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<ul><li><p>I N T E R N AT I O N A L L I T E R A R Y C O N F E R E N C E</p><p>HISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA:</p><p>Literary and Cultural Representations</p><p>29 September 1 October 2016Vilnius University, </p><p>Faculty of Philology, Universiteto st. 5, </p><p>Domus Philologiae</p><p>VILNIUS UNIVERSITY</p><p>DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH PHILOLOGY</p><p>LAUTE (Lithuanian Association of University Teachers of English)</p><p>P R O G R A M M E</p></li><li><p>AC K N OW L E D G E M E N TS</p><p> The Conference has been supported by:</p><p> Vilnius University Research Foundation</p><p> Faculty of Philology, Vilnius University</p><p>C O N F E R E N C E O RG A N I Z I N G C O M M I T T E E</p><p>Prof. dr. Regina Rudaityt (Chair)Assoc. prof. dr. Vytautas Bikulius</p><p>Dr. Linara BartkuvienDr. Rta lapkauskait Dr. Jolanta inknien</p><p>Dr. Deimantas Valaninas</p><p>Conference website: https://lautenglish.wordpress.com/hymnos-conference/</p></li><li><p>e 3 f</p><p>CONFERENCE PROGRAMME</p><p>THURSDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2016</p><p>Registration from 9.15 a.m., Reception Desk at Krvs Auditorium (Room 118)</p><p>10.0010.30PLENARY S E SS ION </p><p>(Krvs Auditorium)</p><p>Welcoming address from the Rectors Office of Vilnius University</p><p>Welcoming words by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Antanas Smetona, </p><p>Dean of the Faculty of Philology</p><p>A Word from Prof. Dr. Regina Rudaityt, </p><p>President of LAUTE, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Philology</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p>10.3013.00PLENARY LE C TU RE S </p><p>(Krvs Auditorium)</p><p>Prof. Jon CookUniversity of East Anglia, UK</p><p>Place and the Past in Recent 20th c. Poetry and Fiction</p><p>11.3011.50 Coffee Break</p><p>Prof. Terence Brown Trinity College Dublin, Ireland </p><p>Irish Poets and the Dignification of Death</p><p>13.0014.00 Lunch</p><p>14:0015:00Excursion around Vilnius University</p><p>15.0016.30AFTERNOON S E MINARS</p><p>Seminar I Canada Room (A 7)Chair: Ingrida indiuvien</p><p>Linara BartkuvienVilnius University, Lithuania</p><p>The Relief of Memory in John Banvilles Novel The Sea</p></li><li><p>e 5 f</p><p>Thierry RobinUniversity of Brest/ Western Brittany, France</p><p>Liars, Thieves and Story-tellers in The Blue-Guitar (2015) by John Banville: Anamnesis and Forgery</p><p>Andrea Rummel Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Germany</p><p>Personal Landscape: Visuality, Aesthetics, War, and the Mind </p><p>Seminar II Room A8Chair: Rta lapkauskait</p><p>Magdalena Oarska Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce, Poland </p><p>A Widows Trauma and Romantic Readjustment of the Past: Mary Shelleys Self Writing</p><p>Boena KucaaJagiellonian University, Krakw, PolandPenelope Livelys Autobiographical Memory</p><p>Irena Ragaiien Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania</p><p>Nostalgia, Memory, and Identity in Dan Jacobsons Heshels Kingdom</p><p>16.3017.00Coffee Break</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p>17:0018:30AFTERNOON S E MINARS</p><p>Seminar I Canada RoomChair: Andrea Rummel </p><p>Eric SandbergUniversity of Oulu, Finland</p><p>The Past is a Foreign Country: Literature as Nostalgia</p><p>Maria FreijKristianstadt University, Sweden</p><p>The University of Newcastle, AustraliaWhere