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  • 3 August 2012

    Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Holy Cross It’s good, in the busyness of school, family and work life, to stop and reflect in prayer. This week at staff prayer we were able to sit, just for a few moments, and bring to mind and write the name of two people for whom we wished to pray. The prayer reflection invited us to pray in thanksgiving for those people, to pray that we could transform fractured relationships with those people, to pray that we could be a source of help for those people … or just to place those people before God. I was struck by the silence of the prayer time. Often we think that we need to sing, to speak, to think, to read so that we pray well. On Tuesday we prayed ... during the silence. Family and work life doesn’t always mean that silence is attainable but this week let’s look for times to be still and bring the people for whom we wish to pray into the presence of God.

    Breath of life,

    You ride the waves of life with me

    in the rhythms of my communion with you.

    You enter the comings and goings

    of each day and in every prayer I breathe.

    Whether I am in the stillness of quiet prayer

    or in the fullness of the day's activity,

    may your peace flow through my being.

    Joyce Rupp Last Saturday evening the school was abuzz with activity for the school Disco. Feedback from students and families this week about the Disco has been very very positive. It was great fun for the children and I know that they have been looking forward to it so THANK YOU to Dee Chester and the committee and volunteers for an excellent evening. It was another example of the kind of supportive parent group we have at Holy Cross. This week, as we watch the performance of world class athletes at the Olympics, I have been intrigued to watch the responses the athletes make after their events. It has been heartening to see that many have realised the privilege that they have just had… swimming at world class level. It has been brilliant to watch those who do not quite make it to Gold, commenting positively and with humility on the opportunity that they have just had, the fine performance of their competitors, and the work of coaches and families to get them to that place. It’s my hope that, when we reflect on the performance of the sons and daughters of Holy Cross in academic and sporting and social achievements we will mirror the example of these fine athletes; we will be grateful for the opportunities offered by this community, we will congratulate our colleagues and fellow students for their efforts and we will remember those members of the community the fruit of whose efforts we now enjoy. To avoid tuckshop closure in August, we need more volunteers to help in the tuckshop. Please contact Mrs Sharlene Hamblin on 0401 665 318 or email: dash1099@hotmail.com Paul Drewniak Principal

    Dates to Remember:

    August 6&7 City Districts Athletics 8 P&F Meeting 14 Prep – Yr 1 Mini Olympics 15 Exhibition Public Holiday 17&18 Catholic Colleges Music Fest 20-23 Book Week 21 Pyjama Day 23 Fancy Dress Parade – 9am 24 Holy Cross Athletics Carnival 31 Under 8’s Day September 6 Holy Cross School Photos 7 Zone 6 Athletics Carnival 12 P&F Meeting 14 & 15 School Musical


    Tuckshop available on WEDNESDAY’S

    Convenor: Mrs Sharlene Hamblin Ph: 0401 665 318 or email: dash1099@hotmail.com

    Uniform Shop

    OPEN FORTNIGHTLY ONLY on the second & fourth Fridays of each month Time: 8.00 – 9.00am Convenor: Tanya Smith Tanya Smith:hcuniforms@gmail.com

    Mass/Liturgy of the Word

    Mass – 9.15am Aug 10 - 7G Aug 17 - 7W Aug 31 - 4/5G Sep 7 - 4/5W Sep 21 - 6G Liturgy of the Word–10.30am Aug 10 - 3G Aug 17 - 2/3W Sep 7 - 2G Sep 21 - 1G & 1W Prep Liturgy to be advised

    School Terms 2012:

    Term 3: 9 July to 21 September Term 4: 8 October to 7 Dec

    Public Holidays:

