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  • Network Funding can help you to refinance your existing loan or loans for your property in Texas and for your primary residence or a second home.

  • We can help you refinance your current mortgage to a lower rate or help you get the equity you have in your home to pay off debts.

  • Why is Network Funding here? To save your money while at the same time giving you a safe and stable mortgage refinance for your present and for your future.

  • Whether you are living in your first or second home, it's always helpful to be educated before deciding to forward in the refinancing process. Network Funding is anxious to help, whatever your need may be.

  • When making the decision to refinance, you want to make sure to choose wisely. You want to avoid ending up locked into a home mortgage scenario that will hinder your financial goals.

  • The key is to consider all your options and choose the home mortgage program that will best meet your needs.

  • Network Funding offers you the tool to see if a home equity loan or second mortgage would work for you. This tool include: debt consolidation mortgage calculator and refinance mortgage calculator.

  • Advantages that we offer for your home refinancing Low ratesEasy online applicationAll types of mortgage programsGuidance and advice from an experienced loan professional

  • Dont forget Network Funding is always just a phone call away! Network Funding LP - Houston Mortgage and Home Loans 6200 Savoy #226, Houston, TX 77036 Phone: (281) 833-9424 (713) 590-9070 Fax: (281) 833-9453 http://www.lending2all.com/