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  1. 1. Z Macaroni
  2. 2. The Brief Drive preference as part of regular food habit Establish Z macaroni as a healthy and tasty Italian food item for evening snacks and meals 6-month campaign plan inclusive of both ATL and BTL
  3. 3. About Z Macaroni Italian origin Pasta in three different shapes oyster, screw and ring 400g @ Tk.65 and 200g @ Tk.35 Price advantage over competition
  4. 4. Campaign Objectives Create awareness Create brand preference
  5. 5. TG Demographic: Age: 6 years to 60 Years SEC: A & B Psychographic: Lifestyle: Office goers, health conscious housewife. Personality: Optimistic, reliable, authoritarian Behavioural: Readiness Stage: Unaware, intending to buy.
  6. 6. Consumer H&A Macaroni is not as popular in the households of the TG as noodles Macaroni is perceived to be a foreign/Italian food and more care is taken when choosing a pasta/macaroni brand as consumers who are a bit discerning like to go for foreign brands Z macaroni is used because of its availability For evening snacks, the TG go for fried foods (shingara, samosa, fried chicken, Mughlai paratha, etc)
  7. 7. Competition
  8. 8. Competition
  9. 9. Whats the Block? Z is known as a Pakistani brand; not perceived to be Italian to those who already have the habit of making pasta at home Macaroni is not part of the regular food habit
  10. 10. What would change the consumer perception and habit? Encourage healthy Z macaroni instead of fried/fast foods Ways to cook Z Macaroni to drive usage for those who are at the unaware or intending to buy stage For those who are already in the habit but select a foreign/Italian brand, have Z macaroni endorsed by an Italian chef
  11. 11. What would change the consumer perception and habit? Make way into the snacks category Make way into the meals category Attack fried foods and show how healthy is boiled Z macaroni Endorsement and recipes from an Italian chef to lend credibility and trigger usage Influence TG at the unaware/intending to buy stage to make it a regular habit a) Influence TG already used to macaroni but reach for foreign brands b) Move TG from snacks to meals space
  12. 12. Whats the main idea? SayNo to fast foods and Yes to healthy Z Macaroni! Z Macaroni brand should primarily stand for Health and Hygiene. That the food is from an Italian origin should be the secondarytask of communication and an endorsement by an Italian chef will create greater association with Italy.
  13. 13. TouchPoints
  14. 14. Campaign calendar Why? Where? May June July Aug Sept Oct Build awareness TVC Build awareness RDC Build awareness Induce trial Press with recipes Awareness and preference Branded cooking showonTV Awareness FB recipe contest Create preference Colonyactivation with Italy- trained chef Awareness EDMwith recipe Long-term brand building and preference Z Kart (roadside carts where3 main dishes cooked with Z to beserved) Year-round Create preference Chefs Meet can beeither on- ground or digital
  15. 15. Alternate campaign suggestions Tie-up with olive oil brand and offer CP of 200g Z Macaroni free Tie-up with Tupperware agents to promote Z Macaroni Z Kooking Klub area-based cooking lessons for both men and women held in Dhaka Club, Uttara Club, Gulshan Club, as well as in community halls inside apartment blocks
  16. 16. Thank You!