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Submitted by Krisia Mari Pacamalan


<ul><li> 1. +Holy Cross ParishKrisia Mari D. PacamalanDFM8DYNAREL</li></ul> <p> 2. +Alubijid, Misamis OrientalThis very simple yet memorable place is what I really consider asmy home. Ive become a parishioner since I was 6, an influence ofmy parents and grandparents. Even though my family and I movedsomewhere else, we still see to it that we attend mass in thisChurch if we can. And although I am currently in Manila, this wouldalways be a must-visit place every time I go home. 3. + 4. +People InvolvedParish HeadMsgr. Elmer S. AbacahinParish Pastoral Council Pres.Engr. Fred AranetaParish Coordinating Council Pres.Dahlia FabillarParish Finance Council Pres.Aida TagayloParish Youth Coordinating Council Pres.Renan Liangco 5. +Church Activities 6. Usual Celebrations in the Church Calendar 7. Partnership with Other Parishes 8. Active Participation of the Youth 9. +My InvolvementMass ReaderMass Server </p>


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