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Presentation discussing the issues faced when deciding whether to repair or replace the historic wood windows in your home.


  • 1. Historic WoodWindows
    Repair or Replace?

2. Your Wood Windows Need Work
The Dilemma:
Repair or Replace?
3. Common Problems with Historic Wood Windows
Painted shut
Weights dropped
Ropes frayed/ stuck
Broken glass
Hardware missing or broken
Glazing chipped, broken
Sash or frame rotted/ termite damaged
4. Historic Wood Windows vs. Modern Replacement Windows:The Issues
Aesthetics/ Historic Integrity
Longevity/ Maintenance
Energy Savings
5. Historic Wood Windows: Aesthetics/ Historic Integrity
Appropriate for the style of your home
Original historic fabric
Often built in custom sizes, shapes and styles
Appropriate historic profile, trim
Fit openings that may be out of square
Historic wood windows are an important part of what gives your older building its character.
6. Replacement Windows: Aesthetics
Match size, style,configuration, shape of originals
Many have inaccurate historic profile (muntins, frame size)
Original casings, sills, and mullionsmay be removed
Often installed using new details that are not historically accurate
Bright, glaring white.
7. Aesthetics: Issues to Consider
Are my windows an important character defining feature on my home?
Can I afford to replicate the features and detailsappropriate for my home ?
Will the new windows detract from the homes appeal?
Do I want to remove original historic fabric from the home?
8. Historic Wood Windows:Longevity
Your wood windows already have a 75+year track record of service
Made of old growth lumber
Infinitely repairable with standard tools
If your wood windows are 60 years old or older, chances are that the wood they are made of is old growthdense and durable wood that is now scarce. Even high-quality new wood windows, except for mahogany, wont last as long as historic wood windows. - NTHP
9. Replacement Windows: Longevity/ Maintenance
Replacement wood windows
Fast growth wood
Vinyl, metal, metal clad over wood
Generally a 20 year max. life for replacement windows
Springs give way, seals break, glass clouds
Individual parts not repairable
Lifetime warrantees refer to the life of the window, not your lifetime
Easier to clean
No painting (vinyl, metal)
No Maintenance= Cant be Maintained
10. Longevity: Issues to Consider
Will the replacement windows last as long as the repaired historic wood windows?
Can I afford to replace the windows again in 10-20 years?
Will I maintain the historic windows?
11. Historic Wood Windows vs. Replacement Windows: Energy Savings
Windows contribute only 10-12% of overall infiltration to the building envelope. Much more infiltration occurs at roof eaves, foundations and even through wall receptacles, dryer and plumbing vents and fireplaces
It would take 40+ years to recoup the cost of the replacement windows through energy savings
Studies have demonstrated that a historic wood window, properly maintained, weather-stripped and with a storm window, can be just as energy efficient as a new window
12. Energy Savings: Issues to Consider
Are there ways to retrofit my existing historic windows to improve energy efficiency?
Are there other, more cost-effective ways to reduce energy usage in my home?
13. Historic Wood Windows: Energy Saving Ideas

  • Weather-strip your existing windows

14. Lock your window sashes to pull tight 15. Install screens and open your windows during temperate months in Florida (& turn off your AC) 16. Install awnings, shutters, window treatments to shade windows and reduce AC load 17. Open and close blinds, shutters, etc. during the day 18. Install storm windows (interior or exterior) 19. Apply Low-E films, tint 20. Seal wall penetrations, install solar powered attic fans, plant a shade tree


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