survey didnt know anyone who is or previously has been homeless, yet 3 out of 18 do know someone. The replies show that they werent just for a night or so, one was 2 weeks and one was 1 month. 5. Do you think there is enough help for homeless people, especially 16-24 year olds? From the results of this question, it shows that only 3 out of 18 people think there is enough help for the homeless. The responses show that most people think there isnt enough information about telling people about the charities like SASH. Its not advertised enough and people dont know where the shelters are. 6. What is your opinion on homelessness? Would it change if you knew the person? Going by my results, peoples opinions on homelessness are all similar. People feel sorry for homeless people and do want to help them out, but because they are stereo typically people who drink alcohol and do drugs. People are scared to go near them however people have said that if they knew the person, their opinion would change as they would know how they got homeless whether it was good or bad. 7. Would you know what to do and where to turn to if a friend became homeless? Just under 80% of people said that they wouldnt know what to do if someone they knew became homeless. The 4 answers I got were either they would go to SASH straight away, or ring people and get directed to SASH. This shows that there is not enough awareness about SASH. 8. Do you believe there are any positives for a person to become homeless? Most people on my survey believe there are no positives to homelessness. However, the 6 people who answered said that people can go to SASH when they are homeless and have meals and a proper bed to sleep in. Independence and the ability to fend for themselves. One said, if the person was homeless they have more of a chance of getting a council house. I think the most reliable answer was people can escape abuse if it gets unbearable. 9. Would/do you support a charity that helps homeless people? 25% of people who filled in my survey said that they wouldnt support a homeless charity.75% of people said they they would or they already do. 10. Would you consider helping a homeless person? Most of the people who filled out this question said that they would consider helping a homeless person. In the answers I got, they all sum up that they would support them through charities, not direct because they dont know how the person could react or respond to them. Only 3 people said no. 11. Do you think homelessness is a choice? 15 out of 22 people said that they dont think homelessness is a choice. 7 people said that they think it is a choice. From the replies I got, people say that its a choice if they do drugs, which can lead to them being homeless. Another answer says that people leave home because they get abused and think it would be easier to live on the streets. Some people get forced out of their homes.