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BIKE “THE HISTORY OF THE BIKE” Ioanna Krystalakou Vasiliki Tertsanlidou Eleni Karidi Ioanna Paschali Stela Ioannidou Maria Kroustali Cristina Bonzagni Bryan Tonini Emma Meloni Garuti Davide Mattia Gavioli Rifat Akin Besne Can Eker Cagatay Gokce Bilge Tansu Aleyna Bulacak Gulmira Kara

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BIKETHE HISTORY OF THE BIKEIoanna KrystalakouVasiliki TertsanlidouEleni KaridiIoanna PaschaliStela IoannidouMaria KroustaliCristina BonzagniBryan ToniniEmma MeloniGaruti Davide Mattia GavioliRifat Akin BesneCan EkerCagatay GokceBilge TansuAleyna BulacakGulmira Kara


In 1490 Leonardo Da Vinci drawing a sketch who can we define a bike.The pictures wasnt found for over 500 years and it could be a very important revolutions in the history. The scientists dont know if the pictures, find in the Codice Atlantico, was drawing by the great scientist or by him students.

WHEN WAS THE BIKE INVENTED?The first appearance of the bike was in 1750 in Nuremberg, with different structure from the newly made bicycles. The framework of the bike is wooden, it doesnt had pedals and handle bar and it moved when pushing the vehicle by the owner. Thats why they named it walking machine.


In 1817 in German, the baron Karl von Drais, wanting a vehicle for his movement in his gardens, he construct a bike made of wood, the draisienne, that it took the name of its owners surname. The difference of the previous creator, was that he had added a handle bar . Although, the way of its movement was the same.


In 1893 in Scottish, Kirkpatrick Macmillan was the first man who put pedals. He connected the axle of the back side of the wheel, without, the appearance of the chain. In 1860 in France, the Pierre Michaux placed pedals on the front wheel creating Velocipede, meaning "quick feet". Also increased the size of the front wheel and put tires of hard rubber. Until then the wheels were wooden, without elastics.

WHEN WAS THE BIKE INVENTED?The first appearance of the double bike was made in 1886 and had four wheels (two large and two small). The riders sat between the big wheels and were small for Better balance.

WHEN WAS THE BIKE INVENTED?The bike got its final form in 1885 wherever held the major conversion: two wheels of the same size and with metal spokes and chain drives the rear wheel. For this evolution of the bicycle, is responsible of the development of metallurgy and John Kemp Stanley, who added the inner tube, the speed and changed the frame with hollow metal, reducing its weight. This model named rover.


In 1888, the need for a father to do most comfortable rides his son with his bicycle, led the doctor Dr. John Boyd Dunlop, alter the existing rubber tires, pneumatic tires with.After 59 years, 1947 was replaced by the metal structure with aluminum, the same as that used in aircraft.

WHEN WAS THE BIKE INVENTED?In 1885 appeared the first bicycle in Greece. In 1965 came on the market a mini bike and in 1970 appeared in mountain bike.

FIRST BIKE IN TURKEY On 31, August,1885; An American called Tomes Stefans first arrived in Istanbul with a velospeed then moved to Izmit, He reached Ankara.


In Greece the first bicycle came in 1885, while in 1890, the year of the establishment of theInternational Cycling Federation. The first bike road of the country manufactured in Athens for the needs of the firstOlympics Games. InOlympics games of 1896 the cyclists Aristidis Konstantinos and George Paraskevopoulos highlighted medalists in both cycling events. In Greece the first Greek handmade bicycle frames built by Rafbikes (HERMES) in Nafplion. There are various bicycle-manufacturing industries.


THE RIVALRY BARTALI-COPPIThe rivalry Bartali-Coppi,term used for indicate the dualism between the Italian cyclist Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi,is one of the most famous rivalry in the cycling world. Bartali and Coppi probably were the most important Italian cyclists.Gino Bartali was born on 18 July 1914 in Ponte a Ema. Professional from 1934 to 1954,he won three times the Tour of Italy and two times the Tour de France.Angelo Fausto Coppi was born on 15 September 1919 in Castellania. Professional from 1939 to 1959,he won five times the Tour of Italy and two times the Tour de France.

Bartali and Coppi in the Tour of Italy.

VITTORIO BRUMOTTI Vittorio Brumotti (Finale Ligure,14 June 1980) is a champion of bike trial and a televisive Italian personality. Reporter of Striscia la Notizia from the 2008,he is known with the name 100% Brumotti. He is the possessor of 10 world records recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. Born in Finale Ligure, he lives in Boissano. At 11 years old he began practicing bike trial.He entered three times in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to some sporting achievements. For example, on 17 May 2009,in Sardegna, he has dipped from 17 meters with the bike near the Grotta of Bue Marino in Cala Gonone.