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Historic portfolio comparing contemporary fashions to their influence from historic fashions. Ancient Egypt to Bustle Period


  • 1.Historic Portfolio
    Rachel Greer
    CTE 3519

2. Ancient Egypt
The figure in the middle of the Egyptian painting features a man wearing a schenti wrap skirt with a long, sheer fabric tunic layered on top. Recently, similarly styled skirts have been featured on the runway. Chloe, the designer, featured this piece in their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. A shorter skirt underneath sheer fabric emulates the Egyptian schentis style.
3. Early Greek
The figure on the left is Iris, Greek goddess of the rainbow. This painting from a Greek vase features the goddess wearing an Ionic chiton. The dress on the right is a bridal gown by Vera Wang. Like the ancient chiton, the modern dress is secured at the shoulder and features a large amount of fabric that gives it a similar draped look.
4. Early Middle Ages
Like the chasuble worn in the Early Middle Ages sculpture, the cloak, by designer Jen Awad, are a circular cut. They both have embellished necklines and slits as sleeves.
5. The Northern Renaissance
Elizabeth I is wearing a garment embroidered with Spanish blackwork. The Alexander McQueen dress has a black lace design similar to the Renaissance style. It also has a stiff and rigid neckline similar to the Spanish styles that influenced England at that time.
6. Later Seventeenth Century
Valentine Yudashkins garment looks similar to the 17th Century Mens Justacorps coat. Both are long, knee-length with buttons up the front and straight, fitted sleeves turned up at the cuff.
7. Eighteenth Century
This Alexander McQueen dress mimics the silhouette of the mid-18th century robe la Franaise. A fitted front with a full back. Both garments give the notion of a pannier style skirt support holding the dress in the silhouette.
Vogue Magazine, March 2011. Dress by Alexander McQueen
8. Empire Period
Copying the empire silhouette, the designer garments waistline falls right below the bust. The skirt islong and tubular shape. Not only similar in design, the lighter weight and color are like garments from the empire period.
9. Romantic Period
Like the dress from the Romantic period, the waist of Dolce and Gabbana dress is just above the natural waist line. It has the wide sleeves and full skirt of the period. Both have an allover print and are even similarly coloured.
10. Crinoline Period
The design of the dress by Giles Deacon suggests a cage crinoline. The gold strips of fabric imitates the skirt support while the width of the skirt is similar to the silhouette of the crinoline period
11. Bustle Era
This designer dress is similar to the 18xx dress from the second phase of the Bustle Era. Both have a narrowed, fitten torso with fullness at the bottom of the back giving a waterfall effect train.