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  • November 2012 Issue No. 047

    Saturday, November 17th 9am-2pm





    Baked Goods, Fancy Cookies, Handmade Knitted Items, Fancywork, Christmas Decorations and Gifts, Wreaths, Antikews, Used Jewelry, RADA Knives, Book Nook, Pampered Pets, Fudgery, Children’s Table, Silent Auction, Local Crafters

    AND…… a Special Visit From Santa!

  • It certainly isn’t a new idea to “count our blessings”, but there have been a few innovative twists on the sub-

    ject. Some have suggested making a conscious effort to write in a daily journal the whys and ways behind

    our inner gratitude list. Other thoughtful people have suggested a good way to recognize and give thanks for

    our blessings is by passing them on to another person - actively giving in some way…a kind of “paying it

    forward”. Maybe you’ve experienced this at a toll booth or in the grocery line when the person ahead of you

    has paid your way or bought $20.00 of your groceries for you. So, no, counting our blessings isn’t new but

    the means through which we might express our gratitude can change or make itself known to us daily, as it

    did for me not so very long ago.

    In one single week, I had two experiences, which I could readily claim as gifts from God. The first

    came the day I went to visit my cousins here in Vernon. They had recently had their beloved Brittany Span-

    iel, Belle, put down. Age and cancer had taken its toll. I knocked on the door sorely aware there was no wel-

    coming (or questioning) bark coming from the other side and I waited. As I waited I heard a sharp peep be-

    hind me. I turned to look for the bird I imagined had made the sound scanning the telephone wires and look-

    ing up at the trees across the street when I heard the peep again. That’s when I looked down. I saw a tiny lit-

    tle finch sitting on the top step inches from my foot, inches, mind you. Well, foolishly, I also tried to remind

    the finch how close I really was suggesting that it probably wasn’t wise of him or her to be so near to me.

    Almost as though the bird had heard and understood, it flew up into the air above the step, hovering uncer-

    tainly in the air. I don’t know what made me do it but I put my hand out, palm down and the little finch

    landed right on my hand and was still sitting there when my cousin finally answered opened the door to greet

    me. We were both astounded!

    The second event happened a few days later. Off and on all day, it had rained, at times pretty steadily

    but it was the kind of day when the sky never seemed to get dark and gloomy. There was lots of light and the

    sun broke through more than once. Later in the afternoon, with the rain coming in a steady, but gentle

    shower, the skies opened up and the sun came out. I looked toward the grayest section of sky in time to see

    two perfect, arched rainbows, one above the other. It was a rare moment and it was a true blessing.

    Each November, we begin a season of gratitude. It’s always a time of giving thanks, of counting our

    blessings. In many ways, this month leads so naturally into the greatest reminder we receive as human beings

    of God’s love for us with the retelling of the birth of Jesus Christ. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the high-

    lights of our year in worship. We recognize again what God continues to do in us and through us, a time to

    welcome and appreciate the greatest gift we have received is that of Jesus Christ into our lives. It is a time to

    count our blessings. May you all experience renewed gratitude in this season of giving and many opportuni-

    ties to give out of your abundant blessings.

    Grace and peace,

    Pastor Ricki

  • CHRISTIAN EDUCATION On November 4th, Mr. Gym will entertain the children after the

    Stewardship Luncheon. Also on this day we will begin collecting non perishable food items for the Ingathering on November 18th. Please put your donations in the boxes in the lobby.

    “Christmas from the Backside” by J. Ellsworth Kalas - an Advent Study will be- gin on Monday, November 26th (7 pm-8:30 pm) and run for four consecutive Mon- days through December 17th. All adults, 16 and older are cordially invited to at- tend. Kalas has a wonderful way of uniquely bringing the Christmas story alive pro- viding us with both a new interpretation of God’s word and an inspiring lesson for

    this holy season. Make this the best Christmas ever. Come study the stories of our childhood and our faith with a group of supportive friends.

