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  • 1. The History Of A Psychological Thriller

2. 1920sIn 1926-1927 came the development of talkiesfollowing experimental techniques begun inthe late 1910s.In the 1920s the technology used was verylimited, so the movies produced werent veryclear or realistic as they are today. 3. 1920s The lodger was a British psychological thrillermade in 1926 by Alfred Hitchcock. It is a blackand white silent movie, and the rating is a 12.This can show that it may not be as scary orthrilling, and due to the lack of technology themovie will not be as believable. 4. 1930s The Most Dangerous Game was produced in1932 by Irving Pichel and Ernest B. Schoedsackit is a 78 minute movie. Keywords for thismovie aremadman, escape, psychopath, slaughterthese are typical conventions of apsychological thriller, however the certificaterating of 12 show that only frequent violentscenes are used, therefore we are unable tosee the emphasise on murders or horrorscenes. 5. 1940s Rebecca was a famous film made in 1940 byAlfred Hitchcock, it is a black and white moviewhich doesnt appeal to a youngergeneration, due a lack of technology. Themusic however flows with the genre becauseit creates the tension and suspense needed tomake it fit with the style of film. 6. 1950s During the 1950 was WWII, what was witnessfrom the war was reflected in their movies.The man who cheated him-self was a moviemade in 1950 by Felix E. Feist, The reviews forthis movie say that the cinematography wasgood along with the editing, soundtrack andcutting, but there were a few missing frames.This proves that the technology is improving. 7. 1960s The sinister urge is a 1961 psychologicalthriller directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. there isno certificate rating for this movie, howeverthe caption for the poster to this movie iscompulsive killer strikes terror and apsycho with the urge to kill. This draws in theaudience because it is showingadvertisements in different ways. 8. 1970s Sleuth was made in 1972 by JosephL.Mankiewicz, it is a colour movie. This movieis about a sleuth as told in the title, the titlehowever doesnt really link with the genre,which could potentially mislead the audiencein what they are watching or going to watch.The keywords for movie are typicallyconventions you want/expect to see in apsychological thriller. 9. 1980s Brimstone and Treacle was released in 1982but Richard Loncraine. It has a certificaterating of 18 this means that extreme violenceis allowed to be shown, including blood andgore, also bad language, and even sexualscenes such as rape, which is actually part ofthe movie. The DVD cover looks very gothicand thrilling as there is a lady screaming and aman praying on a black background. 10. 1990s Silence of the Lambs 1991 by JonathanDemme. This movie includes a psycho villainand a Hannibal, and a certificate rating of an18. The perspective of the movie is very goodas it incorporate a lot of aspects needed thatmay not have been used in earlier films. Forexample it shows ripped of human skin beingeaten. 11. PRESENT DAY In present day psychological thrillers, the useof different types of technology and CGI.Recently I have realised that the technologydoesnt make the film scary it can be done bythe camera shots, angles and how they cut thescenes. This is shown very well in BlackSwan. The very fast cuts in this movie makethe scene feel fast and scary. 12. OVER TIME Over time many things have changed in apsychological thriller, the most is thetechnology, which is key to making the film asrealistic as possible. Another thing is thecertificate rating, over time the certificateratings have gone up. This is probably becausepsychological thrillers have gotten al little bitmore frightening but mostly they have gottenmore gorier and sadistic.