is the place where it all really happened?: Lost Landscapes in the Poetry of Lars Gustafsson</p><p>Dorisa CostelloVilnius University, Lithuania</p><p>William Jessup University, Rocklin, California, USAThe Second Eric Sanderson: Multi-textuality, Identity </p><p>and Memory in Halls The Raw Shark Texts</p><p>Seminar II Room A8Chair: Irena Ragaiien</p><p>Liz Kella Sdertrn University, Sweden</p><p>Discovering the Past? Memory, Postmemory, and Affect in Autobiographies by Emilia Degenius and Lisa </p><p>Appignanesi</p></li><li><p>e 7 f</p><p> Ingrida indiuvien Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania</p><p> Teodor Mateoc University of Oradea, Romania</p><p> Different Views on Racial Categorization in William Faulkners and Kathryn Stocketts Texts: </p><p>Traumatizing Experience and Victimizing of the Past</p><p> Deimantas Valaninas Vilnius University, Lithuania</p><p> Forgetting and Willing to Forget: Memory, Trauma and Identity in Kazuo Ishiguros </p><p>The Buried Giant</p><p>19.0021.00Welcome Reception (University Caf)</p><p> Hosted by the Department of English Philology</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p>FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2016</p><p>10:0011:00PLENARY LE C TU RE</p><p>(Krvs Auditorium)</p><p> Prof. Jan Borm University of Versailles </p><p>Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France The Duty of Memory: Travel writing and History</p><p>11.0011.30Coffee Break</p><p>11:3013:30SE MINARS</p><p> Seminar I Canada Room (A 7) Chair: Linara Bartkuvien</p><p> Marzena Sokoowska-Pary University of Warsaw, Poland</p><p> The Ideology and Ethics of Generic Hybridity: Dystopian Visions of the Past-Present in Daniel Quinns </p><p>and Stephen Frys Alternate Histories</p></li><li><p>e 9 f</p><p> Maria Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou Onassis Scholar, University Paris I - Panthon </p><p>Sorbonne, France Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece </p><p> Stan Douglas Klatsassin: an Unresolved Historical Narrative</p><p> Olena Tykhomyrova Kiev National Linguistic University</p><p> The Witch and the Memory in Terry Pratchetts Tiffany Aching Series</p><p> Rta lapkauskait Vilnius University, Lithuania </p><p> Death and the Duck: Archive Fever in Peter Careys The Chemistry of Tears</p><p> Seminar II Room A8 Chair: Jan Borm</p><p> Lena Ahlin Kristianstad University, Sweden </p><p> Whose Memory? Contemporary Narratives of the Japanese American WWII Incarceration </p><p> Renata Zsamba Eszterhazy Karoly University, Hungary</p><p> Where Has Our Dream Gone? : The Deconstruction of a Myth in Margery Allinghams and Dorothy </p><p>L. Sayers Interwar Detective Fiction</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p> Elena Ogliari University of Milan, Italy </p><p> Physical Places Manufacturing History or Bastions Constituting Identity? Insights into The Museum ambiguity issue Starting from </p><p>Alan Moores V for Vendetta</p><p> Marta Plaza Velasco Vilnius University, Lithuania</p><p> Exile in the Poetry of the Women Writers of the Generation of 27</p><p>13.3015.00Lunch</p><p>15:0016:30AFTERNOON S E MINARS</p><p> Seminar I Canada Room (A 7) Chair: Jon Cook</p><p> Richard Godwin Poet, playwright, novelist, UK</p><p> The Memory as Narrative</p><p> Niall Griffith Novelist, Wolverhampton University, UK</p><p> Committed to Memory</p></li><li><p>e 11 f</p><p> Almantas Samalaviius Vilnius