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the History of share's design , from 2009.3 to 2010.6.


<ul><li> 1. History of Share Form 2009.3 to Now. Id like to share with you. aido @ QSCtech, ZJU. </li> <li> 2. About #bubu. { aido, with love. believe that life is on a way to dream. Life @ Industrial Design, College of Computer Science and Technology, ZJU. Assistant Work @ Alibaba UED China. Thanks for QSCtech. Let's Share &amp; HelloUP! works about Post design &amp;&amp; Web Products, Based on User-Centered Design. E-mail: iDaido.x@gmail.com Blog: http://aidocho.weebly.com/ } </li> <li> 3. #Catalogue. About User Research Information Architecture Interaction Design Prototype User Interface Detail Design Project Management Research &amp; Development Team Management Marketing Activities Something in the year </li> <li> 4. #About Share 1.0 @2007 Share - </li> <li> 5. #About Share 2.0 @2009 http://www.qsc.zju.edu.cn/share WEB2.0 USER 2009.3 Share 2.0 2009.3~6 2009.6 logo 2009.12.15 alpha SNS 2009.12 2010.3.22 pre-beta 2010.5.22 beta 2010.7.1 3780 2020 549 </li> <li> 6. { User-Centered Design Program } </li> <li> 7. #Learning Sites in ZJU cc98- Share SoZJU http://www.cc98.org/dispbbs.asp?boardID=100&amp;ID=2935606 </li> <li> 8. #User Role Model Mr. LIN - (2.0) Sue - Evan - Flickr </li> <li> 9. #User Needs Analysis / momo </li> <li> 10. #Function Module - CRC card &amp; Data Flow diagram Responsibility: Collaboration: Responsibility: Collaboration: Responsibility: Collaboration: TAG Responsibility: Collaboration: Responsibility: Collaboration: </li> <li> 11. #System Planning </li> <li> 12. #User Process SNS / / </li> <li> 13. #Navigation Design UCDChina / FML / </li> <li> 14. #Interface Prototype </li> <li> 15. Designed By Tisa. #Logo &amp; UI Design @2009.3-2009.5 </li> <li> 16. Designed By Tisa &amp; aido. #Logo &amp; UI Design @2009.3-2009.5 </li> <li> 17. Designed By Infinity &amp; Tisa . #Logo &amp; UI Design @2009.3-2009.5 </li> <li> 18. Designed By Tisa &amp; aido. #Logo &amp; UI Design @2009.6-2009.9 </li> <li> 19. #UI Design Latest Version @2010.6 Designed by aido. </li> <li> 20. #Front-End Development DIV+CSS JavaScriptjQueryAjax IE7IE8FirefoxChromeSafariOpera IE6 </li> <li> 21. #R&amp;D Team Management Research &amp; Development Team: Technical Director: Javelinjs User Experience Design: aido Front-End Ajax: Crazy1062 Back-End Develop: Prop, fcten, Tyh1k Support: QSCedu Thanks for: LibitumLanfanTisaInfinity SVN </li> <li> 22. #User Test &amp; Debug 20091215 alpha 2010322 pre-beta 2010522 beta DEBUG </li> <li> 23. Link: http://www.cc98.org/dispbbs.asp?boardID=100&amp;ID=3260218 #cc98 Publicity 1. 2. Share1.0 Share IDAskBubble Music Share Share </li> <li> 24. Link: http://www.cc98.org/dispbbs.asp?boardID=100&amp;ID=3260218 #cc98 Publicity 3 4. Share Share Share 15 Share~ FML Share Share Share ^ ^ </li> <li> 25. #Marketing Activities </li> <li> 26. #Marketing Activities Share Time Flies </li> <li> 27. #Schedule Management NOW </li> <li> 28. to be continued </li> <li> 29. { User Experience Design } </li> <li> 30. #User habits Share1.0 SNS Facebook Share Share1.0 SNSShare2.0 </li> <li> 31. #Index &amp; Login 2 1 3 </li> <li> 32. #Index &amp; Login 4 Current Version @ 2010.6 EX:hover </li> <li> 33. #Navigation Bar </li> <li> 34. #Search --&gt; logo /// --&gt; Tab Coming soon Ajax </li> <li> 35. #Registration </li> <li> 36. #Curriculum Input 1. 2. 3. </li> <li> 37. #Side Bar Question Dont make me think </li> <li> 38. #Discuss Forum </li> <li> 39. #Page ThinkPHP 5 55 ZCOOL </li> <li> 40. #Link, Hover &amp; Active hover link hoveractive hoveractive inputtextarea Safari Chrome </li> <li> 41. #Link, Hover &amp; Active hover hoveractive hover hover CSS spirits background-positionhover active </li> <li> 42. #Button button Button Share...</li></ul>


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