homelessness in minneapolis and hennepin county lisa thornquist office to end homelessness

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Homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County Lisa Thornquist Office to End Homelessness Slide 2 2000+ people in shelter each night in Hennepin County Slide 3 Heading Home Hennepin 2006 - Commission did work in 100 days Approved by Minneapolis City Council and Hennepin County Board of Commissioners Executive committee made up of stakeholders Small staff to implement the plan Slide 4 Commission members Faith Community Leaders Business Leaders Elected Officials Government Officials Service Providers Philanthropic Leaders People Experiencing Homelessness Slide 5 Heading Home Hennepin Plan Prevention Outreach Housing Self-support Service delivery Systems improvement Slide 6 Mission and Vision Our vision is that by the year 2016, all people facing homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County will have access to safe, decent, and affordable housing and the resources and supports needed to sustain it. Our mission is to effectively end homelessness over the next decade Slide 7 Implementation of Heading Home Hennepin Slide 8 Focus on models that are innovative and effective Focus on solutions that are sustainable with outcomes that are data driven Change business practice to add housing as an element Change language from managing to ending homelessness Slide 9 Street Outreach Partner with Mpls police to respond to livability issues. Housing people who are unsheltered Reduction in street count Slide 10 Frequent Users Service Enhancement (FUSE) Focus on highest users of shelter and jail Housing as a solution Results: reductions in both systems There was a total reduction of 1,704 less shelter nights (a 43% reduction) and 700 less nights spend in the Hennepin County Jail (39% reduction) between the Pre and POST periods. -Baiocchi and Whetstone, 2010 Slide 11 Downtown 100 Focus on most arrests in downtown Mpls Social services part of solutions 78% reduction in new arrests Slide 12 Currie Avenue Partnership (CAP) Leveraged state funding Partnership with business and faith communities Moved 1000+ into housing Saw reduction in long term shelter stayers Slide 13 Top 51 Focus on highest shelter users. Not engaged in services Partnership btwn social services & county. Focus is housing Slide 14 Find Out More www.headinghomehennepin.org www.homelessconnectminneapolis.org Lisa Thornquist 612-879-3656 Lisa.Thornquist@co.hennepin.mn.us


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