University, Lithuania</p><p> Beyond Nostalgia: History and Memory of the Soviet Era in Lithuanian Postcolonial Fiction</p><p>16.3017.00Coffee Break</p><p>17:00-18:30AFTERNOON S E MINARS</p><p> Seminar I Canada Room (A 7)</p><p> Chair: Almantas Samalaviius</p><p> Aleksejs Taube University of Latvia </p><p> Representing the Unrepresentable in Joseph OConnors Star of the Sea (2002)</p><p> Frial Khellaf University of Le Mans, France Nostalgia and Belonging in Zo Wicombs </p><p>Post-apartheid Fiction</p><p> 19.00 Closing Coctail </p><p>(K. Donelaitis Conference Centre) </p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p>SATURDAY 01 OCTOBER</p><p>SOCIAL P ROG RAMME</p><p>Sightseeing, museum visits: by your own arrangement at </p><p>http://www.vilnius-tourism.lt/en/what-to-see/sightseeing-tours/</p><p>http://www.vilnius-tourism.lt/fr/ voir/visites-guidees/</p></li><li><p>e 13 f</p><p>GE RM AN SEMINAR</p><p>THURSDAY 29 SEPTEMBER</p><p> 15.0016.30</p><p>Room A9Moderation: Aleksej Burov</p><p> Sigita Barnikien Vytautas Magnus Universitt, Kaunas, Litauen</p><p> Schlaglichter der deutschen und polnischen Geschichte und nationale Stereotype im Roman Polninken oder Eine </p><p>deutsche Liebe von Arno Surminski</p><p> Violeta Katinien Universitt Vilnius, Litauen</p><p> Bruchlinien der Erfahrung in litauischen und deutschen Gegenwartsromanen</p><p> Zinaida Audzei Belarussische Staatliche Universitt, Minsk, Belarus</p><p> Verarbeitung der Geschichte in den fantastischen Novellen von E.T.A.Hoffmann</p><p>16.30-17.00 Kaffeepause</p><p>19.0021.00 Welcome Reception (University Caf)</p><p>Hosted by the Department of English Philology</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p>FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER</p><p>11.3013.30Room A9</p><p>Moderation: Sigita Barnikien</p><p> Schirin Nowrousian Universitt Vilnius, Litauen</p><p> Musikwortbewegungen eine litauisch-deutsch-jdische Spurensuche. Zum Komponisten Edwin Geist</p><p> Lina Uukauskait Universitt Salzburg, Osterreich</p><p> Erinnerungsarbeit in Ilija Trojanows Macht und Widerstand</p><p> Inga Bartkuvien Universitt Vilnius, Litauen</p><p> (Un)lesbarkeit der Erinnerung: die Gedchtnispoetik Paul Celans</p><p> Aleksej Burov Universitt Vilnius, Litauen</p><p> Zukunftsorientierte Nostalgie? Evidenz aus der eschatologischen Literatur des Mittelalters</p><p>13.0015.00Mittagspause</p><p>19.00 Closing Coctail </p><p>(K. Donelaitis Conference Centre)</p></li><li><p>e 15 f</p><p>SATURDAY 01 OCTOBER</p><p>SOCIAL P ROG RAMME</p><p>Sightseeing, museum visits: by your own arrangement at </p><p>http://www.vilnius-tourism.lt/en/what-to-see/sightseeing-tours/</p><p>http://www.vilnius-tourism.lt/fr/ voir/visites-guidees/</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p>F R E N C H S E M I N A R (SECTION FRANAISE)</p><p>LE 29 SEPTEMBRE </p><p>15.0016.30</p><p>Sous-section I Salle 121Modrateur: Vytautas Bikulius</p><p> Frdric Canovas Universit dArizona, tats Unis Mmoire, oubli et imagination: </p><p>dynamique du souvenir dans quelques oeuvres autobiographiques</p><p> France Grenaudier-Klijn Universit de Massey, Nouvelle-Zlande Les valises de Modiano ou lanti-nostalgie</p><p> Corinne Grenouillet Universit de Strasbourg, France</p><p> La rvolution espagnole de 1936 dans Pas pleurer de Lydie Salvayre: entre mmoire et histoire</p><p>16.3017.00La pause de caf</p></li><li><p>e 17 f</p><p> Sous-section II Salle 122 Modratrice: Genovait Drukut</p><p> Carine