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  • 1. Dr Goh Keng Swee


  • FORMER Deputy Prime Minister and Singapore's economic architect Goh Keng Swee died early on Friday morning after a long illness. He was 91.


  • His father, Goh Leng Inn was a manager of a rubber plantation.
  • Dr Goh joined the Department of Social Welfare in 1946, and was active in post-war administration.


  • He resigned from the civil service in 1959 to enter politics and was elected as the People's Action Party representative for Kreta Ayer, his constituency until he retired in 1984.

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  • In 1959, he entered politics on the People's Action Party ticket. In 25 years of political service, he served as the Minister for Finance, Defence, and Education. He later became Deputy Prime Minister.


  • He built up Singapore's armed forces in the early days and continued to advocate the use of technology to improve their capability.

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  • A man with varied interests, he was also involved in the creation of the Singapore Zoological Gardens, People's Association and the Jurong Bird Park.

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  • President SR Nathan has described the late Dr Goh Keng Swee as a great teacher.


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