    Have you received a birthday card this year from your church family? If not, please let the church office know your birth date (year not mandatory) and we'll put you on our list!! If you would like to join our birthday card ministry volunteers, please

    contact Judie, 860 872-3122 or or Bridget, 860 875-6562 or and we'll

    be happy to give you information and sign you up for a month or two in 2013!! You will be provided with a list, name labels, return labels, and a short message. You are encouraged to provide cards and postage, but there are donated cards and

    sometimes stamps available in the "green box." Thanks to all who have partici-

    pated in the past and to those who are carrying on this ministry.

    We will have our Ingathering on November 18. Please bring non-perishable food items to church and put them in the collection boxes in the lobby. The need for donations is greater than ever. The Sunday school children will collect all the donated food and bring it to the front of the church. The food will be given to the Tri Town Food Pantry.

    Thank you in advance for your support.


    Lucienne Pinto is looking for donations for the Antikews

    room at the Holiday

    Bazaar. Items pre- ferred are from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, “retro” (vintage of at least 15 or 20 years) or collectible in nature-such as glassware, silverware, china etc.–she is

    not looking for “Tag Sale” items. If you have some items that fit this descrip- tion, please contact Lucienne Pinto at 875-4345 or Judie Culy at 872-3122.

  • To make a change to this

    prayer list, please contact the

    church office at

    875-6562 or

    Our Church Family Charlie & Lucy Maupin Betty Hanson-with sister Althea Madigan Pat Brandt

    Staci Rizner-daughter of Tami Rizner Bill Summers-Shirley Edward’s nephew Billy McLellan—Eleanor Schreiber’s son Dorothy Sunderland Vita Aiello-Ricki’s mother


    Special Needs Ellen Hendrick-friend of G. Hickton Darlene Snyder-health concerns- cousin of the Sunderlands BettyAnn Oppelt-G. Hickton’s sister Betty Schooley-health issues-Kathie Kentfield’s mom Judy Doucette-lung cancer-sister-in- law of G. Hickton John Walker-liver cancer-relative of the Furnas’ Jack Weldon-health issues- friend of the Cheverieas Pat Jaynes-CA treatment-friend of the Klingmans Zachary Genholt-low blood count Tami Genholt-recovering from surgery Faith Cassidy-advanced CA treatment -friend of the Klingmans

    Shirley Edwards November 2

    Shawn Harward November 3

    Juli Watrous November 3

    Lenny Aronson November 6

    Carole Stambo November 10

    Ray Clark November 25

    Janice Klingman November 26

    Ardis Abbott November 28

    Fred Edwards November 28

    Those in nursing homes, Assisted Living and with limited mobility Margaret Parker– Welles Village Merrilee Thomas—home June Latkofsky-home Peter & Janet McKercher—home Rose Rowe-home Warren & Eleanor Schreiber

    Those in Service

    Pastor Lorena & El Jabillo, our sister church in Nicaragua Wayne Badstuebner Jr.-Navy

    If you would like a candle

    lit for a prayer concern,

    please contact Lucy Maupin at 860-268-4985.

    Thank you.

    Mark Your Calendars

    Special Charge Conference

    Sunday, November 11, 12:30 pm

    Church Holiday Bazaar

    Saturday, November 17, 9am-2pm

    Adult Christmas Decorating Party

    Saturday, December 1, 6:30 pm

    Christmas Pageant/Roast Beef Supper

    Sunday, December 16

    Christmas Bell Concert

    Sunday, December 23

  • November Worship Attendants

    Greeters November 4 Joanne & Sara Stenger November 11 Bob Bernier November 18 Phyllis King & Eileen Gay November 25 Carol Macri & Aidon Cortes Liturgists November 4 Candy Sunderland November 11 Wayne Badstuebner November 18 Ray Clark November 25 Available Children’s Message November 4 Bridget Joy November 11 Pastor Ricki November 18 Wayne Badstuebner November 25 Pastor Ricki Fellowship Time/Coffee Hour

    November 4 Stewardship Luncheon November 11 Perras November 18 Available November 25 Available Altar Flowers November 4 Available November 11 Eileen Gay November 18 Available November 25 Available

    November 4

    Ruth 1:1-8

    Psalm 146 (UMH)

    Hebrews 9:11-14

    Mark 12:28-34

    November 11 Ruth 3:1-5; 4:13-17

    Psalm 127 or 42 (U