Trevisan Universit Paris Diderot Paris 7, France</p><p> Lobscure nostalgie de lorigine: propos d Austerlitz de G. W. </p><p> Nijol Vaiiulnait-Kaelionien, Universit de Science de lducation de Vilnius</p><p> Les formes de la nostalgie dans la posie dOscar Milosz et dAlfonsas Nyka-Nilinas</p><p> Thierry Laurent Universit Paris IV-Sorbonne, France</p><p> La Premire Guerre mondiale dans le roman franais contemporain</p><p>16.3017.00La pause de caf</p><p>17.0018.30Sous-section I Salle 121</p><p> Modratrice: Corinne Grenouillet</p><p> Egl Kakut Universit de Vilnius</p><p> Les expressions de la mmoire historique et de la perspective maternelle dans lcriture </p><p>des femmes rcente en Franais</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p> Luba Jurgenson Universit Paris IV-Sorbonne, France</p><p> Le tmoignage historique: dispositifs de mdiation</p><p> Gleya Matallah Universit de Manouba, Tunisie </p><p> Annie Ernauxet les annes de guerre comme un roman </p><p> Sous-section II Salle 122 </p><p> Modratrice: France Grenaudier-Klijn</p><p> Genovait Drukut Universit de Vilnius</p><p> Un voyage dOscar Milosz en Lituanie: tentative de retrouvailles</p><p> Patricia Richard-Principalli ESPE de Crteil, France </p><p> Autobiographie des objets de Franois Bon, ouJe vous parle dun temps que les moins </p><p>de 50 ans ne peuvent pas connaitre...</p><p> Ning Yuan Universit Franois Rabelais de Tours, France</p><p> La Nostalgie dun ge dor chez Philippe Jaccottet</p><p>19.0021.00La soire de rception</p></li><li><p>e 19 f</p><p>Le 30 SEPTEMBRE</p><p>11.3013.00Sous-section I Salle 121</p><p> Modratrice Nijol Vaiiulnait-Kaelionien</p><p> Kirill Chekalov Institut de la littrature mondiale, Moscou</p><p> Ah!tous ces roubles, quand donc ne lui en restera-t-il plus? (Lhistoire russe au miroir du roman populaire franais: Gaston Leroux)</p><p> Emmanuelle Fantin Celsa Paris-Sorbonne, France</p><p> Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance </p><p> Valrie Elter Universit de Strasbourg, France</p><p> Devoir de mmoire et art contemporain </p><p> 13.0015.00Dejeuner</p><p>15.0016.30Sous-section I Salle 121</p><p> Modrateur: Frdric Canovas</p><p> Vytautas Bikulius Universit de Vilnius</p><p> Les visages de la mmoire dans le roman de Patrick Modiano Dans le caf de la jeunesse perdue</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p> Franois Le Guennec UTL, Universit dOrlans, France LEspace-temps de Lon-Paul Fargue </p><p> Fayal Bouiche</p><p> Universit de Nice, France Le rcit de filiation contemporain </p><p>et labsence des (re)pres</p><p> Sous-section II Salle 122 Modratrice: Luba Jurgenson</p><p> Claudia Pieralli Universit de Florence, Italie</p><p> Rception de lhistoire dans le transfert interculturel: lUnion sovitique dans le tmoignage dcrivains </p><p>italiens et franais des annes 20 et 30</p><p> Hadrien Laroche Cabinet de la Ministre de la culture, Paris, France</p><p> La mmoire dsaccorde: Hadrien Laroche, La Restitution </p><p> Alain Parrau Universit de Paris-Diderot Paris 7, France</p><p> La Traverse de la nuit: Genevive de Gaulle Ravensbruck</p><p>16.30-17.00La pause de caf </p></li><li><p>e 21 f</p><p>17.0018.30Sous-section I Salle 121 Modratrice: Carine Trevisan</p><p> Dainius Vaitieknas Universit Sciences de lEducation de Lituanie</p><p> La pratique des strotypes chez Michel Houellebecq: le cas de Soumission </p><p> Inna Khmelevskaya Universit Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle, France</p><p> Mmoire