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Holyrood Secondary School. Matthew Algie. Develop a range of three smoothie/iced drink products and a marketing plan for the 12-18 year old market They are: Healthy Taste Great! Easily made in a coffee bar with a blender. The Brief. Names of the products that appeal to people our age. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Holyrood Secondary School

Holyrood Secondary SchoolMatthew Algie

The Students of S4 Standard Grade Business Management would like to welcome our visitors from Matthew Algie and the Scottish Food and Drink Federation to Holyrood Secondary.1The BriefDevelop a range of three smoothie/iced drink products and a marketing plan for the 12-18 year old market

They are:HealthyTaste Great!Easily made in a coffee bar with a blenderOur brief was simple. To produce a range of 3 smoothies/iced drinks that appeal to 12-18 year olds. Should be pretty simple. However, it turned out to be a bit of a challenge. How do you get 30 people sorry teenagers to agree on anything!2What We ProducedNames of the products that appeal to people our age.Recipe CardsNutritional InformationPromotional Materials including: -Posters, Cups and keyrings

We have been very busy during the last few months deciding on our products and putting together our pitch to you.As you can see from our display board we have produced many interesting and colourful items to market our products.

3The Brand Name

We brainstormed in groups of 4 or 5 what names would appeal to use for an iced drink. Some names were bizarre and would not work. However, after a class vote we decided on Blizzard Blends. Blizzard to remind us of the cold element of the drink and Blends as we were told it would be made in a Blender. 4DrinksPalm SlamCaribbean CrusherSparkle FusionGroovie SmoothieWe were all given a homework exercise to come up with 3 possible drinks. Some were very creative and some sounded disgusting. Others in the group came up with no ideas it is hard to get everyone to work sometimes.

Again we were democratic and put it to the vote. We ended up with 4 drinks when all the votes were counted, Palm Slam, Caribbean Crusher, Sparkle Fusion and Groovie Smoothie.5What next?Group 1: The radio group. - Vanessa, Lauren, Nicola, Caitlin, Kim, Monica and Abi

Group 2: the TV advert group. - Louisa, Kyrena, Caitlin, Caragh, Lori and Olivia

Group 3: The nutritional and supplier group. - John Paul and Jack

Everyone was keen to be involved in the Marketing Activities. We had the brand, we had the drinks. Now time to promote it. 5 groups were set up to carry out different activities.

Now introduce each of the 3 groups in turn.6Group 4: The Cup Design and Recipe Card group. - Ciaran, Caitlin, Amy, Katie ,Kimberley and Lisa

Group 5: The Poster and Logo Group.- Ciara, Stephanie, Kasey, Gillian, Erika, Katie and NiamhPosters/Display MaterialPalm SlamCaribbean Crusher

Our poster team set about coming up with 4 different posters which could be used to promote each drink individually. This way if a caf or coffee shop decided not to run with all 4 drinks they still had promotional material for at least some of the drinks.8Sparkle FusionGroovie Smoothie

We think we produced 4 very distinct posters making sure we always included Blizzard Blends on each. We even produced Plastic Versions of the posters to be displayed on windows casting a rainbow of different colours across the caf or coffee shop. They are certainly bright and colourful. We love them!9Name of Penguin - MASHM Matthew A AlgieS SchoolH - Holyrood

We also produced a poster that named all 4 of our drinks. We decided we had to have a character or mascot for our drinks. We decided to have a brave little penguin braving the blizzards to get his favourite drink. What better than a little cute fluffy penguin! We love it. They could even be given away as promotional items if people buy a certain number of drinks. Might be one for the girls. Who knows.10SloganA cool new way to your 5 a dayEvery brand needs a slogan. We decided on a cool new way to your 5 a day. We know that teenagers are not supposed to care about our 5 a day. We should be drinking Irn Bru and energy drinks only joking. But do you know how much nagging our parents do! Yip! Too much!11Promotional ItemsCupsKeyrings/Fridge Magnets

