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    High Knoll TrailHK

    All Camps and Programs have been Nationally Accredited through the BSA

    NCAP Accreditation Program


    High Knoll Trail Leaders Guide(We urge you to share this information with everyone hiking with your crew)

    If your group is in search of a fun, outdoor adventure, then dust off your boots and tackle the High Knoll Trail, the Blue Ridge Scout Reservations high adventure backpacking program. After a shakedown and informational session conducted by one of the rangers, your crew will be released to hike upon our network of over 100 miles of trails crisscrossing the Scout Reservation. Though some crews shoot for the 50 miler award, typical groups hike around seven miles each day before ending up at one of our backcountry camps. These staffed outpost camps offer modern high adventure programs as well as some blast from the past programs that have been popular since we started in 1975. You will have fun, on and off the trail, but do keep in mind that these activities require physical fitness because of their vigorous nature. The goal of the program is to provide the best possible backpacking experience with a daily adventure and quality teambuild-ing experiences.

    Starting Out

    Getting Started

    Who can participate? High Knoll is open to all Scouts who will be 12 1/2 and First Class by June. 1.

    What kind of leadership Every crew must have two leaders or crew advisors who aredo we need? registered in Scouting. One of the adults must be at least 21 years old while the

    other can be 18. Co-ed crews must have both male & female adult leaders. One of the crew members must have CPR/First Aid Certification. We highly recommend that leader taking a wilderness first aid course.

    What if we cant find Due to staffing constraints, we do not have the ability to provide leadershiptwo adults? for your crew; however, register as a partial crew and we will pair you with another

    partial crew. (Many groups find leaders among their troop alumni.)

    Who leads the crew? Except where health and safety are involved, all crew leadership stems from the elected crew leader. This youth leaders responsibilities should begin now with pre-trip planning.

    How many people are High Knoll is designed as a low impact camping program. Thus,in a crew? the ideal crew should have 10 youth and 2 adults. We often accept larger and

    smaller groups, but please check with the Council Service Center for confirmation.

    What if my troop doesnt Individual youth (provisional campers) should submit their $100want to go? registration fee and application by February 1st. Our registrar will place

    provisional campers within a crew.

    Are there any medical forms All participants must have a signed copy of the National BSA Medical Form.needed?

    Hows the Hiking? During the 5 days spent backpacking, a crew will cover from 35 to 50 miles over steep, rocky, mountainous terrain. The trails are a combination of narrow footpaths and abandoned logging roads. Although the trails are blazed with white paint, crews will need to be able to navigate by map and compass. The program is physi-cally demanding, so get into shape. A 50 miler is possible if a crew is very experi-enced and fit, otherwise you might spend your entire week hiking and will miss out on the program features. Maps may be purchased in advance from Blue Ridge Scoutfitters:

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    High Knoll TrailHK TREK PROGRAMYour Week at High Knoll

    A Typical High Knoll WeekHigh Knoll crews should report to Camp Ottari between 1& 2 p.m. on Sunday. If your troop is traveling to Camp Powhatan, arrange for your High Knoll crew to be dropped off at Camp Ottari first. Upon arrival the crew will meet their ranger, plan their itinerary with our map makers, perform medical re-checks, verify attendance and fees. Rafters will take their swim checks at Camp Ottari. Plan on hiking your gear into the camp as vehicles will need to be parked in our High Knoll parking lot at the camp gate where they will stay for the week. Extra gear, such as extra clean clothes and your Class A uniform, should be stored inside your vehicles because there is limited storage available in our buildings. Crews will spend all of their nights (Sunday through Friday) in their own tents.

    Daily ScheduleSunday afternoon: After registration, your ranger will conduct a training session and pack shakedown that will prepare you for the trail. Our staff will prepare dinner for the hikers; bring your personal eating utensils. We will practice cleanup techniques as a group. After dinner there will be an opening campfire that will introduce all of the staff to the crew in a way only High Knoll can perform.

    Monday-Thursday:Sunrise: Wake up, cook breakfast. There will be hot coffee in each outpost.7:30 a.m. Break camp. Hit the trail in the cool of the day. Lunchtime: Be in your program outpost. Take program in afternoon.Dusk: Campfire and evening snack prepared by the staff.