collective, traumatisme enfantin: Patrick Pearse dans le discours enfantin </p><p>de la mort en fiction irlandaise </p><p>19.00Closing Coctail </p><p>(K. Donelaitis Conference Centre) </p><p>LE 1 OCTOBRE Visite de dcouverte de Vilnius </p><p>SATURDAY 01 OCTOBER</p><p>SOCIAL P ROG RAMME</p><p>Sightseeing, museum visits: by your own arrangement at </p><p>http://www.vilnius-tourism.lt/en/what-to-see/sightseeing-tours/</p><p>http://www.vilnius-tourism.lt/fr/ voir/visites-guidees/</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p>LIST OF CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS</p><p>Lena AhlinKristianstad University, Sweden</p><p>Zinaida AudzeiBelarussische Staatliche Universitt, Minsk, Belarus</p><p>Sigita Barnikien Vytautas Magnus Universitt, Kaunas, Litauen</p><p>Inga BartkuvienUniversitt Vilnius, Litauen</p><p>Linara BartkuvienVilnius University, Lithuania</p><p>Vytautas BikuliusUniversit de Vilnius</p><p>Jan BormUniversity of Versailles </p><p>Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France</p><p>Fayal BouicheUniversit de Nice, France</p><p>Terence BrownTrinity College Dublin, Ireland </p><p>Aleksej BurovUniversitt Vilnius, Litauen</p><p>Frdric CanovasUniversit dArizona, tats Unis</p></li><li><p>e 23 f</p><p>Kirill ChekalovInstitut de la littrature mondiale, Moscou</p><p>Jon CookUniversity of East Anglia, UK</p><p>Dorisa CostelloVilnius University, Lithuania</p><p>William Jessup University, Rocklin, California, USA</p><p>Genovait DrukutUniversit de Vilnius</p><p>Valrie ElterUniversit de Strasbourg, France</p><p>Emmanuelle FantinCelsa Paris-Sorbonne, France</p><p>Maria FreijKristianstadt University, Sweden</p><p>The University of Newcastle, Australia</p><p>Richard GodwinPoet, playwright, novelist, UK</p><p>France Grenaudier-KlijnUniversit de Massey, Nouvelle-Zlande</p><p>Corinne GrenouilletUniversit de Strasbourg, France</p><p>Niall GriffithNovelist, Wolverhampton University, UK</p><p>Luba JurgensonUniversit Paris IV-Sorbonne, France</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONAL LITERARY CONFERENCEHISTORY, MEMORY, AND NOSTALGIA</p><p>Egl KakutUniversit de Vilnius</p><p>Violeta KatinienUniversitt Vilnius, Litauen</p><p>Liz Kella Sdertrn University, Sweden</p><p>Frial KhellafUniversity of Le Mans, France</p><p>Inna KhmelevskayaUniversit Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle, France</p><p> Boena Kucaa</p><p>Jagiellonian University, Krakw, Poland</p><p>Maria Kyveli MavrokordopoulouOnassis Scholar, University </p><p>Paris I - Panthon Sorbonne, FranceAthens School of Fine Arts, Greece</p><p>Hadrien LarocheCabinet de la Ministre de la culture, </p><p>Paris, France </p><p>Thierry Laurent Universit Paris IV-Sorbonne, France</p><p>Franois Le GuennecUTL, Universit dOrlans, France</p><p>Gleya Matallah Universit de Manouba, Tunisie</p><p>Teodor MateocUniversity of Oradea, Romania</p></li><li><p>e 25 f</p><p>Schirin NowrousianUniversitt Vilnius, Litauen</p><p>Elena OgliariUniversity of Milan, Italy</p><p>Magdalena OarskaJan Kochanowski University, Kielce, Poland</p><p>Alain Parrau Universit de Paris-Diderot Paris 7, France</p><p>Claudia PieralliUniversit de Florence, Italie</p><p>Marta Plaza VelascoVilnius University, Lithuania</p><p>Irena Ragaiien Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania</p><p>Patricia Richard-PrincipalliESPE de Crteil, France</p><p>Thierry RobinUniversity of Brest/ W...</p></li></ul>