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  • 1. Patient PortalByTeam: HITS 2013Mukhtar M. Rana, PhDHealth IT Services, Inc.Email: mukhtar.masood@gmail.comURL: http://www.healthitservices,orgURL for Patient Portal: http://www.patientdatascience.com
  • 2. Objectives Describe Patient Portal Patient Portal Components Patient Portal And Patient Education Patient Portal And Meaningful Use Patient Portal Advantages Patient Portal Screen Shots
  • 3. What is Patient Portal ?Patient Portal lets patients communicate with their physicians over the Internet Patients get reminders, statements, education materials, and test results through patient portal Patients can manage appointments,consents, audit access and request refills through patient portalMore efficient, accessible and timely two way communication
  • 4. Patient Education Through Portal Why Patient Education?Patient Education through patient portal Easy of use and less expensive More efficient, accessible and timely Two way communication
  • 5. Patient Portal And Meaningful UsePatient Patient Patient Improved A way tocontinuously getting getting patient achieveconnected timely updates healthcare patientwith their education about his/ quality satisfactionphysicians from her healthor physicians improvemhealthcare entproviders
  • 6. Patient Portal Advantages Reduce call volume and work load Efficient communication between patient and physician Self-service Solutions Improve documentation Improve Billing system Increase patient convenience and satisfaction Generate more revenue
  • 7. Patient Portal ComponentsIt has 7 Components as follows; My Health Consent Management Audit Access Message Box My Health Education Setup Your Proxy My Bills
  • 8. My HealthIt has 9 Components as follows; Conditions List Vaccination List Medication List Planned Activities List Encounters List Tests and Results Diagnosis List Procedures List Vitals
  • 9. Consent Management and Audit AccessConsent List: (0=Allow, 1=Deny, 2=Emergency only). In this section patient can see the consent list.Modify Consent: In this section patient can modify the consent list.Audit Access: In this option patient can check his/her audit access record. Patient has to give From and To date to check his/ her audit access record. Patient can check who has access his/her health record.
  • 10. Patient Portal: Login Screen Short
  • 11. Patient Portal: My Health Conditions ScreenShort
  • 12. Patient Portal: My Health MedicationsScreen Short
  • 13. Patient Portal: Consent ManagementScreen Short
  • 14. Patient Portal: Audit Access ScreenShort
  • 15. Patient Portal Thank You Q & A Mukhtar M. Rana, PhD Team: HITS 2013 Health IT Services, Inc. Email: mukhtar.masood@gmail.com