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Guided Notes for Chapter 9


uS PlsLory name: ____________________8randsLraderThe Legislative Branch1. Can you descrlbe Lhe purpose of Lhe reamble ln your own words? (pg. 120)2. opular SoverelgnLy- (pg. 120)3. 8emlnd me agaln whaL popular" means?4. Whlch arucle of Lhe ConsuLuuon glves power Lo Lhe Leglslauve 8ranch and descrlbes how lLshould funcuon? (pg. 121)3. WhaL ls a blll? (pg. 121)6. When a blll passes boLh houses of Congress, lL ls senL Lo Lhe ____________________.lf heslgns lL, Lhe blll becomes a ________________. lf Lhe resldenL re[ecLs Lhe law Lhls ls called a____________.(pg. 121 & 122)Congress8lcameral= House of RepresentativesClrcle one: upper house" or lower house."# of Members= 8epresenLauon based on=SenateClrcle one: upper house" or lower house"# of Members=8epresenLauon based on=Qualifications QualificationsTerm of Office Term of OfficeuS PlsLory name: ____________________8randsLrader7. So. does LhaL mean a blll ls "dead" lf Lhe resldenL re[ecLs lL?Explain in detail.!"(pg. 122.)8. LlsL some of Lhe powers of Congress speclcally sLaLed ln Lhe ConsuLuuon.(pg. 122)9. Whlch house of Congress ls Lhe ONLY house LhaL can propose new Laxes?***(pg. 121. lasL paragraph)10. ln your opinion, WHYdo you Lhlnk LhaL ls? Explain in detail.11.Whlch house or houses can declde how Lo spend Lhe money ralsed Lhrough Laxes? (pg. 122-owers of Congress) 12. 1here are many powers and laws LhaL Congress has creaLed over Lhe years LhaL were noLspeclcally sLaLed ln Lhe ConsuLuuon.WhaL ls Lhe name of Lhe clause LhaL allows Congress LowrlLe new laws Lo help lLself carry ouL lLs powers? (pg. 122)! ***~The ________________________ Clause.13. Can you puL Lhls clause lnLo your own words AND descrlbe why Lhe lramers lncluded lL lnour ConsuLuuon?Explain in detail for full credit!!! z SENATE How a Bill becomes a Law HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONGRESS Bicameral= two houses 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 4. 5. 6. uS PlsLory name: ____________________8randsLraderThe Executive Branch (pg. 123-124)1. Executive Branch- 2. Who is the head of the Executive Branch? (p. 123)3. Which article of the Constitution describes this branch of the government? (p.123)4. DESCRIBE (in detail) the powers granted to the President of the United States:(p.124)A)B)C)D)5.FACT: It is impossible for the President to carry out all of his duties on his own.Whator whom is put into place to help him and offer him advice in decision making? (p.124)6. Based on your reading, do your best to ll in the power structure of the ExecutiveBranch.As a hint, the Vice-President has already been lled in for you.1erm of Cmce=1op advlsors, also deparLmenL heads#$%&'!()&*$+&,-uS PlsLory name: ____________________8randsLrader7.If a President commits certain crimes relating to their duties what might happen?EXPLAIN in detail.8.If a President is impeached does that mean they are thrown out of ofce?EXPLAIN your answer.9. How does the impeachment process work? DESCRIBE in detail.10. CHALLENGE:Think back to one of the powers of the President.If a Presidentwere impeached, found guilty, and removed from ofce, can he pardon himself?(toughquestion, needs research)Homework and Cri tical Thinking:A) Can the President write and make new laws?Explain.B) Can the President declare war?(I mean an ofcial declaration of war) Explain.C) Can the President make a formal treaty or agreement with another nation to becomeallies? Explain.***Are you noticing a trend wi th your answers from A,B, and C yet?Here is the really big question:Is the President the one with the true power?Explain AND support your answer in 3-5sentences below.Lxamples of deparLmenLs:uS PlsLory name: ____________________8randsLraderThe Judicial Branch (pg. 124-123)1.ln your own words, descrlbe Lhe funcuon of Lhe !udlclal 8ranch.2. Whlch arucle of Lhe ConsuLuuon descrlbes Lhe baslc framework of Lhe !udlclal 8ranch? (p.124)3. WhaL ls Lhe name of our counLry's hlghesL courL? (p.123)4.ln whlch courL are mosL cases lnvolvlng federal laws rsL heard?(p. 124)3. lf a cluzen ls unhappy wlLh LhaL courL's declslon whaL happens nexL? (p. 123)6. Where does Lhe case go lf lL ls appealed" agaln? (p.123)7. Aer Lhe _____________ CourL makes a declslon, Lhe declslon ls ____________ and .//lower courLs musL follow lL. (p. 123)8.8ased on your readlng, do your besL Lo ll ln Lhe sLrucLure of Lhe !udlclal 8ranch:9. Pow many [usuces serve on Lhe Supreme CourL !"#$%&'()*+ Lhelr Lerm of omce.8e speclc.(p.123)10. ls Lhe Supreme CourL requlred Lo hear cases LhaL are appealed Lo lL?&012345 why LheSupreme CourL 64789 conslder hearlng a case. (p.123)aka. Inferior Courts orthe Lower CourtsuS PlsLory name: ____________________8randsLrader11.Cne of Lhe powers of Lhe Supreme CourL ls ______________________________, whlchglves Lhe courL Lhe power Lo declde lf laws and acuons of Lhe Leglslauve and Lxecuuve branchesare unconsuLuuonal. (p.123)Checks and Balances (pg. 126) 1.uL Checks and 8alances" lnLo your words .,+!:012345 why lL was so lmporLanL Lo Lhelramers. (p.126)2.WhaL are Checks?" (noL paychecks).Clve speclc examples.3. WhaL are 8alances?" (very lmporLanL!!!) Clve speclc examples.+$)&%-$;,*:!98:!?83@9!ABC5D!B5!137:!EFG!9B!?B612:9:!98:!D437@36!H:2BIJJudicialBranch(Supreme Court)LegislativeBranch(Congress)ExecutiveBranch(The President)uS PlsLory name: ____________________8randsLraderAmending the Constitution (pg. 127) 1. ln your oplnlon, please descrlbe why Lhe ConsuLuuon ls consldered a Llvlng uocumenL."2. WhaL ls an .6:5D6:59K3. Who has Lhe power Lo!1@B1B>: an amendmenL Lo Lhe consuLuuon? !&012345 Lhe 9IB dlerenLmeLhods of proposal. 8e speclc.4. lf an amendmenL has been successfully proposed, explaln Lhe Lwo dlerenL meLhods forapproval (raucauon). 8e speclc.3. Pow many umes has Lhe ConsuLuuon been amended?6. Cplnlon: Pow does amendlng Lhe ConsuLuuon compare Lo maklng laws?(ls lL more or lessdlmculL?) LMN!do you Lhlnk LhaL ls?,-''./0 your answer.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8:!.6:5D6:59!(@B?:>>!O17J!EFPQ+$)&%-$;,*:!98:!7@3184?!B@7354R:@!H:2BI!9B!>8BI!98:!1BI:@>!H:2B57457!9B