At the start we put together our own ideas for the cup logo and design. After we had done this we chose our favourites and began to develop these more on paper and then onto the computer. We chose the logo that we have because it is bold and we thought it would attract a young age group. We also completed a number of other things including the recipe cards. These give instructions on how to make the smoothies and have designs which connect with the names of the smoothies. We wanted our cups to have a distinctive design. We have some examples of the sorts of cups we would like to use for our Blizzard Blends. We also thought keyrings would be good as a give away everyone loves a freebie. What about a fridge magnet to put on your fridge at home to remind you of your favourite ice cold drink that you should rush out to the shops to buy!12Recipe CardsPalm Slam

Caribbean Crush

We have also produced a set of recipe cards for each iced drink. We have laminated them to keep them waterproof and produced them in a range of sizes to ensure they will easily find a home in any size of caf or coffee shop.13Sparkle FusionGroovie Smoothie

Nutritional Information Caribbean Crusher 450 caloriesGroovie Smoothie 343 caloriesPalm Slam - 459 caloriesSparkle Fusion - 177 caloriesOur top Nutritional advisors spent many periods surfing the internet to bring to you the nutritional information of each drink. We are not quite sure if they have all the calculations correct. This was one of the aspects of the task that we found most difficult. Or should we say that John Paul and Jack found most difficult as they had a very laid back approach to their work.15Where to get Supplies?Greencity whole foodsGreencity.coop (website)

Angussoft fruitsAngussoftfruits.co.uk (website)

Berryscotland.com (website)

Abbey fruit, Arbroath fresh whole and frozen, Blairgowrie fruit packers and Blairgowrie

Moira Stalker kindly helped us find websites where we could get wholesale prices for the fruit to go into our drinks. This was really challenging for us! Especially when some of the recipes called for small quantities of a specific fruit. It became evident that it was going to be impossible to us to find exact costs for each of the drinks, so we concentrated out efforts on the marketing and promotional work.16TV AdvertAdvertSome of the divas in the group were keen to share their drama and acting skills with the world! We decided to script our own TV advert and act it out around Holyrood. We are pretty confident that given our talent both looks and acting that it would be memorable. What do you think?17Radio AdvertWe wanted our advert to target teenagers, so we usedteenagers in our advert.We listened to radio jingles, and heard which ones targeted different markets on certain radio stations.Radio 1 and Capital Fm targeted teenagers. We added music that linked to the flavours of the smoothies, so the advert would be distinctive and effective. We created our advert on audicity using our knowledge from the first year course.

We thought that a Radio Advert would also work as a way of promoting Blizzard Blends to our age group. It could be included as part of a podcast. We still listen to the radio and and know that it would be a cheaper method of advertising than TV. We had great fun using audacity to produce it. We hope you will agree that it certainly is distinctive although probably not the most professional advert you will ever hear in the world.18PriceRange from 2.50 for a small to 4.00.One of our market researchers Declan Cox produced a report on the local smoothie or iced drink market. He conducted both desk and Field research and discovered that most people would be willing to pay up to around 4 for a smoothie or iced drink. Prices started around 2.50 for a small drink to 4 for a large one.

Copies of the report are available for you to read.19Our ExperienceFun experienceEnjoyableDifficult to come up with flavour ideas that had not been done before.Names for each of the drinks were a challenge.Not everyone worked as hard as they should have done some people had contributed no ideas to their groups.Took along time to get all of the information gathered together and for people to produce the items they had been asked for. Overall we found it a challenging and enjoyable experience. It was certainly different from the usual business management work. Thats not to say that it was easy. Getting everyone in your group to work hard was just about impossible. We also faced the challenge that with so many different groups working on promotional items that mistakes were make. Even down to simple things like getting the spelling of blizzard blends the same and making sure we used the same names for all of the drinks.

Overall, most people enjoyed the part of the task or challenge they were given and I think we would all agree that we would love to do something like this again.Questions?Any questions?If you have any questions, anyone in the class would be more than delighted to answer them.


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