    Friday:Follow the above schedule and complete the Friday outpost program. Afterwards, hike back into Camp Ottari for the rest of the evening program.Before 5:00 p.m. Check in at the Ottari Welcome Center as soon as you arrive back at Camp. You can drop your packs at the High Knoll Commissary and please, take a shower before dinner.6:00 p.m. Supper Cook out down by lake. The staff cooks for you so kick back and have a good time reminiscing about the week.Dusk: The staff will present a closing campfire and award the High Knoll patches. If your crew needs an Order of the Ar-row tapout, our campfire program will end with enough time for you to attend the Order of the Arrow tap out ceremony presented by Camp Ottari.

    Saturday:7:00 a.m. Enjoy a light continental breakfast in the Camp Ottari Dining Hall. No later than 9:30 a.m. depart from Camp Ottari and the High Knoll Trail. Drive safely and come back next year! There is a bus shuttle back to Powhatan, if needed.

    Remember to Bring:

    CurrentBSANationalMedicalForm Personalinsurancecardattachedtomedicalform ProofofTroopInsurance(outofcouncil) Pleaseprintandbring2copiesofthecompletedHK

    Roster CPR/FirstAidCard

    Be sure you are using the current BSA medical form by following this link:

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    High Knoll TrailHK TREK PROGRAMYour Week at High Knoll

    What Will I Be Doing on the Trail?

    During your week on High Knoll, your crew will be able to participate in five outpost programs. Please return the selec-tion form as soon as possible (April 1st at the latest). Please note that if a program area has more demand than we can meet, we will give preference to the first crews who have completed their full fee payments and have returned the itinerary sheet. To participate in the whitewater rafting, you must pre-pay early this spring. High Knoll is a small operation, and each outpost is staffed to handle approximately 20 hikers during a program day. We custom-plan each crews itiner-ary, and you will hike across the reservation each day to one of your chosen outposts, where we can fit you into that days schedule. Upon your arrival in camp on Sunday (between 1 and 2 p.m.), well share your outpost schedule with you and then plot the trails that you will need to follow.

    The following are typical outposts offered at High Knoll; however, due to yearly changes in both staff talent and in avail-ability, these outpost programs may change.

    Huff Farm: Rest your feet and ride a horse along the ridge of Macks Mountain. Our staff teaches the crews how to saddle a horse and then set off for an exciting trail ride. For supper, avoid a dehydrated meal and enjoy dutch oven chili. Get your boots or belt branded with the signature HK logo at the evening campfire. Long pants are required for horseback riding!

    Point Camp: Climb up and rappel down our natural rock face overlooking Big Laurel Creek. Our staff teaches the proper techniques and movements needed to climb and rappel. During wet weather, there is also an indoor climbing facility that has an extensive bouldering area and two 30 foot vertical walls that provide all degrees of difficulty.

    Rendezvous: At our 19th century trappers camp, load and shoot a .50 caliber muzzle loading rifle. Throw tomahawks and learn about wilderness living skills such as trapping. This living history program will be a real Mountain Man experi-ence.

    Whitewater Rafting: Come and raft the famous class 5 whitewater of the New River Gorge located in Fayetteville, West Virginia. The New River Adventure Program staff provides all of the transportation, equipment and guides necessary for a day-long trip. All participants must qualify as swimmers. Typically, crews meet the bus around 7:30 a.m. and return to the Reservation around 8 p.m. It takes about 2.5 hours to travel to the river. Space is limited so please sign up now. Note: there is an extra fee for rafting. Bring sunscreen, water shoes and swim suit.

    Mountain Boarding: For those of you who enjoy high adrenaline mixed with some speed, mountain boarding combines the downhill thrill of snowboarding with an all-terrain skateboard. This new sport features a strap-on skate board with oversize tires that is fun to ride on our backwoods trail. Our experienced staff will train you in the techniques and provide the gear.

    Top Shooter: Compete against your fellow crew members and the other trail hikers in your ability to throw or shoot a variety of items: knives, paintballs, air soft guns, blowguns, sling shots or anything else we can imagine.

    Rugged Itinerary - 50 Miler -