    Ekka Show Day: 15 August Queen’s Birthday: 1 October

    Uniform Days

    Mon & Tues: Day Uniform Wed, Thurs: Sports Uniform Friday: Day Uniform

    Holy Cross School

    NEWSLETTER 40 Morris Street Wooloowin 4030 Ph: 3857 2443 Fax: 3357 9532


  • A.P.R.E.’s Report In the past couple of weeks, I travelled the world, walked into the magnificence of the postcards, visited a thousand churches, danced the nights away, and sailed the rivers from Amsterdam to Budapest! And still, after all that I saw, at the fore-front of my memories, is the people who came into my life for that brief moment: those with whom I shared the tours around Europe, those who enjoyed the dancing, those who delighted our group as they shared their musical, artistic, comedic talents, those who welcomed us to their respective countries with their hospitality and willingness to point us in the right direction when we were lost, those for whom life left has not panned out as they hoped and who survive by begging, those who wanted to share their story and wanted to talk about the God in their lives. Being able to share that we work in the Catholic Education System was an obvious spring board for lots of pondering! That is perhaps why it was wonderful and easy to return to work on Monday and to meet up with the people of the Holy Cross school community. I was welcomed back with open arms and able to resume my role, both in the office and in the classroom, because of the magnificent job carried out by the people who took over from me. I thank Leanne Forsyth for stepping in without missing a beat and sharing her faith and expertise in the role of Acting A.P.R.E. I thank Michelle Campbell and Lauren Francis for their caring presence and guidance in 7G. Thank you also to Cassie Martinz and Sarah Melville for keeping the music going at assembly during my absence. Thank you, each one. I am deeply grateful.

    I would like to continue the practice of Parent Parent Parent Parent Prayer on FriPrayer on FriPrayer on FriPrayer on Friday afternoonsday afternoonsday afternoonsday afternoons, starting next starting next starting next starting next week, August 10week, August 10week, August 10week, August 10, when a group of us meet and in a simple, non-threatening way, share time together with our God and with one another. There are no discussions, no sharing unless you wish, but there is a respect for where each of us is on our journey and a realization that we are there for one another. We meet at 2.20pm just before you would be picking up your children. I would love you join with us when you are able. God is with us. Patty McCourt

    The school community wishes the students who celebrate their birthday this week many happy


    Hilary Piper, Ethan Norris, Abby Grant, Andrew Melville, Ryan Denning &

    Chloe Edwards

    Pastoral Care Corner Dear Parents Friendship is an issue that seems to crop up on a regular basis. Children in all age groups can struggle with making and maintaining friendships. It may be that, as adults, we don’t always model ‘best practice’ in our friendships. True friendships require true connections – not Facebook friends or other ‘virtual friendships’. Scientists tell us that meaningful social connection is crucial to our wellbeing and happiness. We get our feelings of safety and support from our friends as well as our family. Friends help us to explore our world in a different way from our family. Friends also need to be honest with us. Belonging to a group of friends (‘group’ can be two or twenty) gives us an identity larger than ourselves. Friends help us to lower stress, lower risk of mental illness and depression, recover faster from illness, build our bank of emotional reserves to call on when adversity strikes. Oprah once said, ‘Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, what you really want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” So, do you make the time to really connect with friends, actually spend time with them, face to face? Do you talk to them about things that really matter, giving them a chance to give you honest feedback? Do you just ‘chill out’ with friends – go for a walk, play Scrabble, do a crossword together – anything that helps you connect? Do you give your children the chance to do the same with their friends? They don’t need structured or expensive activities. Just give them time! (Thanks to Kylie Lang, ‘Courier Mail’, 29-07-12, p.8 for some of these ideas.) God bless Sr Anne. MINI VINNIES WINTER COLLECTION Thank you for everything that has come in so far. It is a great collection. We will continue for a few more days and then on Wednesday, 8 August, the feast of St Mary MacKillop, who said, ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’, we will present our collection to the Holy Cross St Vincent de Paul. Mrs Berenice O’Brien will accept it on their behalf. God bless Sr Anne.

    COLES VOUCHERS 2012 Holy Cross is again registered for the Coles Sports for Schools Program which has NOW commenced Please help us collect these vouchers from family, friends, and neighbours again!! This year we have elected to count the vouchers so please count them, put them in an envelope with the number on the front and place them in the collection box located in the foyer of our School Office. We appreciate your help! Thank you on behalf of Holy Cross P&F Association.

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